Friday, June 16, 2017

Drawing Time at LAX!

Well, I guess most of you figured out by now that last night’s drawing event for the Modern Machine Quilting book by Catherine Redford did not happen as I thought it would.

As it turns out, YES!  I will choose dinner out with a fun group of guild ladies and a beeline over to Long Beach from Huntington Beach for ice cream and a chance meet up with Kevin the Quilter over writing a another give-away blog post.

Don’t get me wrong, I love doing the drawings…but when I got back after 9:30 pm just exhausted from the day, I didn’t figure it would hurt if I just wanted until tonight.

Maybe it would make the anticipation greater?

We finished our last workshop with the Orange Grove Quilters, and here I am at my LAX hotel for a quick overnight stay with easy access to the airport tomorrow morning for my long journey home.

NOW there is time!

If you missed the original post about this fabulous book, you can find it HERE.  It’s a fabulous book, by a wonderful talented gal and I know you are just going to learn so much from between its pages.

And we had 3721 people who entered so they must agree!


We are looking for entry #715!


Barb Crawford!  You are our lucky winner!

Barb, I’ve sent you an email.  Please reply with your full street address so I can have Catherine send you your prize copy.  You’ll be quilting up a storm in no time!


Day 2  was a blast!

There will be more about our two days of Jamestown Landing classes in tomorrow’s post.  These ladies were just the bomb – both days!

Getting to know these gals just makes our overwhelming world a friendlier, gentler, quiltier place.  It’s a smaller, kinder world when we know folks from here, from there, from just a bit of everywhere. 

To illustrate this, I thought I’d share the following screen shot:


From Mary S.

Oh, too funny!!  It’s nice to know that quilters are meeting other quilters due to quilters sitting near other quilters!  We do flock together, in all good ways possible!

Thanks for the chuckle, Mary S!! 

Have a great evening, everyone!

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  1. I had such fun in class with you today, Bonnie! Now to put my boys to bed and finish resewing my block that went a bit wonky. Safe travels!

  2. There really is a tribe of quilters forming, rapidly. We are The Hunterites, and made up of all types, versions, nationalities etc. Funny thing is we bond to each other immiately! And how do I know this? Because I too am a Hunterite member.

  3. I looked up The Hunterites, and found instead the Hutterites. Fascinating reading, especially since our Guild meets in a Mennonite Church.

    I want to be a Hunterite too, or am I already?
    Our Guild is having its Summer Retreat right now...50 wonderful women. I am so proud to be part of my Guild...Hands All Around Quilt Guild.

  4. Congratulations to the winner. I love the restaurant story! Quilters talking to each other over a meal, meeting new people is awesome. When I retired, after living in basically a "bedroom commute" town for 6 years, I didn't know a soul other than my new husband in my town. I found this blog that year, and discovered scrap quilting. Was a very lonely year until I joined one of the quilt guilds in the area. I know have a wonderful assortment of quilting friends who willingly stop over to help with guild projects; bring their machines to my house for quilt bees; gather at local churches and community centers to sew together. It is a wonderful network of people. Quilters ARE the nicest people. Very often I introduce Bonnie's blog to newbies, and "convert" my friends to scrapaholics.

  5. Hi Bonnie -- We had such fun with you this past week at Orange Grove Quilters Guild. Your lecture was wonderful and the boat cruise Wednesday night was a lot of fun -- loved your Titanic moment. And, then the workshop Thursday- perfect. Everyone had such a fun day playing with their string blocks and getting those half-squares done.
    Dinner by the beach at Fred's Mexican Cafe in Huntington Beach was a blast. I cam just so glad I was able to get you booked even though we had to wait three years for you to come. Thanks for all your inspiration!!

  6. RE: your Quiltville Quote yesterday, about real love begins where nothing is expected in return.... I am participating in a secret sister exchange with our guild, we have had 2 exchanges so far this year. I have received nothing from my secret sister, and you know what? I'm fine with that!! For the first time ever, I am concentrating on showering my secret sister with fine gifts of fabric, chocolate and quilting tools. She is new to the guild and only recently returned to quilting after raising her children. I am not concerned with receiving a gift back from the other quilter, I imagine she is overwhelmed and needs a much needed break. I am having so much fun giving that I don't care about the receiving. It is as they say, "it is more blessed to give than to receive." I totally agree!!


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