Friday, August 02, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Bow-Dacious Day!

Bow-Ties by the Boat Loads!!

25 quilters from all over this great state of Alaska have joined together for today's workshop sponsored by the Kenai Peninsulsa Quilt Guild of Soldotna.

A quick quiz of the ladies in class let us know that the word Soldotna is of Russian origin and means "Soldier".

I love history and word origins and I found this fascinating!

We are having a great time, sewing our brains out and getting to meet new friends! :-)


Cynthia in urban Oregon said...

Bowdacious has been at the top of my Bonnie list of quilts to make ever since i saw yours live and in person at block party in Portland in March! Absolutely love it!

Bolts and Bobbins said...

Wish I was there - I love scrap quilts.

Sue Monsey said...

This quilt is on my list - I have actually bought a large piece of fabric to use - it is in the closet with a note on it and there is a note in the book about where to find the fabric when I get around to it.

I would be lost without all my notes!

Have fun, never been to Alaska but it is on my 'to do' list too.

jemfl said...

Hands across the world! Thanks Bonnie for
joining us around the world with these artists
of thread-fabric and needle!