Thursday, June 29, 2017

Tropical Twist, Day one!

Two back to back days of the same workshop filled to overflowing with two local guilds!

My time in Ohio is being hosted by the Common Threads and Quintessential Quilters both of the Columbus area, and they have streamlined this visit to minimize my travel and optimize our time together by having me give a joint guild presentation on Tuesday evening, and giving a Tropical Twist workshop two days in a row, one for each guild.

Even better, I get to stay in one place without having to schlep from one hotel to another, and the workshop location is even the same and very close by!

Because this is two workshop days of the same quilt, I’ll be doing a big combined post of our days when I get home, so today you are just going to get a few teasers!


A bit back lit by the window!

Tropical Twist was the second quilt I had featured in Quiltmaker Magazine, sharing my love of bonus units and how they could become the pieced border.  I love this quilt, I had such a great time making it and am happy it has found a home in the Addicted to Scraps Book.  It’s all strips and squares and stitch & flip corners!


39 stitchers getting strippy with it!


Pressing and cutting!


Sharing a block finish!


I love it when Vicky comes to play!


Sisters!  but better yet, friends of the heart.

I love that these two siblings are stitching together!

It was an amazing day that included MORE show & share, and we will combine their quilts with those that are shared today during Tropical Twist day #2.  Oh, the colors were wonderful! The fabric choices so varied!


Thanks for the super day, ladies!

After a fun group dinner out, and a tour of Catie’s awesome quilt studio remodel, I made it back to my room to settle in with some hexie stitching.


Getting that last hexie in place!

It’s right sides together with petal #5 while I whipstitch that edge and work my way from corner to corner to inset it in place. My job for this short trip?


To work out turning the corner correctly!

By Jove, I think I’ve got it!

As soon as this posts I’ll be headed downstairs for a bite of breakfast – I’ll need my energy for another full up day.

And then I’m headed out to greet another wonderful bunch of quilters and spend the day piecing away!

Life is so very very good.

A couple of things before I head out – Our Quiltmaker/Sulky Gift-Away is still going on!  Did you enter to register on THAT POST?

If you have been wanting to join in on some workshop fun with me, there is still space for you to join me in Bedford PA on July 8,9, 10 and July 14, 15, 16!  Two back to back weekends sponsored by Mary’s Quilt Shop!

Sew Much Scrappy Fun!

There are two evening lectures – July 9th and July 15th both at 6pm!  Even if you aren’t coming to take a workshop (though I hope you are!) come see the lecture and trunk show and fall in love with your scraps all over again!

Come join us by contacting the shop by phone at (814)310-2278 to register. I'll see you there!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Ingredients for a happy life.

Vintage quilt shared by Kathy S.

It’s Thursday!  Make it a good one!

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  1. Bonnie, as always, have a great, awesome and fun-filled day!!!

  2. Hi Bonnie. I just signed up for your Garden Party class on the 14th. I couldn't catch you in Ohio, so I feel lucky to catch you in PA. So excited. 😁

  3. Oh I wish PA wasn't so far! I'd be there in a heartbeat, but it's a long commute from SE Mass.
    I love reading your blogs everyday Bonnie.


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