Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Showin’ & Sharin’ in Shepherdsville, KY!

We filled Friday, Saturday and Sunday as full of gorgeous quilts as we could during my time in Kentucky.

These women are PROLIFIC in every good way possible.  And they’ve got wonderful quilt shops in the area to feed their passions and imaginations.

You know, the quilt shops are not just for supplies.  They become a gathering place, an inspiration fill-up station where dreams become realities.


Our evening presentation was held in the Senior Center in Mt Washington, right next door to the Busy Lady Quilt Shop.  And Jennifer was kind enough to keep her doors open for us after the lecture so that quilters could pet the fabric (and take some home) after we were done!  Not every shop will stay open past 9pm after a 2 hour evening event, but they did!

They also provided refreshments for our gathering, and door prizes for the evening event as well as for the workshops along with the Cozy Quilter.  I threw some door prizes into the mix, too!

Thank you so much, Louisville area quilt shops!

Jennifer is shown on the right helping Pam Heyna share her “H is for Happy”  (H is for Heyna!) quilt!

I adore this quilt finish!  Can you see that she has even made H’s for the cornerstones?  Pam does amazing work and I am always happy to see what she has to share.


Beverly sharing a beautiful indigo & white vintage quilt.


A half-pint En Provence

I love the extra units used in the border!


A lovely Allietare!  I just love seeing what you bring to share!

You’ll find the rest of the beauties, both newly completed and vintage in the slide show below.

For those who say they can’t view the slide show, that there is just a black box, it has to do with your own settings.  Make sure you are not viewing through Facebook by clicking a link in your Facebook feed.  Open a new browser window.  If you are on a laptop or desktop computer, it could be your browser.  Try a different browser.  Make sure your flash settings are up to date.  And if all else fails, you can always view them on my YouTube channel.

I have no idea why one day you can see it, the next day you can’t.  It’s this funny thing we call internet.

This is just a glimpse of what I saw yesterday on my long drive home from Louisville.  If I told you that a 7 hour drive took me 12, would you believe me? 

I made it my plan to stop every couple of hours and wander a while, and explore – and I did!  I’ll be sharing these finds tomorrow.

Today is already full with a dentist appointment for x rays for the implant, and a chiropractor appointment later in the afternoon to get the kinks out.

There are book orders to mail, and I really REALLY want to start reorganizing my basement studio space in the next few days before I fly to California on Sunday.

LET’S DO QUILT CAM!!  How about Thursday evening?  8pm Eastern?  I’ll see you in Facebook live at that time, and the video will be embedded in Friday morning’s blog post for those who miss sit or don't do Facebook.

It’s been a while.  I’m looking forward to the next several days of just being HOME!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt found in Kentucky.

The distance between dreams and reality is called action!

Time to get moving --

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. Enjoy your time at home Bonnie. Maybe you can give us a few reoraganizing hints on Quiltcam! Thanks for fitting it in this week.

  2. Lots of great batik quilts in the slideshow this time. I really loved that blue & green Allietare! I think I need to take a closer look at my batik box. :D

  3. Bonnie
    I wantto thank tofor always bring here to encourage and create beauty daily.When my sewing classes are from 9-9pm I always check your blog or FB and smile.I love to teach sewing espically to beginners and kids but sometimes I just want to get home and quilt.I'm so grateful for you and my students for keeping me smiling about sewing/quilting...Thank you

  4. Oh my God! Lovely quilts! I love them all! It's about time to start my own quilt!

  5. Bonnie, you spend so much time in your chair sewing, so what kind of chair do you have? I ask because the one I use is so uncomfortable and I wind up with a terrible backache after sitting in it for a short period of time.

    Thanks so much for sharing your talents with everyone! You are a blessing is disguise to most of us!

  6. I'm also searching for a more practical and comfortable chair, any advice would be helpful. Thanks for giving us 'better days.'

  7. Can someone tell me the name of the pattern that appears in the slide show at 0:35 through 0:43? It has light backgrounds and primary colors for the med/meddarks. Shown from a distance and then closer up. It's lovely and the maker's choice of colors and scraps make it sparkle.

  8. The name of the blue and white quilt is Carpenter's Square. I have made the pattern it was published in a Better Homes and Garden book. America's Heritage Quilts it was published in 1991.


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