Thursday, June 01, 2017

A Beeline to the Cozy Quilter!

Boy did it pour on my way through the Charleston, West Virginia area yesterday.

It poured and it poured and I don’t think I’d seen anything like this kind of mountain rain – ever!  And I’ve seen rain.  (And now I’m humming “I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain…..” One of myj favorite James Taylor songs of all time.) and I just kept driving.

I was in the middle of a 400 mile trip that would eventually lead me to Louisville, Kentucky and the Cozy Quilter Quilt Shop.

This photo was snapped as I approached Charleston, and by the time I was on the other side of that mountain the sky just opened up and let loose.

Once it had eased up, my knuckles needed to release and my legs needed a a bite of lunch.  From that point on it was go go go go!

There comes a point when the ability to listen to an audio book becomes impossible.  Tiredness takes over.

At this point it’s time to turn off the book, throw on the 1970s music and sing at the top of my lungs until I reach Louisville!

YAY!  I’m here!


If you are ever near Louisville, KY you need to stop on by!

My friend Irene became co-owner of The Cozy Quilter in April, joining with her friend Barb who has owned the shop for the past 4 years.

This came about after Irene had rented space above the shop for her longarm studio, and the two became good friends, in and out of eachother’s doors.  It’s a match made in Quilt Heaven, and these two have created such a beautiful playground for quilters to enjoy.


From the front entrance with wonderful displays.
(Irene’s vintage machines are evident everywhere!)


Sharing what’s new and fun!


Notions & Goodies.


Fabric and threads galore!


Bolts of possibilities!


I think I’ll just stay a while!


It’s a joyful rainbow in this room!


And what do I spy here??


All of the nitty gritty!


But the best part is this!!  irene!!

I got there just before the shop closed for the day and Barb, Irene and & headed down the road to Texas Roadhouse for a terrific dinner and some fun conversation.  I’m staying with Irene during retreat as we are about 20 minutes away from where the workshops will be held at the Convention Center.

Some retreats are rustic, like last week’s Quiltville Fans of Washington events where you sleep over and sew all night.  This retreat is more like “Quilters Day Camp” with regular workshop hours of 9 to 4.  Quilters can continue to sew in their hotel rooms across the street into the evening.  I enjoy BOTH kinds of retreats.  But rather than stay in a hotel, I’ve got THIS going on:


Last night’s Rolling Stone sewing!

This Singer 99 is up for rehoming and I’m giving her a farewell workout!

I brought SEVEN machines with me this trip.  Two of them are already sold!  in the van along with this 99 is another 99 in a parlour cabinet, a National “Betsy Ross” badged machine in a full size cabinet, An Elna grasshopper, a 1950s Japanese clone badged “Bryson”, an 1800s German hand crank with mother of peal inlay, and a Singer 15 hand crank.  The van is FULL.  I have high hopes that it will be empty when I head home.

Today plans are just to hang low at Irene’s.  I’ve got a bunch of computer work to do behind the scenes.  Workshops start tomorrow and I’m looking forward to seeing the quilters I already know once again, and meeting NEW quilters as well!

And oh yes, the dentist thing.  They filled the hole on the broken tooth with temporary filling material.  I need an implant.  There is no saving this tooth as it has broken too far down along the gum line and there is nothing to attach a crown to.  I kind of figured that.  So –I’m heading home Monday for a full round of x-rays on Tuesday, and a consult with the oral surgeon to get that process going on Thursday.  I fly to California on June 11th, so  I am trying to get as much in as I can before that trip.

I’ve got one other implant in my mouth already.  I know the procedure.  It takes a long time, but it is worth it.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage Wind-blown Square quilt top shared by Kevin H.

We all feel stuck from time to time. Projects languish, we lose our mojo and we don't know how to kick-start ourselves back into gear.

The key is just to get moving. Make some progress. Set little goals.

Just begin.

Have a great Thursday, everyone!

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  1. Progress is, uh, progress? Good news on the tooth. Implants are expensive, but worth it I am told. Yeah for modern dentistry!

  2. Enjoy your down day! The Cozy Quilter looks very inviting. Lucky girls who will get the chance to take home one of those machines.

  3. I love your positive feel this morning.

  4. Love the quilt and quote, especially the bottom left block. She made one too small so she just added to it. A true scrap quilter! I think sometimes we want everything just so when if we 'make do' then fun happens.

  5. The other night I was thinking about your rolling stone blocks (yes, I dream about quilts too), and I "saw" the secondary pattern. It's going to be awesome! Great, great idea. :D

  6. Bonnie your theme song should be Eddie Rabbit's, Driving My Life Away,windshield wipers slappingon the window...OMG... I need to pull my vinyl out

  7. Thanks for the quote...I really needed to be reminded today to just start somewhere! Have fun in Kentucky with old friends and new.

  8. So sorry for your rainy drive through Charleston, WV. It really is a pretty city when the weather is cooperating. We have had a lot of rain this spring! Love all of your posts and pictures! Have a great time in Kentucky!

  9. Bonnie ,I live about an hour out of Charleston ,I know we had a down pour here to ,I wish I was down there with you I need a sewing break, I am from Lawrence Co. Ky. live in Logan ,W.V. Now

  10. I love The Cozy Quilter and spend money every time I visit from Ohio. It's nice to know Irene is an owner -- I feel like I know her through your blog. :-)

  11. Welcome back to the Bluegrass State! I hope to visit The Cozy Quilter next time I'm in L'ville.

  12. Just begin....I need that....been in a long slump, with things needing to be done
    Just begin...

  13. Good news about the tooth and enjoy your workshops! I'm off to a quilt retreat with my quilt guild at a day camp for the weekend. It's always good to get away with friends and sew our hearts out! 😀

  14. You can bring some of that rain with you to CA. I hope you can get that implant work started before your trip west. Looking forward to seeing you on the 13th.

  15. Looks like a really cute shop. We are going east this summer to visit with family in Southern Ohio. Louisville might be a place to stop on the way in or out. We finally are on our first out of town trip in out new RV. Going to visit family in Grand Junction, Co for 10 days.

  16. Love Louisville Kentucky area. Hopefully I get to travel through there again someday. Will definitely try to find their shop. 💞💞💞

  17. You can't help but be happy in Kentucky! I agree with your closing comments, I picked up en Provence just today for the first time in a verrrry long time. I added the neutral border & cut some remants to be used on the backing. I hope you'll like my version when I get it done! One day at a time. Happy early Summer!

  18. I do love that drive from NC up to Charleston WV. The mountains are so beautiful...winding roads surrounded by huge gorgeous mountains. If you get chance to drive again in the fall, it's breathtaking. I totally get the singing at the top of your lungs to James Taylor...I do the same thing on that drive. Last time I took that drive I was singing along with Carol King's Tapesty CD.

  19. Have a wonderful time teaching and spending time with your friend Bonnie
    Wishing you good luck too with the inplant.
    Your drive sounds and looks gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful time teaching.
    Happy quilting , Yoka Bazilewich

  20. I <3 my implant, tedious, pricey process, but yep, worth it... wish i knew about you being in California in time to make sure i had a spot, dang...<3 be well and be yourself... hugs and safe travels

  21. Cozy Quilter is a nice shop. I wish they were closer to me. (I have no desire to live near Louisville). The people that work there are really sweet and helpful too.

  22. Singing along to James Taylor has gotten me through lots of road trip miles. Hope you had a good time visiting friends and meeting new ones.


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