Friday, June 23, 2017

Border This, Border That!

Yesterday was a day of borders, from baby quilts to our China Project, to the “down to the wire” Hourglass Leader & Ender Challenge.

The WHOLE DAY was border related.

Which is a good thing when you think about it – if you are down to the borders, you are almost done with the top, and I’m seeing progress in all 3 areas.

I started in right after breakfast.

Before I knew it it was 5pm.

Time DOES fly when you are having fun!


The Cat in the Hat block is my favorite!


I did some slight rearranging.

I wanted to sew on the 15-91 in the cabinet.  I really like a flat surface when I am putting on borders.  And I wanted time with this beautiful machine that came home with me from Maryland.

I also thought I’d like to use it with the knee controller that is in the cabinet.  This isn’t the original cabinet the machine came in, that one is at home.  This one is a “salvaged” throw away cabinet that has been beat up hard with use, but it is still a great surface….but that knee controller issue!

 Something was bent, things were stiff, it took some cleaning and oiling and unbending and tapping with a hammer and a few tweaks with a pair of pliers to get it to spring back and STOP SEWING when you take your knee off of the lever.

You could press it with your knee and it would sew just fine, but not stop when you let go!  Oh boy!  Auto-pilot has its benefits, but I don’t want a machine on cruise-control!

Dirt and grime can build up in metal cabinet parts too, and this mechanism was much happier after a bit of care and adjusting.

That fixed, I was ready to go sew!

When sewing I like to have an extra surface or table space behind the machine so pieces and parts have a place to land rather than directly to the floor.  I set up the 301 table behind the machine in the cabinet to catch chains of piecing and support the weight of the quilts while borders were going on.  Even an ironing board set to table height will help.


One baby quilt top in the DONE column!

I’ve chosen some fun fabric at home for the backing, and it will be ready to go into the long-arm when I have a chance.  Auntie Bonnie is ahead of the game at this point.  Oh, that feels good!


Onto the next border job!

The Hexie Star!

I’m using the Essential Triangle Tool to do two big jobs here.  First up is half-square triangles.  I love that I can cut pairs of triangles, already matched with right sides together easily and quickly from strips.



My seam allowance has already been tested and adjusted, but I intermittently will test again just to be sure I’m getting the right result.  Yep!  No sliver trimming needed for this one!

Sometimes seams will wobble and I’ll have to straighten some edges while removing a dog ear, but it is always way less trimming than if I were to sew big and have to cut every single one down on all 4 sides.


Looking good so far!


Flying geese are up on deck next!

Also cut with the Essential Triangle Tool, from one width of strip!

If you want to see how all of this works, click the videos tab at the top of the blog – I’ll show you how!

I was told that we have been given a grace period of “two more weeks” for those who are on the fence about coming to China with me.  You have 2 more weeks to get signed up!  After that, you will have missed the deadline, so get off that fence and come with me!  All of the info can be found under the China tab at the top of the blog, or on my Craftours China page HERE.  There are only 4 spots remaining, so don’t delay!

Around the cabin:


Bowls in place!

The vintage crockery bowls I bought while traveling through Kentucky and West Virginia have found a home on top of the Hoosier cabinet in the kitchen!  There are a couple of other bowls behind the glass doors.

The coiled baskets on the table top were gifts, and I love them to bits.  I use them all of the time for many things.


Enjoying the day!

We are enjoying the porch and the deck immensely – when it isn’t raining!  No thunderstorms have happened, but yesterday was a gentle soaker all day long.  Perfect for all of the sewing I did.


Evening hand quilting.

This gets closer and closer to being done with every trip up here.  I love my evening hand stitching time.

Today.  TODAY!  The electrician is coming to replace the haunted fans TODAY.  It’s about time.  We’ve had the others disconnected due to their whackadoodle activity and it will be great to have functional fans with light fixtures once again.  It’s the little projects that make us happy!

Son Jeff comes up tonight after work for helping with the shed building, if we can keep the rain at bay.

And you’ll find me back in the sewing room as soon as this posts.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage rose compass quilt shared by Debi.

You are always more than good enough. Believe in yourself!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Love that sewing room and the rocking chair just outside the door for when you want to take a break is perfect!

  2. I love your machine and your set up but if it were me I would have to turn it around so I could look out the window. But then wouldn't get as much sewing done, lol.

  3. cute and fast finish there....pouring here today but great day for sewing!

  4. Love how the quilt top came out. Can't wait to see it long armed.

  5. I love how the baby quilt turned out! Those two blocks play amazingly well together. For some reason, the design makes me think of old ViewMaster slides. ;)

  6. Did anyone else notice the "H's" in the baby quilt. I love it, another item on the bucket list!

  7. That looks like my 15-91 Singer! Beautiful aqua fabric on that hexie project.

  8. Love the quilts,the borders, your set up in your sewing space. Enjoy your cabin time!

  9. Such wonderfulness you've posted and being on the downhill slide to completion. Yahoo!
    I also enjoyed the images of your cabin - how cool is that!

  10. Perfect quote of the day! We are all worth it!!! You are doing an awesome job at the cabin and your quilts. Looking forward to what is next.

  11. love the color combo in the baby quilt,one lucky little man. blocks makes me think of hugs and kisses.

  12. Wonder Woman does it again! Wow, I'm tired just reading everything you got accomplished. Ya know from the looks of it, you could have a lot of your machines set up and ready to go - like Janet from yesterday. I even have a couple of blue machines that would give some pops of color. Just love your cabin, it's restful for me just looking at your pics. Have a great weekend Bonnie.

  13. I love the way that you live every day to the fullest. Love all of these projects as well. You are truly amazing. Can't wait for some of these patterns. Stay safe, best from, Carla McGuire

  14. My daughter and SIL just built a cabin. Their electrition wired their ceiling fans just like yours. ON PURPOSE! Why? Because people like them better that way. They are noow arguing about that before they make the last payment. Who would want that?

  15. Love your work, my friend! You never get tired!

  16. Bonnie So glad your back home again although your life is hectic. Did you buy a hat for the sun yet? Please don't laugh. It is important. The sun is no one's friend. Could you tell me about the size of the baby quilt you just made?? Thank you. Claudia Donolli

  17. To #6 Lilac Joan: Would you please point out where the "H" form? I can't find them with my poor eyesight.

    Great post Bonnie.

  18. Hope you save some cool weather for later. Broiling out here in Las Vegas! My Accuquilt is sitting idle. Want to cut more tumblers out of scraps, but unless I do it after dark, it is too hot. So tired of the heat. Leaving for good July 13 to go to Ohio then Florida for winter. After that, who knows where we will land. Won't be out here.

  19. Bonnie .. That baby quilt turned out amazing. A wondrous pattern for any child indeed. The recipients will be in love with it. Hope we will not have to wait too long before we see the pattern so we can try and duplicate.. with the emphases on try..


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