Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My Blue Heaven in Camarillo!

Busy busy happy scrappy day!

Of course the weather is lovely – it’s Southern California! The “June Gloom” does not apply to quilters cutting and sewing, pressing and creating.

I met the most wonderful room full of women eager to learn new techniques and make great quilts all from their scraps, and the color choices were so varied! 

I love to see that in a class.

My Blue Heaven has been a blog “free pattern” for over 10 years now, and we still go to it time and time again.  I would love to make another one, ,using 2” strips instead of 2 1/2” strips and do it in a different color way just for fun.  It’s a WONDERFUL quilt to learn the ins and outs of specialty rulers like the Essential Triangle Tool which combines both half-square and quarter-square triangles in one so two separate rulers are not necessary.


We were busy at the cutting tables!


The ironing stations were hot stuff!


Look at them SEW!!


From Christmas prints


To red and aqua!


The faces say it all!

You’ll find the rest of our fun in the slide show below:

Everyone made great progress and our time flew too quickly by.


Thanks for the wonderful fun, Camarillo Quilters!

A group of us went out to a local place for dinner where I indulged in grilled fish tacos, California style!  YUMMY!  And as we were pushing our empty plates away full to the gills it was suggested that we take a little drive to see the sunset along the shore.  I’m game!  Let’s go!

It was just the perfect end to this glorious day!


The beautiful Pacific ocean!


The end of a very busy day!

Ha! I look at this photo and it seems I just don’t know what to do with my arms.  LOL!

Today is another full day.  My guild presentation is this morning at the June meeting, followed by a guild summer picnic afterwards which should be really fun!

After that I’m being shuttled to Orange Grove for the second leg of this Southern California adventure.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

All it takes is a bit of fabric, a spool of thread, and a whole bunch of possibilities and I am never bored!

So happy to be spending my time with like-minded folks who understand this quilting obsession!

Have a lovely Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. My father was fond of saying, "Boredom is 99% within yourself".

    A friend of mine who works as a director of the preschool where I taught, tells children, "You are too smart to be bored".

    I take exception to people even introducing the word to children! Because, how do they even know what it means? So why are we providing it as an excuse for the behavior we don't want to encourage in them!

  2. A dear Uncle to me used to always say only boring people get bored and I sure didn't want to be a boring person in his eyes LOL

  3. I have said many times, even if I were alone all the time, I still would not be bored. I have so many interests and never enough time. It is sad to watch some people after they retire, to sit and stare at a tv all day long. There may be time for that down the road but certainly not yet and I am 75.

  4. My children knew not to say they were BORED. I always had a chore or two for them if they did. AHHHH Californina sounds of the Beach! I long to hear them again. Last time it was Rainy! Have a great time. I love My Blue Heaven! I might have to make a Purple one.

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  6. I was one of the fortunate quilters that got to attend Bonnie Hunter's workshop, joined in the dinner out, and got to hear Bonnie's wonderful lecture on day two. The picnic afterwards was so fun. Our guild really had the best time enjoying Bonnie Hunter's company. She is a STAR!

  7. My kids thought Bored was a swear word. Lol

  8. My kids thought Bored was a swear word. Lol

  9. It was a great two days spent with Bonnie. She is a wonderful elegant lady.

  10. I see my friend, Jackie Tucker, in the group photo. The internet is such a good place to meet new friends. I know you all had a great time.

  11. It was such fun to have you visit our guild this week - a real delight.

  12. I've been a follower of your blog for many years and it was wonderful to meet you and get one on one instruction during the workshop. The gals from CQA are great! So glad you enjoyed your time in SoCalif.


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