Saturday, June 03, 2017

Garden Party Day, Kentucky Style!

Hello from “near Louisville”  Kentucky!

Yesterday was day one of our 3 day “Day Camp” retreat sponsored by the Mt Washington Quilters and attended by folks from all over Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and every other corner!

Great classroom space at the conference center, awesome lighting, the air conditioner was blissful, and we only blipped the power once!  (Hey, you have to check the parameters, right??)

It was a wonderful day, albeit too short as I was only scheduled for a half-day workshop so we could rest up in between the workshop and the evening lecture. 1pm came FAR too quickly!  But the ladies got to continue sewing, working on their projects and making good use of the great space we have for this event.


I came with machines!

Out of the 7 I brought, only the green grasshopper has yet to be claimed!


The little 99 I've been sewing on went home with Alison!


The Betsy Ross badged National is going home with Susan


As well as the German hand crank!


This 15 hand crank with the RAF decals has been claimed by Pam.


Even my green Bryson is going on to be loved by someone else.

And my other little 99k in the cabinet will be staying with Irene.  Spreading the vintage machine love, one quilter at a time makes me happy!


Such a great day with so many blocks being made in such a short time!


Thanks for coming to play, ladies!



Catch the rest of our goings on in the slide show below:


When in Kentucky, one MUST try on Derby hats!


There just may have been some antiquing as well!

More on that to follow in another post.  Time to get myself pulled together and out the door for today’s Jamestown Landing workshop about to commence back at the conference nter!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Between winning and learning, I'll choose learning every time. Vintage polyester double-knit hexagon star quilt found in Kentucky.

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  1. So fun to see all those squares! Great the machines are finding new homes.... my FIRST choice would have been that little Green Grasshopper though!

  2. I know exactly where you are. Attended a women's barbershop competition there in November 2015. It's a great facility. Our quilt guild is considering a "day retreat" rather than an overnight in a camp situation. I think it will change the feel, not necessarily worse, just different.

  3. A really lovely day! So many squares! So nice squares! And how lovely sewing machines!

  4. As always Bonnie, your workshops look like great fun and fellowship. Quilters are the best!

  5. Great workshop for a half day. Glad you got to re-home so many of the machines you took. Happy days in Kentucky.

  6. It's the green Elna Grasshopper that I would have snagged as it came thru the door... still waiting for one to show up in my corner of the country. Or at least on the West Coast where I'd have connections to pick it up. Looks like everyone had a wonderful day.

  7. Our Gold Coast Quilters Guild has been having Quilt Camp in August for the past 9 years. We started out with 3 days and now have expanded it to 4. We go to a local church conference center and sew all day into the evening with lunch and dinner provided. It's a chance for our members who aren't able to go away to still experience a retreat. We have room for 50 and have a "waiting list" each year. it's "getting away without going away".
    We're looking forward to Bonnie's visit in September, after waiting 4 years.

  8. Oh Bonnie you sure made me laugh when I saw the pictures with the hats on.
    You have a hat face for sure. My mom told me I have a hat face too.
    Thanks for always posting pictures and video's.
    Wish I had been there many times. Hoping it will still happen one day.
    Happy Quilting,
    Yoka Bazilewich

  9. I always enjoy your posts and quilting adventures. You always look like you are having so much fun. I hope to attend a work shop one of these days. I am relocating soon to OK. Do you ever come there?

  10. That red hat sure suits you. I think it should come home with you. Just in case you need to go to the races.

  11. Glad you got to re-home so many of the machines you took.



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