Monday, September 01, 2014

I’m Home! Happy September 2014!

Photo: Out in the side by side with Mona & #sadiejaner !  FUN! #quiltville #bonniekhunter #blueridgemountains #northcarolina

Get a load of Sadie Jane in the back of Rick & Mona’s side-by-side!  Whoowhooo!

While the guys were out 4 wheeling off track ---us girls stayed on roads and just drove all over the mountain, looking at this view, at that view…LOVELY!

It was with reluctant heart that I left the comfort of Quilt Villa ---

I lagged behind to clean, move laundry from the washer to the dryer, and empty out the fridge.

Well of COURSE, if there was just a bit of root beer left, it can’t be saved..it is better to USE it and throw the bottle out, so I treated myself to a solo root beer float as a farewell.

That’s the hard part of having get-away digs – you can’t leave the food in the fridge, it has to be packed in, and then packed back out –so there is a cooler ritual.  Cooler as in ice chest!

Milk, veggies, fruit, yogurt, sandwich meat and any leftovers have to come home.  All that is left are condiments.

Half a rotisserie chicken went into the freezer to become another round of crock pot soup on a future visit.

I closed the blinds, turned out all the lights, made sure everything was locked up tight, and out I headed home.  I have seriously loved the amount of time I have had to spend up in the mountains during the month of August ---

Allison sent along some photos of a 5 day retreat she has been at this past week, another great way to celebrate Labor Day, the official start of QUILTING SEASON!

She writes:

I'm at a five day sewing retreat that started yesterday.
Lookie what I am setting together!


Jamestown Landing from String Fling on the Design Wall!


 "I love London" fabric from my UK gal pal Val


My set up . . . I'm standing to sew to avoid a sore tailbone and swollen ankles!!
I stand all day longarming, so it made sense.  Sew-Ezi table on risers.
((I thought this was a great idea!  Sometimes I KNOW I sit too much...I haven't tried sewing while standing, but may give it a go!))


Sisters Choice 9 patches as my Leaders and Enders this retreat. I'm working it!!


Lots of Bonnnie fans here.  How do I know?  Absolutely NO scraps in the trash cans.
This is it for a half day of sewing for 15 women!  I love it!!  Mere confetti . .
Hahaha! I had to laugh at the mere confetti part!  We’ve been training those quilters well how to use what they’ve got and make great quilts out of the scraps they make!
I’m so glad that everyone had a great time.
I’m home for just tonight and tomorrow ---so there won’t be Quilt Cam this week…I can’t pull it tomorrow night because I leave on a crazy early am flight on Wednesday and I just can’t stay up that late, plus there is too much that needs to be done, including getting all the book orders out that have come in over the past week – that’s tomorrow’s job.
Oh…and Tomorrow evening I am drawing for the winner of Quilt Show, the GAME!  Did you leave your comment on that post to enter?  Click HERE if you didn’t to read about it and to leave your comment there.  Drawing tomorrow evening!
I’m happy to be home….but I’m missing my other home already!
Have a good night, everyone – Happy September!

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  1. LOve the photo of Sadie Jane with a huge smile on her cute face! "MOMMA LETS ROCK" :)

    I see the total filled table with sewing machine. Been wondering forever WHY the table makers will not give more room to the right of the machine! Oh well, we have survived that :)

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  2. You have given us so much fun reading about your fun this month...don't even worry a second about quiltcam. We will catch up later this fall!

  3. I have never heard of a side by side... looks like Sadie loves it. Maybe you need one!!!

  4. I hope My Name is chosen for that Game! FINGERS CROSSED!!!! Glad you are home. The retreat pictures are fun to see how they set things up.

  5. I just went through the cooler ritual at my cabin, too. And I wish I could turn right around and go back. The demands are fewer there and so much more sewing gets done. Know just how you feel!


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