Friday, June 09, 2017

Paired Rulers and a New Task Light!

There is a new light in my studio.

The older my eyes get, and with the Macular Telangiectasia that I deal with on a daily basis, lighting is so very important to me.

Not enough and I can’t see – but even more, glaring and too bright means I can’t see either.

I have tried many lights in my life as a quilter.  So many put out heat, or were too bright, or not bright enough leaving a yellow cast.

This Stella Two lamp is amazing.  The touch buttons on the base allow me to choose my level of light with a 10-step dimming up/down.  There is also a mode to switch between color spectrums from warm to cool.

Because it is LED it’s got an extra long life.  If used 12 hours a day, 365 days a year, the Stella Two light will still produce 70% of its original light output after 11 years.

If this blog is still going in another 11 years, we’ll let you know how it is still ticking!

I did a little video:

I love being able to see clearly when I'm sitting to cut and trim!


Quilt-Cam and trimming corners!

I brainstormed a new way for me to use the Simple Folded Corners ruler.  I wanted a way to not have to align a square in the corner and hold it with pins before sewing. 

I moved around my ruler stickers to help me be able to trim the string snowball corners first!


I did a seam test to make sure my units were coming out the right size!


I used the Essential Triangle Tool to cut my corners!

This allowed me to cut from strips, instead of squares with trimmed off waste.  Even better…can you see how the trimmed off dog ear on the triangle aligns with the angles on the snowball?  AWESOME!


Last night’s batch, and more octagons waiting for corners.

Catch the rest of our doings in the Quilt-Cam feed below:

We had a great time! At least I know I did!

I still need to find a way to adjust the volume on the external camera/mic.  It’s SO sensitive.  This is my normal talking voice, not loud at all.  Or maybe I am just normally loud.  I’ll try a whisper next time!

Busy day ahead –so I’m going to end this here!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage Churn Dash found in Kentucky.

Dreams aren't enough. Put some action behind them and make things happen!

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!

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  1. Don't mess with your volume it's just fine. The person watching can adjust their volume up or down.

  2. Agree with Gypsy Mom on volume tuning.

  3. Watch QuiltCam on my Samsung enroute back to the PNW. DH even listened. One more long days ride and I will be home. A WEEK without Stitching, makes me WEAK. Thanks for sharing the new light. The name puts an earworm in my head for the day. "STEL-LA" I think from Streecar Named Desire.

  4. I also agree much easier for us to adjust to our ears. You can't please people by changing that, more will complain.
    That light looks good! No good for me though my DH uses radio to talk around the world. It makes touch lights go through the brightness modes then off over and over. A nightmare at 4am 😭.
    DH has been encouraging me to follow my dreams today. Sewing room nearly set up so will have to do some research.
    Thanks for quiltcam and your blog, love it all 😘🌹💕
    Enjoy your Friday
    XX Julie

  5. That new light looks great. My daughter bought me a new led desk lamp, but it doesn't change the color, but has many light levels, and it doesn't have a shade to diffuse the light, so it can be rather bright. I use it at the Bernina that doesn't have a light. New bulb didn't work and my husband checked and this machine light plugs into the motor (big professional machine with separate motor) and there was no current to the outlet.

    Oh, I am going to have to try and free up the pressure adjuster on my treadle. I have not moved it in the almost 40 years I have used it and it might not have been moved in its life time. If I could adjust I might like quilting on it better. I keep forgetting when it was made, so I looked it up again. It is a Singer model 27 from 1910 and it looks so much like your red eye! I am guessing there are a lot of these around as there were 50,000 in that lot of machines.

  6. I was just saying the other day that I need a new light for a sewing space I have in my family room. I bought a new Ott light that clamps to the table but It is just not right I will need to find this one.

  7. I got a $25 discount on that light by ordering directly from Stella and using the coupon code "stash".
    I can hardly read what you highlight in blue, by the way

  8. I really enjoy Quilt Cam and can't wait to hear what the next leaders and enders project will be. I've participated in your mystery quilt for several years and am so thankful that you give of your time to do it. I'm looking forward to doing my first leaders and enders project with you! Thanks for the tip on the light.

  9. I have the Stella floor lamp and the Mary Engelbreit decorated desk lamp. Proud to say they are an Oregon product.

  10. Love my Stella, would recommend it to everyone.

  11. I used Oxi Clean dishwasher packet to make my Red Eye smell nice after 2 years of trying other things. I just put the packet of dish soap into the case and shut it up let it sit for I am not sure how long....but surprise when I opened the case lid! No awful stench anymore. Thank you Bonnie for the Quilt Cam loving the rulers. Sharon

  12. Your quote of the day reminded me of the 80's movie "La Boum" which was a big hit. Maybe you'll like the title song of the movie. See link below. Not sure if it is available in English but it is very funny and very 80's.

  13. Bonnie,
    Mary Corbet of needlenthread.com announced today (6/10/2017)that she has a 15% discount code for her readers on Stella products. I have one of the original Stella lamps in pink and I just love it. I am a crazy quilter and do a lot of hand stitching. I can't recommend the product highly enough. I wish I could justify buying a second lamp, but I can't. The Stella lamp is really lightweight, easy to move and comes with a box that can double as a carrying case. If anyone is interested in the lamp I would head on over to needlenthread.com and take advantage of the 15% discount.

  14. A churn dash like this one would be a great leader ender project! I use an Ott daylight lamp with a smaller head so I can aim it right a t the needle while machine quilting.


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