Monday, June 26, 2017

A Heading Home Morning.

Favorite Beanie and Jeff photo from Saturday!

It’s been an awesome weekend.  I know I use the word awesome likely way too often, but I just can’t find another way to describe our time up here.

An equal amount of relaxation mixed with shed-building for the guys, and quilt building for me, with a great amount of Mona Time thrown in!

The only thing that would have made it better was to have an extra 8 hours in each day, and a couple of extra days added on to fit it all in.

Mona has also been busy!

She brought a couple of quilt top finishes to share and I couldn’t be more proud of her:

Cheddar Bow-ties on Black!


So stinking cute!

She had a great time working with the small pieces and I love all of the different oranges and blacks she has included, some gladly donated to her mix by me. She used the Leader & Ender Bow Tie Challenge pattern from the free patterns tab as inspiration for this one.


String X has string borders added!


The colors just sing!

Mona used the String X pattern from the free patterns tab to make this one!  This is a generous queen size and will look gorgeous on her guestroom bed.  Now if we can only find some time on both of our calendars where she can come and use the long arm to quilt them up.

Yesterday’s morning roadside hike provided opportunity for some lovely photos:


I love this sky!  And all of that green.

Is it any wonder that I love the blue+green combo for quilts so much?


Swallowtail and wildflowers!

We ended up walking farther than I thought we would – 3.75 miles!  It’s a crazy hike down a very steep laneway to the road, which means it is another killer hateful climb back up to the cabin when we are done, but the road itself is quiet and winding (We only had 2 cars pass us during the entire walk.) with gentle uphill/downhill action. 


See the new paving on the right?

It makes for a great walking surface!


All of this activity just wore Sadie girl out!

We’ve had a lot of fun watching the deer up here.  Binoculars are kept in the pie safe in the living room for quick access.  The big camera also came out to catch some shots with much better detail than I could get by cell phone camera:


Who are you looking at???


This one is much darker with a blacker face!


and I love this shot!

The hummers are many, and I love watching them zoom and swoop and play games with each other.  At one time there were 5 at one feeder!  One would dive-bomb the others and they would chatter back, fly to the trees and then come back again and again to the feeder.

It didn’t matter if you were rocking on the front porch, they didn’t care if you were there or not, and it seems they get braver and braver by the day.


Side #3 went on!

There is no way this will be done by the time we release our next Leader & Ender challenge coming up quickly, but I am happy with the fact that it has been a REAL L&E up to this point.  Once we release the next challenge, this will become a “get it done now” project.  But it got this far.  In the course of a year.  With no wasted time, no wasted thread, and not really having to think much other than having enough pieces cut and in  a basket on the side of my machine that I could build units in between other things to keep my piecing continuous.  I love this whole process!


Last night’s view from my hoop!

I am likely just a few long weekends of having this finished.  Finally.  I’m nearly to the center, and when the fans meet in the middle, it’s done.

The next hand quilting project up on deck to finish?  The pink/brown Dear Jane “In the Pink” that has languished for somewhere around 10 years.  It’s time to put the needle to that one as well.

I’m off to Columbus in the morning, so I’m shutting down the laptop, packing up and heading out.  If you are planning on attending  my lecture and workshops this week, I look forward to seeing you!

It’s a short trip, I’ll be back on Friday –


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage nine patch shared by Sherry.

Embrace the creativity within! Get to it!

Happy Monday, everyone!

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  1. Love the quote today.

  2. Love that you got some Mona time and Sadie got to visit her buddy as well!! How are you managing a blog post with no internet on the mountain? Satellite? I used to have an app that I could "tether" my cell phone to get internet access on the laptop. Now I guess you use your phone as a HOT SPOT? Love the views from all your photos. The LE project looks great!

  3. Mona has a good eye for color. I need a friend with a long arm to get some stuff done.

  4. oh yes, mona is in! and the pink/brown dear jane? can't wait to see that one finished...

  5. So glad you included a photo of Beanie. Some of my best friends are dogs and they are not even my dogs. Have a safe trip.


  6. Beautiful and Awesome! The weekend sounds just perfect for family and friend time on the Mountain. Who won the Farkle game??

  7. It was your Cheddar Bowtie post/pattern that started me on my love of bowtie quilts! I found another way of using your scrap system with this pattern, and was so excited that I posted my own tute about it at http://cbottsprojects.blogspot.com/2017/01/bowties.html Glad you could rejuvinate yourself with the comforts of family, friends, and projects.

  8. So pleased that you have had a good time up at the cabin. You need somewhere to unwind after you've been working hard. X


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