Saturday, June 24, 2017

Handy Dan the Fan Man & More!

It’s a weekend of GET’R Done in Virginia!

While I’ve been busy stitching up projects-with-deadlines, some other must-be-fixed items on the cabin to-do list have been crossed off.

Remember the tale of the haunted fans that would go on and off at will, with the fans ONLY capable of running on TURBO?  We found a wonderful electrician/plumber through our realtor and he came out yesterday to help get this funny situation solved.

The fan over the living area also needed a light, so we switched the old ones out for new ones, and they are wired so we can take care of fan/light with old school pull chains to determine which speed the fan needs to be running at, and whether or not the lights will be on or off at any given moment.  Easy.  Effective.  And best of all, DONE!

A 3rd light kit was added to the ceiling fan in the loft area which has become office space which also includes my treadle machine and a couple of comfy chairs for reading.

As the construction debris was being put away at the end of this fan-dango, son Jeff arrived!


There is MUCH man-shed building going on this weekend at Quilt Villa!

We’ve been up several times, but the shed stayed at “just a floor” status due to copious amounts of rain that happen to fall every time we are up here.  Today and tomorrow promise to have LOW chance of rain –so the mountain is already ringing this morning with the sound of hammers, saws, nail guns, compressors and the like.


I think there needs to be a barn block on this shed, don’t you?

I should call it a barn – it’s going to house the 4 wheelers, the kayaks, and all of the other stuff that a cabin on 42 acres of Blue Ridge Mountains requires. 

We’ll even have more help this afternoon when Rick & Mona arrive – with Beanie! 

It would be a great day for grilling, but I want this lower key, so there is a roast going in the crockpot shortly that will cook all day and all we’ll need to do is deal with the side dishes.

I think an evening round of Farkle at dark is in order too, don’t you?


Are you coming, Mama!?

Sadie and I have been enjoying the cooler temps and gentle breezes with some long hikes.  This is our driveway, it’s about a 1/4 mile long and VERY steep coming back up.  I take my time.  I have a love/hate relationship with this drive.  I love it going down, I hate it coming back up, but I know it is good for me.


As seen on my hike.
Virginia is for lovers, and lovers love Virginia!

On the sewing side of things:



Anyone on my China tour can choose to make this bigger if they so desire, but I’m going to stop it here so it travels easily in my suitcase along with all of the kits.

The medallion center is all we will be focusing on while we travel around China.  I will have blocks kitted for everyone and they will be able to stitch their medallion centers and maybe even start appliqueing it down to their background squares during our 9 days of travel.  English paper piecing travels well on long bus rides, and plane rides home.

Scissors can be kept in checked luggage only – I use the thread cutter on my needle threader to cut any threads necessary.

I’ll get this quilted in the near future.  It’s not that big and should go quickly.


It’s a border weekend, all the way around!

I’ve added a second neutral side to the last neutral round on this year’s Hourglass Leader & Ender Challenge!  There is still one more color round to go (purple) and this project will be shifted from Leader & Ender to Primary Project upon release of our NEXT Leader & Ender Challenge starting soon!  Stay tuned for more info on that one.

I really love how this year’s project has gone, and I considered ending it here, but it’s just not big enough for my liking.  One more round will do it.


Loving this 15-91!

The biggest help of the weekend was putting the folding 301 table behind the cabinet to catch the extra weight of the quilts while I’ve been in the “Border Zone!”

This weekend is already flying too quickly by.  I’ll be leaving the cabin by evening time tomorrow because I need Monday to get ready for my visit to Ohio on Tuesday.

What’s up for your weekend?


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Someday you'll look back and understand why it all happened the way that it did. Be happy!

Split 9 patch Leader & Ender quilt shared during California workshops last week.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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  1. Now that's a MAN sized shed!!! My brother is refurbishing my house and keeping him in snacks, drinks and food keeps him working longer! May all the energy needed be with you all on your projects this weekend.

  2. Still Retreating today, Time for Crockpot Oatmeal breakfast with my WASIQ quilt friends in Leavenworth and more sewing of my Row by Rows. Tonight is 'Greedy Gift'.

  3. I always thought that if you were walking up and down hills you didn't need to walk as far. I do miss not living in the mountains and out it the country.

  4. Oh I love Leavenworth! 5 of us did a mimi-retreat there a few years ago. It was in the fall and the weather and scenery was perfect.

  5. Bonnie, love the colors of your driveway, walk/hike photo. I think it would make an awesome quilt, "My Virginia Hike" or some such name... Thanks for sharing as always...

  6. What a FUN post - it is exciting to see all of the things that you are doing! HUGS

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  7. doing some secret sewing this weekend to be revealed in a few weeks....

  8. Just back from vacation. Lots of things to do in the garden plus greenhouse and the usual huge pile of washing and ironing we brought home! Harsh reality bite there! ;)

    Definitely needs a quilt block on your barn.

  9. I have a new-to-me "Reliance" treadle machine. It appears to be in ecellent condition. I am trying to find out age but just keep circling around a few sites. Serial #3431568. Decals are great. Everything moves quietly. Have to learn how to thread it. Instruction book with it states one must always speak highly of one's sewing machine. It is made in USA. Can anyone help direct me to info?

  10. Bonnie, I too have a handy Dan (Hubbie) He just replaced our den's ceiling fan with an antler chandelier! I looks awesome between the exposed wood beams! I thing your cabin would look great with antlers!
    I love your starters and Enders projects!

  11. Hi Bonnie, your time at the cabin sounds wonderful, even the hike back up that lane way. �� I read somewhere that packing dental floss in your carry on works. The little blade that cuts the floss also works on thread and embroidery floss. Genius!


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