Saturday, September 06, 2014

Ice Cream & the Constitution Trial!

Class was done at 4!  By 5 we had cleaned up and headed out for  a group ice cream social at Carl’s Ice Cream Factory in Bloomington ---

The end of the season is drawing near and because the weather was utterly beautiful today, folks were out in droves enjoying the last creamy goodness of the summer season.

Dreamsicle for Marie, Blackberry for Pat, and Almond Joy with hot fudge for yours truly!

We sat as a group and talked and laughed while we enjoyed our “calcium supplements” and enjoyed the late afternoon cool down after a hustling and bustling few days.

From here all the left over books have been dropped of at FedEx and are on their way back home.  By the time they REACH North Carolina, I’ll be long on my way to Ketchikan, but that’s okay with me….


I’m staying here!

The Chateau is a really nice hotel located right along the Constitution trail in Bloomington ---The Constitution Trail is so named because it was dedicated on the 200th birthday of the U.S. Constitution, September 17, 1987.


The first and main north-south section of the trail was built along an abandoned line of the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad. The asphalt and concrete trail is a system of as-yet disconnected segments covering approximately 37 miles between Normal and Bloomington, Illinois.

After all this ice cream, I need to get some fitbit steps in and burn some of this off!


Late summer blooms along a fence line.


Aren’t they beautiful! 

It won’t be long until they are long gone!


The trail goes along some water ---love reflections!

It’s been a wonderful visit.  These gals are just the best!

I’m settling in for the evening, planning to get some sewing time in ---I don’t have to rush in the morning, Marie is picking me up at 9:20 to get me to the airport……a leisurely morning pace, a couple of quick flights, and I’ll be home by 4pm!

Love from Illinois ---

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  1. Cave Creek Maggie10:09 PM EDT

    You had left over books? What's wrong with those women not buying up every single one of them?!!! LOL!!! ;-)

  2. it looks so pretty there! Your ice cream pic had me heading for the frig...after the best summer supper...blts with fresh lettuce and tomatoes and sweet corn from the garden...ice cream is the perfect dessert! Spent the day cleaning, degreasing, oiling and scrubbing my modell 66 Red Eye and it's cabinet. I need a bobbin...otherwise I am ready to treadle!!!!!!! so excited! :)

  3. Darn you Bonnie! Last week I was working hard on my 'lozenges' and decided to take a little break and check on your blog...you were making up those cute Carolina Chains...well I DID have all the scraps out so I decided to whip up a 'few' so I would remember I LOVED these. 60 of the little suckers later I really need to get back to the lozenges but...I'm off to the kitchen for ICE SCREAM........ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

  4. Isn't Carl's great? I try to get there with my family every time I am there in Bloomington. We can walk there from my sister's house! Which is definitely helpful to get those steps in before and after the ice cream!


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