Sunday, September 07, 2014

And She’s Home! Quilts from 100 Blocks Drawing Time!

It was a travel day punctuated with rain and travel delays.

It’s bound to happen from time to time –but the weather really socked us in in Atlanta, when there is lightning in the area, no planes make landings, no planes take off ---no ground crew can be out moving luggage from one plane to another – no gate crew can move those ingenious jet bridges ---

And so we sat.

And when we finally got on the plane – we sat some MORE!  And after about 40 minutes the pilot comes on to tell us “Ladies & Gentleman, we are #20 for take off……”

Once we were airborne it was a short 45 minute flight to Greensboro, NC from Atlanta, GA ---We could have gone there and back in the time we were delayed ---

And through it all I hexied!

Coming along!

This is section number 4 of the 6 fill in sections I need to surround my large central star.  This one is about to get a brown hexie flower border on that upper neutral edge….thank HEAVENS for hexies!!

Now that I’m home, and all luggage is accounted for, and unloaded ---it’s time to draw for our 2 winners of the QUILTS from 100 blocks fall 2014 issues!

Photo: Last call: Leave a comment on our blog post for your chance to win our newest issue. Features 19 fabulous quilt patterns! http://bit.ly/1w2wh8n

On news stands now!

Firing up the Random Number Generator!


# 195!


Mary Dowell!


# 443!


Superquilter Gale!

Congrats, girls!  I’ve sent you emails asking you to get back to me with your snail mail addresses so I can get these out to you ASAP!  I leave on Wednesday am early for Alaska –I’d love to see these out the door and on their way to you before I leave!

Just a reminder…QUILT-CAM tomorrow night, Monday, Sept 8 at 9pm EST!  Bring a project, come sew with me!

Love from HOME SWEET HOME ---

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  1. Well Darn, now I will need to go out and buy a copy. LOL

    Glad you are home safe.

  2. Anonymous9:42 PM EDT

    I apparently had no faith in the number picker . . . I bought the magazine yesterday. It's a good one.


  3. Welcome home and yahoo for quiltcam!!Will be tuning in to hear all about your adventures!

  4. CONGRATS LADIES!! i LOVE FOLLOWING ALONG WIth your hexie project...it is coming along nicely. Are you following a design or making it up as you go--available for us later on? :-) --soon as I become more mobile I have to get out and find this magazine--have a great week!


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