Thursday, June 22, 2017

Some So Cal Machine Love!

After leaving our last Jamestown Landing workshop with the Orange Grove Quilters, we made a quick stop on our way to LAX to visit Janet and her vintage machine collection!

In photo left to right: Janet, Alice and Debi!

Janet has been interested in vintage sewing machines LONGER than she has been a quilter.  In fact, she has started quilting only just recently after meeting Debi online via a Facebook vintage machine lover’s group.  After watching each other’s posts for a while, Debi discovered that they lived in the same vicinity and suggested a meet up so they could get to know each other in person.

With just a bit of quilter’s persuasion, Janet has jumped into quilting with both feet and joined the local guild.  She is in good hands!

I was so happy to be invited in to share some vintage machine love with these gals!  Many of the machines are ones I don’t have or haven’t seen, and they are SO beautiful.

Move the linen machine cover aside and check out this beauty!


It’s a New Home.  Look at the details!

These machines are precious works of art!


I do love the embroidered machine cover too!  SEW FUN!


The Free!

Protecting the machine head and table top with more linens when not in use.  Isn't this a gorgeous tiger oak cabinet?


Oh, aren’t YOU a sweetie!


A National Two-Spool!!

You can see the bobbin canister lying on the cabinet in front of the pillar.  It was fun for me to have Debi and Alice along, we’ve convinced Alice that she needs to get the treadle machine out that has been passed down to her, teach her about it, get it up and running and USE IT!  And another convert is born.  The National Two-Spool was a wonder of its day – it used a whole spool of thread in the bobbin and one on the top so you could sew for miles and miles before you ran out of thread.  Why can’t they do that today?


There are toy machines a plenty!


A wonderful Wilcox & Gibbs chain stitcher!


Who wouldn’t love to just sit down and stitch?


Wheeler & Wilson!!

Similar to the Florence, these machines had glass feet, and the fabric travels sideways through the machine, from left to right.


Can you read what this lovely treadle is labeled?

It’s made by National, you can tell by the access badge on the pillar.


Made by National for Montgomery Ward, Chicago!


Beautiful blue decals!


Oh my, gorgeous Vickers!


Another Free, what a lovely cabinet!


A Singer 24 chain-stitch machine with hand crank!


It’s a machine lover’s play ground!

What is so wonderful about Janet’s collection is that all of these machines are up and running and fully functional.  Janet is not afraid of getting in there and getting her hands and nails dirty to restore them to life.

And, there ARE some “machines with tails” (electric versions) included as well.  Here is one I’ve never seen and would snatch up in a heartbeat:


Oh my heart swoons at blue machines!

My thanks to Debi for arranging a visit to Janet’s wonderful collection.  It’s so great to meet other quilters with shared loves and passions!

I’m up at the cabin for a long weekend.  I’ll be home Sunday night so I have Monday to get caught up and packed up for my flight to Ohio on Tuesday morning.

In the mean time, I’ll be sewing up a storm on the mountain.

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Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt shared by Debi during my visit to California last week.

It's never too late for this old dog to learn some new tricks!

Enjoy your Thursday, everyone!

**PS**  I forgot while uploading this many photos that I am running on cellular data up here as there is no internet to the cabin.  While uploading I was able to do the dishes AND take a shower before it was done.  Oh the joys of mountain life!

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  1. Oh such beautiful machines!! I totally feel your pain with no internet!! I've just moved into our new house and I've been without internet service for 4 weeks. They tell me I'm number 4 for today, which will be sometime this afternoon!! When are you coming back to Florida??

  2. She has a lovely collection. I'm so excited to share that I also have the Free with the green decals on it in the crosscut oak treadle cabinet that she has!! It is a lovely piece and I am delighted to own it. My husband found it for me!!! He has a great eye. I have some other vintage machines that I very much enjoy owning including 2 Featherweights, black and lt. green. I hope to have a room to display them, as she does. I don't have a Wilcox and Gibbs and have recently passed on some vintage machines, but I can't bring them all home!! I know you have an extensive collection. I still have a few "wants" on my list ... one day ... Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  3. What a wonderful collection! Thank you for sharing these pics!

  4. I have never seen any of those machines. Love the one with blue decals!

  5. I always love seeing more vintage machines. She has several that I haven't seen before. Glad she is using them.

  6. What gorgeous machines! All in such good shape and looks like the cabinets have been restored too! It's nice to see these old beauties being so well cared for. I am so jealous though!

  7. On the Antique Montgomery Ward's machine what is the mechanism on the top?

  8. Bonnie it's good that you have limited service at the cabin - enforced downtime, more sewing! Those are some beautiful machines and she is very lucky to have the space to show and use them. Mine are in their cases so have to air them every now and then. Love the quote today. Enjoy cabin time!

  9. It was so fun to have you over and be able to share. Next time I will get the ones out that were hiding in the closets.

  10. Those machines are exquisite

  11. Wow, just wow!! Thanks for the tour of Janet's vast, working collection. So cool that Debi met her through a Facebook group and now Janet is quilting along with you! Enjoy your cabin time. Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  12. What a wonderful tour of machines, loved seeing them all. Thanks for sharing

  13. Just got home from a TOGA (Treadle On Gathering Academy) in Lancaster, PA. What a wonderful post to keep the Treadle-Love going! Janet's collection is what we dream of! Cherry Boom in North East, PA


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