Thursday, June 08, 2017

Help Find This Quilt!

This quilt is titled Hollyhocks and was made by my friend Mark Sherman.

It has not been seen since he finished a teaching trip to North Carolina and he is trying to locate it.

As a traveling instructor who often has a table full of quilts unattended at the front of the room at the end of a lecture while dealing with a crowd at the book signing table at the back of the room, I know his fear.  It’s never been realized on my side yet.  No one has loved my quilts enough to think of carrying them home.

We aren’t even saying that someone STOLE this quilt, just that it is missing, or misplaced and it wasn’t in his bags after he arrived home and unpacked the contents.


The last place the quilt was shown.

Mark posted the following on Facebook this morning:
It's very unfortunate and hard to believe that this quilt "Hollyhocks" is missing. It was one of the very first quilts that I made and it's not with me anymore. The last place where I showed this quilt was at the High Country Quilters Guild in North Carolina last month. If anybody sees that quilt, please notify me. If not, I hope whoever has it take care of it. The quilt has a label in the back with my name, name of the quilt and other personal information.

All of my quilts are always in the same pile. I go lecturing and teaching from one place to the other and I don't really have time to make sure all my quilts are where they're supposed to be because I always follow the same routine over and over and this has never happened to me before.

Yesterday before my trunk show I noticed it was missing, and I refuse to believe that somebody will even consider stealing a quilt from me.

I've always been so generous. Always teaching my students more than what they thought they'd be learning. Valuable information and techniques. People who are now in business after recording everything I taught them, and many other stories I would probably never talk about, but the point is you can't just trust everybody. I'm very disappointed.
If you see this quilt anywhere, please contact Mark.  Or me.

On the home front:

It was a crazy busy day yesterday.  No sooner had I mentioned that the Simple Folded Corners ruler was in stock I turned around to find that they weren’t!  All 48 had been ordered up and I quickly placed another order for more.  They are on their way.  I leave for California on Sunday and they will likely show up when I’m gone.  I’m loving this ruler for trimming up my string blocks AND trimming the corners before sewing the triangles on.  More on that in tonight’s Quilt-Cam via Facebook Live.  Those who miss it will find it here on the blog tomorrow morning.


We had a visitor!

I don’t know whose dog she is or where she came from but when she started toward me from the top of the drive I thought it was Sadie.  Then I saw those ears.  NOPE!  Sadie can’t do this with her ears!

Sadie came around the corner of the house with a wagging tail and much sniffing over her new friend.

They played a good long while, and then the new friend evidently went back to her own home. At least I hope so.  I checked her tag.  No name, no address.  But she is well fed, and I bet she just mischievously took herself on a walkabout to see what was out there and found us.


THIS has been on my agenda since I arrived home.

My basement studio is divided into two halves.  If you’ve watched Quilt-Cam or seen my photos before, I’m usually on the “SEWING” side where the long arm and my sewing area is.  My computer desk is also in the sewing area.  It is separated from the “FABRIC” side by a wall, a door and a stairwell.  The Fabric Side had become a “drop and run” zone over the past several months with no real time home to get it all in order again. 

My abode is a small 3 bedroom bungalow built in the late 1970s.  But the full basement, even divided into 2 parts gives me the studio space that I need to do what I need to do.

I tend to work in spurts.  I’m not neat all the time – I’m creative. Creativity is messy.  And when you are running life at full tilt, there isn’t always time to put it all away each and every time you pull something out, so life becomes a dumping zone.


All clean now!

I did a bit of rearranging and moving around and it is much better.  And I didn’t let it get too bad this time.


The shelving with the bins is now taking the place of the Hoosier cabinet that is now at the cabin.


I feel like I can breathe in here now!


The items in the tubs and the one box still need to be dealt with.

This is my machine storage.  Everything fits, and there are some open spaces now.


This lead to tackling the Sewing Side as well, and I am ready for Quilt Cam tonight!


Today’s job!

You may or may not recognize the quilts in this stack.  I have been asked to be the guest artist exhibit at Quilt Odyssey in Hershey, Pennsylvania this year!  IN JULY!!  Which means that I have to measure, make sure everything is labeled  (Everything already has a sleeve – I hope!) and type up the info for each quilt so they can hang at the show.

If you are going to the show, you are going to get a special preview – Along with several of our past Quiltville Mystery Quilts, I’m putting string quilts on display, and that includes quilts designated for the NEXT BOOK down the pipeline.  They are going out into the public for the FIRST TIME!

I’m excited that they have asked me to be the guest artist.  And a bit nervous because these are not “ART QUILTS”  But just scrap quilts and string quilts with a twist on tradition.  I hope they show well.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt shared by Beverly during our Kentucky workshops last week.

Sometimes life needs interruption to regain focus and shake off complacency.  Refuse to settle into ordinary!

Have a lovely Thursday everyone – I’ll see you tonight!

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  1. I believe all quilts are "art quilts" and, having seen your quilts last month at the retreat in Washington, I can attest that yours are fabulous works of art! Congrats on getting your space cleaned up! Love from Nancy.

  2. certainly hope Mark's quilt will eventually show up - I have heard of others missing quilts now and then - some straight from a show - we all want to trust but it might be time to have someone keep an eye on quilts during a book signing when you can't. My little town had a quilt "missing" from the county fair one year - it is a pity when people feel they can get away with this. Hope none of your quilts ever disappear - they truly inspire so many of us in quilt land and we love them.

  3. I'm so looking forward to seeing your quilts in Hershey!

  4. I can't believe you wrote "just" with regard to your quilts-with-heart. I would be honored to see your special exhibit!

  5. What a wonderful "quote of the day" quilt. A perfect example of what is old is new again, so modern. Would love to see other quilts this person may have done. Bonnie, thank you for sharing (showing) so many of your finds.

  6. I wonder if you couldn't sew a GPS tag in the corner of your quilts (maybe under the label). Then they could be tracked with a phone app

  7. As much as I wish I could see you exhibit at the Quilt Odyssey show in July, I will be in Lake Placid NY watching my daughter participate in her second Ironman Triathlon. Will have to catch some of these new quilts some other time....Carol K in PA

  8. Today's quilt is spot on for me today as I struggle to change. I can not be complacent, I need to change. I had it once and need to find it again. Looking forward to quiltcam tonight!

  9. I love the quot of the day quilt. I so admired it the other day in your slide show. Would love to have had the pattern for this one. I know it's not a scrappy quilt but I was just drawn to it.

    Congratulations on your selection for the Hershey quilt event. I know you will be so successful, all your quilts are wonderful and your many followers will be looking forward to seeing the new units there. Lucky for those who will be able to attend.

    Your blog is a pleasure to follow and I have learned quite a lot since following.



  10. I for one am glad that your quilts aren't "artsy"! I love scrap quilts and think yours are works of art. Good luck nd you have no reason to be nervous.
    Good clean up job. I recently did that to my sewing room too so I could breathe and get on with creating!!!
    Looking forward to quilt cam tonight! I was shopping all day so an evening with my feet up, just what I need!!

  11. Hello Bonnie, I have followed your blog for some years, and love your generoisty with your time, tips and also your beautiful scrappy quilts. Recently I shuffled the house around so I could fit all my quilting things in one room. Yesterday was the first day I used it sheer bliss. I am so sad that the quilt went missing. Unfortunately in this day and age it happens.I went to a Quilt Fair in Melbourne a few years back and one of my favourite designers had set up her site and the new quilt she had designed was displayed. She was busy and when my sister and I came along asked to see it, it was gone.It was so distressing.I hope the quilt will be recovered.Take care .

  12. I am so sorry to hear about Mark's quilt. I am wondering why clothing or other items can be tagged with a sensor that will alert the store if someone leaves with the item without paying for it. It takes a special tool to remove it. Why not tag a quilt with one of those sensors or something similar?

    Bonnie, your sewing room looks great. Here's hoping mine can eventually look that neat!

    Take care.

  13. Hot doggie. You are coming to PA. See you there. Can't believe someone would take a quilt. I know it happens but still can't believe it. That's like taking a family member. See you in July.

  14. Hi Bonnie, Sadie's new friend looks like a Corgi with long legs! Sadie is sue enjoying the company. I hope Mark's quilt finds it's way home very soon.

  15. Sally I agree with you, it's sad that in this day and age that you have to protect things. Better to be safe than sorry. I love that quote - should make it my mantra!

  16. There is a website out there for lost (or found) quilts! It's called lostquilt.com because the lady started it when she lost one quilt. She eventually did find it, but realized that many other people have lost a quilt (or two) along the way, so she maintains the site and provides a place for people to post about their lost quilt.


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