Wednesday, September 24, 2014

More Show & Share from Amherst. NY!

I love museums!  Front in center in this museum is a “MODERN” kitchen from 1961 complete with pink oven, pink cabinets, aqua tv, mixer, telephone.

Pink, gray, aqua.  These are colors that are so in NOW.  As MODERN!  I loved seeing this, this was the era of my birth.  I came around in 1962---so the car you barely see off to the left in the photo was a year old at that time.

Close up of the kitchen stuff:


Where were YOU then??

These were the latest greatest gadgets of the day – I’d still love to have that wall phone for the wall at the cabin!  Maybe some day ---but could they ever imagine where technology has taken us to this day?  

As I sit here and type on my laptop, with my cell phone beside me and my bluetooth headphones playing music in my ears ---I think they’d think we were pretty cool too.

And my students were VERY cool to bring more Show & Share to class!


Sherry brought an Easy Street from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders!!


Christmas Lights from the mystery section of the Free Patterns tab!


Also down in the mystery section of the Free Patterns tab you’ll find Old Tobacco Road.  This one belongs to Jean

Isn’t this a gorgeous one?


I’ve been working on my Carolina Chain – Jean has finished hers!


I love her piano key border and her hand quilting. 

And check out the back:


You can see that hand quilted texture from here!


Jean also used my Spin Cycle block from my Addicted to Scraps column with Quiltmaker for this top!

Isn’t that gold background great??


Close up of Spin Cycle.


Crumb blocks with tiny 9 patch sashing!  Great!


Close up!


Split 9-Patch Leader & Ender Challenge!  AWESOME!

You can find this one under the Free Patterns tab as well.


Orca Bay from String Fling!


Giant spools provided all the bonus triangles for the pieced pinwheel border!


Celtic Solstice in a different color palette.  Beautiful!


Jared Takes a wife ---san sashings and made with Oriental fabrics!

This one is called “Jared takes a Japanese Wife!!”

The pattern for this block is found under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.

The ladies really did bring GREAT show & share and inspired us all!

This post has been written ahead to post while I am on my way to Michigan.  That’s where I’ll be the next time you hear from me!

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. Fab quilts. I especially like the Old Tobacco Road one. Happy travels Bonnie.

  2. I love it all. John and I were married in 1962!!! (yup 52 yrs. with the same man). Those were dream kitchen then.

    The quilts are awesome. Spin Cycle could easily be antique with those colors! Each is so special. Your quilters/fans look like they are enjoying every minute too.

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  3. Anonymous10:44 AM EDT

    In 1962, I was in my second year of college. My parents were remodeling their kitchen... replacing the pink metal cabinets with lovely birch, which my dad made himself. --Annette

  4. Old quilter12:10 PM EDT

    1962 - The good old days !
    Looks like my phone at that time, except that I had a 25 foot coiled cord between the phone and the hand set. With 3 young kids, it was great to have. None of this "low battery stuff". lol

  5. In 1962 i graduated from high school. In the early '70s i moved to Alaska and we first lived in an apt bldg where there were 3 choices of kitchen colors - pink, turquoise, or yellow! Anfd we still hace 2 wall phones like that, both brown. Whwn our power goes out they still work.

    Love all the show and share. Really inspires me. Have fun in Michigan.

  6. That crumb quilt is gorgeous! It looks like 80 little artworks (in a series, naturally!) all framed by the sashing. Very inspirational.

  7. Well I was a ripe old age of Three in 1962 but it is really amazing to see the technology we have today compared to then. I can only imagine what it looks like to my Mom who is 78 years young this year. Those quilts were really beautiful. I am going to have to dig through all my quiltmaker issues. I have about ten years of them. I loved that one with all the half square triangles.

    ellen in arkansas

  8. Ah, pink kitchen! My dad was transferred with his job about every four years when I were growing up, so we always rented a house in the new town. When I was a junior in high school, he was transferred again. My mom agreed to rent the previous employee's home sight unseen as they had just built it and was four bedrooms. Perfect for our family of 5. We drove up to pink brick, pink everything in the kitchen (including the floor tile), pink wallpaper in the dining room and both bathrooms, and the palest of pink paint on all of the other walls. Ha, ha, blush and bashful, our two favorite shades!

  9. Show and share are always favorite posts! I was 4 in 1962. We are re-doing our kitchen. Do you think I could talk my DH into this color scheme?

  10. Great show and tells. Particularly liked the Carolina Chain and Spin Cycle :)

  11. Wow! these ladies make me want to get a move on...and then the hand quilting too...how do they get it all done! Lovely...and I've been trying to pick my next pattern to get going on...the pictures help so much on your free pattern page and also Show and Share...except it goes something like this...OOOH! I like that one...oh my gosh and that one, no that one is my favorite..OH I forgot about that one I love that!...see what I mean...guess just go enny- meeny- minny.. cuz I love them all.

  12. In 1961 I was 3, and got a brother for my birthday. We have friends to this day have a pink kitchen.

  13. Bonnie- where oh where is that 50's kitchen exhibit?? my daughter lives in buffalo and i'm visiting next week, and want to go to that exhibit!! any info appreciated!!
    thanks so much for all you do! hugs- jude

  14. Love the flashback! As a new bride, we went without a TV for about 6 months and then in 1965 we bought that very aqua TV used! As poor college students, the salesperson threw in a stand as we had nothing to put the TV on when we got home. We used that TV for a very long time! Thanks for the memories!

  15. Bonnie, the Old Tobacco Rd, Spin Cycle and Carolina Chain were MINE!!

  16. Anonymous8:26 PM EDT

    Jude, the pink kitchen Bonnie raved about is one of the very fascinating exhibits at the Buffalo Niagara Heritage Museum, formerly the Amherst Museum where we just concluded our 4 day annual seminar. It was an incredible four days with Bonnie, her lecture was fast paced, funny, inspirational, and she showed lots of her quilts. Her classes were amazing, and we hope to get her back again in the near future. The Museum is located at 3755 Tonawanda Creek Rd. in East Amherst, NY, phone # 716-689-1440. If you plan to visit, call first for hours when they are open, and you can also ask for a self-guided tour. Enjoy. and Bonnie, it was such fun spending those our days with you, and safe traveling to all your other places, Get some rest!

  17. Fun museum, Bonnie! How about that Rolodex, LOL!


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