Friday, June 02, 2017

Work a Little, Play a Little!

It was a morning of computer work for me while Irene worked on this year’s shop Row by Row, and it was great to see her  instructions for the row come together- she’s a pro with Publisher, and could I use more time to learn a trick or two or three from her?

You betcha!

But as it was, the morning flew by for both of us as we both worked on deadlines, backlogged emails, website updates, and all of those behind the scenes things that are a must-do before we can actually get any real time sewing in.

Number of blocks sewn yesterday?

THREE.  That’s all.  THREE!

By the time we looked up at the clock it was 2pm we hadn’t taken a break for lunch, there were errands to be run and items to be picked up from the Cozy Quilter not only for the 3 upcoming workshops that start today, but for the presentation that happens tonight.  RUN RUN RUN!  Get it done!

In fact, this post is being written a bit ahead because our departure time this morning is 7:45am to get to the convention center for set up, and I’m just not apt to get up at 5am for blog writing!


Mr Bobbins in Supervisory Mode!

This kitty is just the snuggliest, softest, most attention seeking cat I have ever seen.  In the past has stolen not only my ear plugs but my pony tail holders.  He’s up to his usual self as last night he jumped up onto the dresser in my room to knock all of my tea bags I brought with me from the dresser top to the carpet below.  Crazy guy!  He sure makes things fun and interesting!


The Cozy Quilter Crew!

We were stopping in for just a minute, really – how long could it take?  Besides, they are having a “Bonnie Hunter Neutral Sale”  It’s a Background Bonanza with 20% off of all neutrals no darker than a brown paper bag!




I don’t know if you can read the sign, but it says just what I mentioned:

20% off All neutrals no darker than a brown paper bag.

June 1st & 2nd!

Neutrals are the one thing I never hold back on.  I love them, I crave them, and the more fun doo-dads they have on them the better I like them.  I’m completely amazed that I showed so much restraint and left with only 3 pieces!


This house is for sale!

I admired this 1890s farm house near where Irene lives LAST year when I was teaching in the area.  It’s likely got a wonderful history, and you can own it for an easy 1 million  plus –I can dream.  It would make a wonderful quilt retreat, but it is likely that so much is going to have to be redone.  And last time I checked I hadn’t ever played the lottery in my life, so there is no way – but it’s great for a photo!


There is a tree actually growing up and out of the top of the silo!

Kentucky of course is known for three things:  Blue Grass, Horses, and good ole Kentucky Bourbon.  I just love seeing the black 4 rail fences everywhere, and the horses behind them.


The drive way up to Irene’s.

Picture perfect!


Across the street from Irene’s driveway.


Can you hear the frogs croaking as the crickets chirp?


Oh, hello!

While Irene doesn’t have any horses, the neighbors on either side of her do, so she gets the best part.  She gets to watch them, and even walk over to scratch their ears, but she doesn’t have to feed them, muck out their stalls, or deal with vet bills.  There were 4 in the field next door and I walked over to visit.


Hello big fellal!


Lunch seemed to be more important!

At one time the white one came on over to the fence to say hello, and I noticed that he/she (I didn’t check) had the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen on a horse.  Did you know that horses can even have blue eyes?  I’d only ever seen brown eyed horses before.  You learn something new every day!


Kabobs on the grill for dinner!


Caprese salad on the side!


Setting up for dinner in the screened porch!

It was the perfect end to a perfect day!  And now we get to run off and play with a Day Camp full of quilters!

Garden Party is up on deck followed by tonight’s presentation.  It’s going to be a whopper of a busy day!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

The words you choose and how you use them show people who you are.  Speak them softly.

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!

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  1. Often times a blue-eyed white horse is an albino. It's a lack of pigment that makes his/her eyes blue.

  2. Have fun with the Garden Party today. I need to cut more kits. It' on my agenda this weekend. Roadtripping with hubby.

  3. Pinto coloured horses frequently have blue eyes.

  4. Love your quote, I used to say to my children, "stop shouting at me, I can't hear you, your voice is too loud". Over time they learned to soften their voice to be heard and respected. Voices are who we are.

  5. I saw a cute cartoon on IG..."if the world was flat, cats would have pushed everything off by now" Cute...and probably true! LOL
    What a beautiful neighborhood for Irene! Fun news to hear about her being co-owner of the quilt shop. Have a great day!

  6. Has everyone seen the Google home page today? Strip piecing on it!

  7. Sonja, there is no such thing as an albino horse. This horses is a pinto/paint and they often have blue eyes. Sometimes they are called "medicine hats" and are revered by Native Americans. A solid colored light haired horse with blue eys is often called a cremello or perlino.

  8. I know that you try very hard to be "p.c" ; however....
    Have you ever thought how offensive "brown per bag" is?!?!?!?
    (Research it)

    Not good

  9. Sandra, this is PC gone amok. Researched it and the wording is an archaic term used for black-on-black racism 100+ years ago. Also, a rapper uses the term in a vulgar chant. It has nothing to do with quilting or the description of the colors we use in our craft.

  10. Bonnie, thanks for your wonderful posts. Love to Mr. Bobbins too! Thanks for all you do!

  11. Love these posts! So inspiring and entertaining. Thanks so much for sharing your life with us!

  12. Sandra, you have got to be kidding. Brown paper bag to describe a color if fabric is offensive? You are taking things way, way, way, too far. Gracious.

  13. Sandra Henderson - get a life!!!!! That is just too far over the line!

  14. Mr. Bobbins is a beauty!

  15. I need to cut more kits. It' on my agenda this weekend. Roadtripping with hubby.



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