Wednesday, May 31, 2017

July/Aug 2017 Quiltmaker Gift-Away!

I’m hitting the road this morning with a 400 mile drive to Kentucky!

Chances are as this posts I’ll already BE on the road –with a stop at the dentist first to see what can be done with that pesky broken bicuspid.

It’s okay.  It’s going to be taken care of, and that is all I care about.  Likely not today, but I’ll have it looked at and we will map out a plan.  Once there is a plan I can move forward!

And most of all, always remember and never forget:

“Numb is your friend!”

So to kick off this driving trip to retreat in Kentucky I thought we’d have some fun with a super duper colossal Quiltmaker Magazine Gift-Away!


This cover should be hitting news stands near you!

You can’t miss the beautiful bold colors on the cover.

But all the really GOOD stuff is INSIDE:


WOW!  There are wonderful patterns and cool techniques ready to be discovered!

Here are a few of my favorites:


I love Paula’s Flag made with flying geese!

It would have been perfect to hang or display for Memorial Day, but flag season is still going strong and you’ll have time to have this one out for 4th of July all the way through Labor day.


Scott Flanagan has a super sense of color!

There is so much motion in his Back Track quilt!


I always love things with stars and chains!

This one is called Cranberry Delight and is designed by Nancy Mahoney.  I love it, Nancy!

Of course, we can’t leave out this month’s Addicted to Scraps column!


This block is Essential Triangle Tool Friendly – all from ONE WIDTH of strip!

And to make it even better, just wait until you discover that there are NO partial seams in this block.  It’s pieced in columns.  So much easier because the piecing is then continuous from edge to edge across the block.


Can  I share a secret?  These fling geese are the light-backgrounded rejects from the border on my Wanderlust Table Runner after I decided to go with a black background instead!  And the table runner pattern is FREE as a digital download with the purchase of either the Addicted to Scraps BOOK, the Essential Triangle Tool, or both together as a Bundle.  You’ll find them all in the Quiltville Store!

Flying geese are such a favorite unit and so very versatile in our patchwork playground.

But let’s get back to the Gift-Away!



Along with the July/August 2017 issue, I’m including just for one lucky winner the May/June ‘17 issue, the Spring ‘17 Quilts from 100 blocks, AND  100 blocks volume 15 wit my block Sawtooth Flutter (still giggling.  Click HERE to know why!) in it!

Along with 4 great issues I am including a packag of Tumbling Blocks foundations from EZ Piecing, a Take Heart quilt pattern by Angela Pingel designs, a Colorin’ Quilts screen print perfect for coloring with crayons, markers or paints, and a bonus: A free 1 month membership to TheQuiltShow.com

And okay, we can’t leave out a deck of my Bonnie Hunter playing cards!

Are you ready to enter?

Our winner will be drawn the evening of Sunday, June 4th! 


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Dresden variation shared by Kevin H.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone.  

I’ll check in tomorrow from Kentucky, internet willing and the creek don’t rise!

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  1. Good luck with the tooth. Safe travels. Have fun at retreat.

  2. Anonymous8:10 AM EDT

    Thanks Bonnie! It's always exciting to see what you're giving away.

  3. Have a safe and fun trip! Enjoy yourself.

  4. Oh gosh, Bonnie. I love this block! I am on a flying geese kick (even started a new board on Pinterest), so this is right up my alley! Thanks for the hint about no partial seams. That makes it more fun! For those of you who haven't tried making flying geese with Bonnie's Essential Triangle Tool....oh it puts the fun in making these pieces!

  5. Hope you were able to get a plan for your tooth. Also hoping you have good driving weather to Kentucky. Lived for a short time in Clarksville, Tn when ex stationed at Ft Campbell, Ky. My son was born at Ft Campbell Hospital. The hospital part where he was born was in Ky. He'll be 44 this July. Also been fortunate to visit with a friend at his family home in Mayfield, Ky a couple of times. Have fun teaching in Ky...

  6. What a wonderful bundle of goodies! Thanks for your generosity! Safe travels!

  7. You must be a mover and shaker in this industry Bonnie - I see your name mentioned quite often on quilt blogs.
    I entered your giveaway - thank you so much for hosting!

  8. Comfortably numb is my friend too. I just had my first PET scan. Nice nap, no claustrophobia but definitely on another plane in life.Ueah hubs is playing chauffeur. I mogh not get home. Bwahaha!

  9. Golly, hope that tooth is an easy fix. Super give away.😊

  10. Numb is indeed your friend! I had a tooth pulled three weeks ago today. Part had broken off over a year ago and there had been a little infection at the top of the root for about the last 7 months. Finally the filling fell out and instantly the infection took off even though I got into the dentist the next day. Took about 4 or 5 shots to finally numb it enough to keep working on it. It wasn't willing, but finally came out. Good luck with whatever is decided about your broken one.

  11. Hope all went well at your dental appointment! Safe travels.... oh I so enjoyed our time together at Fern gully, I will treasure that week forever! Hoping to be able to return in two years! ❤❤❤

  12. safe travels.. stop & rest often.

  13. Good look with your Dentist visit. Just this past week finished up with a root canal and new crown. More money than I wanted to spend on that, but grateful there was a way, and that it's over. Off to my Guild quilt retreat...wish it were with you instead, but I will make do with these 4 days. Thanks for the giveaway, you are so very kind. Hope my cell reception will pick up your blog or I will have withdrawal by Sunday night. lol. Travel mercies for your drive.

  14. Oh my, good luck with your tooth on this trip. Thank you for the Give-Away Bonnie. Now on to naming that Sawtooth block. How about "Stars of the past" or "Star of the past"? Since it was from an old quilt block it made since to me. Have a safe trip :)
    Dena-Washington St.

  15. Thanks for the great giveaway Bonnie. I hope your Kentucky trip is as much fun as Texas! Be safe.


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