Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Must Stop at Delphine’s Quilt Shop!

I love this photo!

I first met Delphine when I arrived on Mackinac Island last May for the Grand Hotel Needleart Seminar.

Her shop provided all of the attendees and other hotel guests with the “Best little quilt shop on the island!” Carrying everything we needed to enjoy our week of stitching in this beautiful old historic hotel.

I hope she will be back when I am back there in May of 2016.

Come to think of it I hope YOU will be there when I go back to teach in May of 2016!


You can’t miss the shop with its saw tooth triangles around the windows!


I was greeted by gorgeous hand dyed bamboo & cotton socks!


Katrina built a featherweight all from legos!


REAL featherweights for adoption are available!


This baby was so tempting!

I don’t find beige featherweights very often.  They were made in the 1950s when “Beige was the Rage!” and I find them just so different ---Alas, there was no room in my luggage and have you noticed I’ve been on a much needed “machine diet” over the past several months?  Still..if one of these came across my path on a driving trip at the right price….I’m not sure I could say no!


Gorgeous displays and lots of samples!


Walls of beauty and ideas and inspiration!


Threads and notions of every kind and color!


Goodies everywhere you turn!

And the FABRIC!


Walls of everything under the sun and more!


Rainbows – all for the making!


Miles long!


There just might be something I need here in notion-land!


Gifty stuff too!

((This stuff I love, it is easy for me to slip into my suitcase!))


Everywhere you turn there are lovelies to discover!


Barb, are you reading this??

This is a special shout out to Barb Schiller who was planning on being the Thelma to my Louise, driving me up from Davision to Sault Ste Marie yesterday, but a whopper of a sinus infection and a double root canal laid her flat and she had to beg out.  NO ONE deserves all of that in one whopper of a doozy, and I hope she is feeling better soon!

Barb, I truly missed seeing you and spending time with you my friend, we’ll catch up with you and do it up big NEXT TIME!


A Must Stop on your Michigan Shop Hop!

If you are anywhere near Gaylord, MI – you have GOT to pull off I-75 and make a visit to Delphine’s.  The whole town is adorable – you can make an afternoon of it!

And yes, I did bring home some goodies:

Stash Enhancement!

The fabrics on the left came from the Quilted Moose in Sault Ste Marie, the rubber banded bundles came out of the sale bin at Delphine’s!  FUN STUFF!

Today we’ve got a Sister’s Choice workshop up on dock.  35 quilters who I’m very excited to meet and spend the day with!  Loads of fabric scraps and machines humming and making some memories up here in “the Soo!”

Have a terrific Saturday, everyone!

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  1. LOVE Delphine's shop!! It's one of my most FAVORITES "Up North" and go whenever I can. Definitely worth the stop ... not only for the fabrics and other things but Delphine and her staff are VERY helpful and knowledgeable. Enjoy the "Soo", Bonnie ... pretty time of the year to be "Up North"!

  2. You are so close yet still far away!! A hop over the border and a 5-6 hour drive and you would be at my door...well a girl can dream!!!
    Dreaming in central Ontario Canada!!

  3. Wish I could be there. I didn't find out about the class until it was too late and sold out. I am just across the river in Sault, Ontario. Have fun and enjoy!!

  4. Bonnie, thank you so much for the big shout out! Today is the first day I feel almost human again - and I even ate something! Yeah, I am getting better! It's been a rough and disappointing week and yes, we will catch up next time!!!
    So glad you had such a nice trip going up North with gorgeous Michigan weather! And Gaylord with Delphine's shop is a fabulous destination. Enjoy Soo!

  5. I am already planning for makinac in 2016, it is on my calendar and I'm on their mailing list so I know as soon as registration opens :)
    Looking forward to meeting you.

  6. Fabric
    Read that to my SO, who read the acronym back to me and made me LOL. He suggests Using RTFA, but I like it the other way for the laugh.
    Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  7. What a terrific looking LQS! Danger - FABRIC SOLD HERE :)

    Be safe and have fun
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  8. Delphine's looks like a great LQS, I'm sure she was delighted by your visit! She must be tall because it's not often that you are looking up to someone! My mom's from the U.P. so you are in familiar territory from my childhood on long drives from Virginia to visit family. Enjoy and Go Yoopers!!!!!

  9. Anonymous5:58 PM EDT

    It was a great day in SOO, MI attending my first ever quilting class-retreat. Learned so much, great group of ladies and Bonnie, you were amazing!

  10. I love the Quilted Moose in the soo. When camping in the upper peninsula, I always go there: 1-2 times a year. The owner is so nice and friendly. She was a RN like me.

  11. Today was my first quilt class ever, though you, Eleanor, Liz & Maryanne have taught me lot's, via computer and TV. Thank you for your part in that and thank you for today


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