Monday, June 05, 2017

A Sunday Made for Scrap Crystals!

How many quilters can you cram into one corner for a group photo??

I’m not sure, but the more that jumped in, the more fun it got until we were all giggling and laughing!

What a great group of ladies.  My thanks to Connie who pulled the whole weekend together.  I know it was a huge job with loads of prep and organization behind the scenes and it all went off like clockwork!

Scrap Crystals is one of those blocks when broken down is easy to stitch –that is if you don’t mind 96 pieces in one 12” block!

This quilt is the PERFECT quilt for using saved bonus triangles as the star points.  In fact, I taught this workshop in Washington just a couple of weeks ago (Already?!)  and it was on the tail of teaching Midnight Flight.  Scrap Crystals can be made using all of the bonus triangles from Midnight Flight!  A two for one, if you so desire!

Cutting it up with the Essential Triangle Tool!

How many triangles?  Don’t count – just keep cutting and sewing!


(668!  But not all at once.)


“Line ‘em up, Line ‘em all up….” *singing*

Those other James Taylor fans out there will instantly have this song come to mind – and likely stick with you ALL DAY.  You are welcome for the ear worm!


Assembling units!


Lookin’ good girls!!

You’ll find the pattern for Scrap Crystals in my book MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders!  Join in on the fun and make your own quilt along with us!

You’ll find the rest of the day’s fun in the slide show below:

I was out for the count after returning to Irene’s house after these 3 days were done.  90 minute nap had me waking to the smell of dinner cooking (I am feeling so very spoiled!)  and honestly – I likely could have slept longer, but we had more sewing plans for our evening ahead.


Mama Mia on the TV!

I think more dancing and singing happened than sewing.  I tend to make up lyrics as I go along – even if we have the closed caption on so we can do “Musical Karaoke!” Laughter is the best medicine on the planet.  Full out belly laughs with tears are even better.  And that happened because:


Well, THIS just won’t do!

It’s been a wonderful visit.  My heart is full as I load up the van and start the long journey home. 


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage Periwinkle Star quilt found in Kentucky.

Our journeys are not just our own, they are enhanced and altered by others who come into our lives and walk with us awhile, or simply cross our paths as they go their own way.

I've met some amazing women this week. 

Thank you for adding so much to my journey!

I’m headed home.

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  1. Good morning, Bonnie. You mentioned your Essential Triangle tool, so I want to say thank you for an excellent tool. I put together a quilt top with lots of HSTs this weekend using your Essential Triangle tool, and, Bonnie, once I got my seam set correctly, every single triangle was near perfect. There was no sliver trimming needed. No fudging. Even following your instructions using the EZ Triangle tool as you have suggested (before you made your tool) did not give me such consitent results. You, and your training, books and now tools, are awesome. Thank you!

    Have a safe trip home.

  2. I've never seen a group of unhappy quilters gathered together. The craft itself takes you to a happy place. I enjoy seeing all of your smiling ladies. As we used to say...Keep on Truckin

  3. You enhance my life, Bonnie. Thanks


  4. Mama Mia.... I need to watch that now! But the other song... you linked too... James Taylor.. lol.... I clicked on it twice and both times it showed me a bra ad! How did you know I need to go bra shopping!!! Glad you had some fun with all your work... take care.

  5. All those blocks in the slide show and post are so beautiful, but I especially like the one in batiks! I think I might have to try making that! I wish I could have attended since you were only a few hours away. Maybe next time!

  6. Wow! What lovely color combos these ladies used! Gorgeous! I hope they post the finish quilts on quiltville facebook. By the way Bonnie, I loved your outfit! So adorable. Have a safe trip home.

  7. I loved the one with the bug crawling out of the corner, also the batiks very pretty. I'm currently reading a book by Isabella Alan and in the book they talk about a rolling rock quilt, always makes me think about you! Even tho you have been busy (when aren't you?!) you sound refreshed from the last 2 trips especially this one. Safe travels. Congrats to Pat, the magazine has some great quilts in it.

  8. Ooh, he scrap crystal blocks are so pretty.

  9. I wanted to go back for the sing along version of Mamma Mia wgen it came out. I like James Taylor, but the line them up song isn't familiar. Glad you can laugh at your boo boos.

  10. I think I just saw the most beautiful picture you have ever posted - The one with the little old singer featherweight and those beautiful wrinkled hands!! I hope I am sewing at her age and I would have loved sitting next to her at a retreat and listening to her stories and learning from her. Those beautiful wrinkled hands are an inspiration to all quilters!!!

    Searching for a recent back post on threads and batting....

    I was able a post from I think 2009 by searching the blog, but thought I had seen one more recently (2016 or 17) where Bonnie discussed her preferences for both batting and thread.

    Here is what I think I recall:

    Bonnie had been antiquing I believe (or perhaps someone had brought an antique quilt to share?), and noticed wear on a quilt that in her opinion might have been from the thread or the batting (or both?) and even though I have done some searches on her blog, I could not find the exact post that I remember.

    In the (2009?) post she comments a preference for Hobbs 80/20 and that post also mentions that she has been known to use bottom line, and even Maxilock threads depending on the look she is going for.

    If anyone recalls the post that is more recent than the Hobbs 80/20 - Maxilock post I sure would like to read it again! Thanks everyone in advance!


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  13. Oh my am I the only one... I have been looking at doing Scrap Crystals but just wasn't sure but after seeing the above slide show it is a defiant yes. I had not seen that secondary block before but now I see it I can't not see it. Not sure why I couldn't see it before. But now am in love.


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