Thursday, June 15, 2017

A Wild & Wonderful Wednesday!

This is me gearing up for a guild presentation to a very LARGE crowd in Garden Grove, California!

Orange, citrus, garden – I have this strange feeling I’ve had my groves all mixed up for months, but whatever the case, I’m here – and we are having a ball!

It was flag day yesterday, did you remember?

The only red/white/blue I have with me was in the form of tshirts, not what I wanted to wear for a guild meeting, so I got as close as I could get.  But I was thrilled to see so many sporting red white & blue during the meeting.  It reminded me of flag day growing up and planning to wear my best red white and blue to school.


And we had a flag!


And we all stood for the pledge of allegiance.

How fitting!

There were more than 175 members in attendance, and my thanks to the 54 guests who also joined our midst!

I don’t come across occasions to say the pledge of allegiance that often any more.  I’m not in school, and I don’t even know if they say it in school anymore.  My kids were in scouting growing up, so we had plenty of opportunity there, but it struck me how things are so changed over the past 40 years.

The meeting was great, the show and share was amazing (more on that to come in another post) and I so enjoyed meeting folks from near – and from very far!


This is Jenni!

Her flight from Australia landed at LAX just yesterday morning and she made a beeline from the airport to our location just in time to make the meeting and say hello.    I don’t know how she was able to even stand on one foot, let alone two –but it was so great to meet you, Jenni!


Playing around in the parking lot, California style!

I saw this dune buggy and was instantly taken back to my teenager-hood!  How fun!

Plans were made for some fabric therapy, not far away at all:


A girl has just got to get an M&L fix!


So much fabric, so little time!


And look!  It’s Jenni!!  Hahaha!

This is a woman after my own heart – she told her hubby she’d be gone most of the day (He was probably crashed out at the hotel) and she made quick friends with other quilters she met at the meeting, accepted an offer to come to M&L as well!  Those suitcases are going to be bulging by the time she heads home!


Can you blame her?


Replenishing my blacks!

I was nearly booed out of the place for cheating on my shopping spree – I bought 1/2 yards and left with spending under $20.00.  LOL! 

The highlight of the day for me was an evening tour on Christi’s sailboat.  This is my first time on a sailboat. EVER.  A  new, wonderful experience!


The Paranoia!


10 of us on a “Three Hour Tour, a Three Hour Tour!”


Captain Christi and 1st mate hubby!


My “Titanic Moment” at the way front!

Yes, that is the Queen Mary, behind me!

It was a beautiful evening – complete with food and fun and conversation with new friends.

Too many photos to post singly, so I hope you enjoy the slide show of our evening adventure:

I went to bed with the biggest smile on my face –I see a sailboat quilt in my future!

It was really a “pinch me” kind of day with the perfect ending.

There were so many sign ups for our Jamestown Landing workshop from my book String Fling that we are running two full sessions back to back, today and tomorrow I’m giving the same workshop to two different groups.  Bring on the strings!

Tonight I’ll be drawing for our lucky winner of the Modern Machine Quilting book my Catherine Redford!  Did you enter to win ON THAT POST!?


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

New experiences are the sweet spice of life! Get out of your rut and try something new!

Vintage postage stamp quilt shared during yesterday's show and share in California.

Have a Terrific Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. On your note of the pledge of allegiance, My 4.5 yr old son who has a speech delay came home from school one day and stood in front of me and recited the pledge. I was flabbergasted and close to tears. So proud of him.

  2. I love that you get to do new things when you teach. I know how much fun your students have because you are a wonderful teacher with the kindest heart!

  3. I really enjoyed spending the evening with you and my other quilting friends.
    I'm really glad you had fun. Christi and Rick are very generous and I love that we were all included. The weather was absolutely perfect.

  4. What a banner day for you... the Pledge... a trip to M&L ... and a ride in a sail boat, omgosh, all my favorites, so happy for you... sailing was a great experience for me too, although there was a touch or romance involved as well!!! LOL No wonder yu went to sleep smiling... so happy for you... Cats

  5. Yesterday after I put out my flag, I stood at attention sang "God Bless America" and the Pledge of Allegiance. At 6:30 in the morning there was no one to see or hear me.

  6. I say the Pledge of Allegiance at my Daughters of Utah Pioneers meetings. What a great thing to do at a Flag Day Guild Mtg. Great scenes of the Pacific. Fun fun for you!

  7. What a wonderful, exciting Quilty Life you lead! Though it's hard to believe it's your first time on a sailboat! So glad you enjoyed your experience. Greetings from Louise from Maryland (Home of sailboats on the Chesapeake Bay!)

  8. thank you for posting the pictures of the long Beach Harbor and surrounding area. I live in Nevada now and one of the things I miss is the Beach, as I used to live in Long Beach, Ca. I know that you had a great time at M & L fabrics too, I love that place They never had the bolts lying down on their sides like that, they all used to be standing up, and he place was always crowded, I could spend 2 or three hours just looking for colors and patterns in color!
    great place to be!

  9. I recently did some research about the Pledge and found that in nearly every state in the USA requires that schools allow time for the pledge each day. That made me wonder about the 3 or 4 states that don't and why not? Of course allowing time for it and actually making the classes do it are two different things, sadly.

  10. A sailboat ride and Queen Mary in the distance ??? Unbelievable! So great that you are getting the royal treatment. Have a great time and safe trip.

  11. Wow! Would have loved to travel with Jenni and attend the meeting. Perhaps Jenni could talk you into coming Downunder one day!!!!

  12. It was a lovely day!!!

  13. You live a charmed life Bonnie Hunter, but you sure work hard for it. I love reading your blog, I'm always telling my husband about your adventures!!! ❤️

  14. Looks like you had a great time last night. The water looked beautiful for your first sailing adventure!! So great being in class with you today.

  15. Our school says the pledge of allegiance every morning. Enjoyed your pictures. Hope to visit a fabric store like that sometime.

  16. Your slideshow brought back so many memories!! While visiting our daughter in SoCal she took us to see the Queen Mary and the Aquarium - great!!! And of course M & L Fabrics - you can spend all day there!! And of course, I filled up a suitcase & had her ship more to me!! Glad you're enjoying it!!

  17. I got to go sailing several time when I lived in So. California, it was a wonderful experience that I would love to repeat. your photos reminded me of my time there

  18. Seems like a 'sailboat adventure' quilt would be a lot of blues! Beautiful pic's!


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