Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Quilters of Camarillo!

They came in droves, The members of the Camarillo Quilter’s Association and visiting friends from far and near.

The more the merrier, as they say, each bringing their own energy and love of quilting to the mix!

It’s interesting to sit through various guild business meetings to just see how things are run, and these gals have it streamlined and flowing as one by one each commitee chair got up to speak their part informing members of future activities, trips, retreats and ongoing projects.

It’s a well oiled machine, this guild and I was so exited to give my presentation to them yesterday morning.

The best part by far, the icing on the cake for me, is to see the many quilts brought for show and share, and these gals didn’t disappoint!

I was informed during dinner on my first evening that they even have a group nicknamed the “Bonnie Lasses” who love to pool their scraps and challenge each other to sew them up using designs found both under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog, or in magazine articles with Addicted to Scraps blocks or even patterns from my books.

The gauntlet has been thrown down – let’s sew up the scraps and make MORE quilts!


My heart pounded at this En Provence display!


Even the Grand Illusion’s were many!

Ladies, you did such a fabulous job!  Check them all out in the slide show below:

Such talented ladies!

But most of all, they took me right into their midst and made me feel like one of the group.  THANK YOU!

After the guild meeting, we had a box lunch picnic in the park behind the meeting location – attended by close to 60!  It was a great way to sit and visit and get to know everyone.

I must stay though, that I am not happy with my phone camera.  It’s started doing this thing over the past couple of months where you will take a photo, it even makes the CLICK sound that a camera makes, but when you go to see the photo later, it is not in the gallery, or anywhere to be found.  So I’m sorry to say that the fun photos I took at the picnic have gone off to who knows where. 

The picnic was the best way for me to say goodbye to these new found friends that I hope I’ll be seeing again.

We moved my bags from one car to another – Patrice had offered to drop me off down near Huntington Beach on her way to visit her son and daughter in law and granddaughter, and when we were about 20 minutes down the highway my phone receives a panicked ping – “Your backpack is still in my car!!” Oh no.  I left my backpack containing my laptop, and other important items sitting the carseat in the back of Laura’s SUV!

We took the next exit and waited for Laura to catch up to us, fighting traffic all the way.  (It’s So Cal.  There is ALWAYS ALWAYS traffic!)  It didn’t delay us by much, but I’m sure glad it wasn’t discovered until the next morning!


My digs for 3 nights.

I was tucked into my room for a bit of a nap before walking across the street to the shopping area and finding dinner – a perfect place and way to get in some steps and stretch my legs.


A beautiful outdoor shopping area with everything California style!


Check out this magnolia!  Oh, the fragrance is so wonderful!


Giggling at the “balloon dog” lap on the desk in my room!

I crashed by 9:30pm, my body clock still just a bit on East Coast time.  I figure by the time I fly home Saturday that I’ll be fully West Coast adjusted.

This morning I am meeting up with the Orange Grove Quilter’s Guild for their monthly meeting.  I understand there is time for a visit to M&L fabrics this afternoon, and a water cruise this evening to fill my day!

Let’s do it!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

It's your life, no one else's.No explanations required!

Weed Whacker quilt shared during this week's California workshops.

Have you made one yet?  The pattern is found under the free patterns tab!

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!  (Happy Flag Day!)

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  1. Bonnie, Thank You for a wonderful time together!
    Anne (with an 'e'). :-)

  2. The EnProvence quilts were stunning! Seeing them together was the Best way to display them.
    Glad the Backpack and you were reunited semi quickly. Enjoy your day in So Ca today. Thanks for taking us along.

  3. Wow! The quilts were amazing! Sounds like you are being treated like a queen! What fun! Glad they found your backpack in time. Enjoy your boat ride.

  4. just a thought... maybe the segment of the bytes of memory allocated to pictures is full? Maybe some pictures need to be downloaded or deleted? If you've done all that and the phone obviously thinks it's still taking pictures.... maybe it's time for a new phone. Heaven forfend you would have to stop sending us pictures!!!! Thanks, again and always, for doing what you do and just being who you are, sharing your abundance with the rest of the Universe. Cats

  5. To # 1 commenter: Anne. I agree without the "e" it's not me! or you either. Glad to know someone else feels this way. Great post Bonnie as always. I say it again, you are my sunshine every morning. I am grateful. Love to quilt with friends any day of the week.

  6. Bonnie, you are in my daughter's stomping grounds!! I have been to M & L Fabrics - easy way to spend a whole afternoon just petting and admiring the variety of fabrics they have!! I always come away with a suitcase full to take home to Florida!! Enjoy the SoCal weather while you're there - understand they're having a little bit of a heatwave but thank goodness for A/C!!

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