Sunday, January 18, 2015

Great Weekend, Great Friends!

The birthday dinner I shared with Mona at her cabin last night became very emotional as she presented ME with a gift bag.

I wasn’t expecting that.  I hadn’t even had a chance to think of getting her anything.

And as I opened the package containing pieces, parts and folded things – I suddenly knew what it was.

A Flag!

A QUILT flag!


And oh my goodness, that’s my Winston Ways block from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders in full color on the flag!

It has the year I purchased the cabin on it, 2013.  Who can forget that 4th of July weekend in 2013 when we weren’t sure if we would get to close or not?  And that first night we spent at the cabin,  finally ours.


Welcome to Quilt Villa!

Little did I know when I bought this piece of blue ridge mountain life, how my life would change so much for the better due to the people I would come in contact with.  Rick & Mona, Tim & Amber, and oh so many more neighbors and friends who have enriched our lives so greatly.

I thought I was purchasing a “GET AWAY” from place…..instead, I wound up with at “GOING HOME TO” place!

And it feels so right!

Thank you for the wonderful gift, Mona.  A lot of thought and preparation went into the making of this special flag.  I owe you one, GF!

So tickled that this flag will be greeting my friends Lori and Randy when we drive up at that dirt mountain road next Saturday!


Sadie on this morning’s walk through the woods.

I can’t wait to show my friends this piece of heaven!


Come on, mom! You are walking too slow!

I only hope the weather holds out so we can do some winter hiking.  I want to show them everything!

We got home just a bit ago, I unloaded some stuff from the van, and am now gathering the trunk show quilts and class quilts together, loading up cases of books and stuff for a great week in Georgia.  I’ll see you soon Clarkesville and Cartersville!

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cdlake said...

Now that is a great friend!!

Myrna said...

Such a thoughtful and lovely gift for your "going home to" place. Safe travels this week!

Debbie said...

Oh my gosh I got emotional just reading about it. What a fantastic gift. Just perfect.

crazy quilter said...

What a wonderful gift! I know you enjoy your time ther with friends like Mona, I think she is a keeper!

Lana Lew said...

What a cool gift! We share the same birthday, Bonnie! Have a wonderful Birthday Week!

Smiley Quilter said...

I think you have found an amazing friend in your new home, so wonderful when you find a place and people that feel right. Safe travels next week.
Looking forward to finally meeting you in Tuscany.

cityquilter grace said...

the perfect gift!

45th Parallel Quilter said...

You need to hang it out only when you are there ... like the Queen of England when she's in residence at Windsor Castle. You are, after all, Queen of the Quilts!! Happy Birthday!!

Genee' Davis said...

What a beautiful and thoughtful gift! You are truly blessed with wonderful friends! <3

Katy Lillie said...

Isn't Mona a fairly new quilter? If she is, it is doubly fantastic!! What a great gift from a great friend to an absolutely great friend!
Happy Happy Birthday to you!!!

iris said...

what a wonderful gift it's back to you after all hardworking teaching us and all your blog friends and all classes you spread whenever you go.
I am happy to you.

Vic in NH said...

I love the pictures of you waving us in right with the new flag! It is perfect, congratulations!

Shelly Carpenter said...

What a thoughtful gift. You gave Mona the gift of quilting and she gets it....she really gets it. How Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

What a thoughtful gift. You are blessed.

Deb said...

What to get someone that is probably hard to buy for?(as we can all buy for ourselves at our age...) That is a great gift, and hitting the nail on the head. SO COOL and inventive!