Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Good Afternoon, Flint!

Sadie Jane was NOT a happy camper when we left at zero-dark-thirty this morning!

It was only 5am, but it felt like 3am – and yes, very very dark!

 Hard to believe that just a couple of months ago I was out the door at 6am for my morning hikes while at the cabin, trying to avoid the summer heat and swelter, and just a couple of very short months later…it’s DARK at that time!

Weirdest of all….in my last 3 times through Atlanta, coming from and going to different unrelated places…my plane has flown into or out of gate B-12.  On my way to Seattle, on my way back from New York, and this morning.  B-12.

Maybe this is giving the the subliminal message that I need MORE B-12 in my life???


Hello, Beautiful Day!


Thank you for the welcome!


Ooh, and the snazzy ride!  I wish!

My fear after being here in May and having ice still choking the lakes and having to take that 4 seater flight in a prop plane to Mackinac was that I would be equally cold up here at the end of September.

Not SO!  It’s blissfully in the 70s and the leaves are turning!


Just a glimpse up the road!

Is there anything prettier than red leafed trees against that brilliant blue blue sky?


Section ALL DONE!

It doesn’t look like much, but this section alone has 256 hexies in it.  I need 6 sections just like this one.  One is attached to the quilt center already, then there is this one…and one more is waiting the 3 top rows of neutral, red and blue to be applied.  I’m getting there!


Close up of diamond unit!

Lots of scraps going in this one including recycled red gingham shirt fabrics and 1970s calicos.


Close up of upper edge.

I’m ready to start another one!  I’ve got a long drive up to Sault Ste Marie on Friday ---there will be lots of stitching as I ride shot-gun!

I’m off to set up for a lecture and trunk show this evening – tomorrow is a Tumelo Trail workshop!

Much love from Michigan --

((And yes, thankfully I have had a nap as soon as I checked in!))

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  1. Who is driving you to up to the Mac? Your hubs with you?

  2. Welcome back to Michigan. We are having some of the best weather this year while you are here. Enjoy!

  3. Wow girl you are fast. Im working on 1/2" hexie flowers and I only have 6 done so far.

  4. Awww, poor Sadie! She looks so sad.

  5. Iam glad the weather is beautiful this time your here. Welcome back, see you tomorrow!

  6. Michigan is looking beautiful! I just got my Smith Mountain Morning back from the longarmer today. It is gorgeous. I'm giving it as a wedding gift in a week. Thank you so much for all your great patterns.

  7. B12?
    Bedtime - Brightness - Bloody mysteries coming - Beautiful Sunshine - Best of All: B12 vitamins to wake up and stay healthy!
    Love from a sunny Witmarsum - Friesland
    Irene =^}


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