Monday, May 01, 2017

With Love from Mount Pollen!

This morning I am in what can only be best described as a “Benedryl Coma.”

What was barely starting to leaf out when I arrived last Tuesday evening has gone into full leaf emergence mode.

Oh, the pollen!  Oh, the allergies!  Oh, how much I love spring more than any other season, in spite of what it does to these eyes of mine.

I don’t need to do any online searching to verify what I already know.

My eyes are the first thing to tell me that pollen levels are high.  Itchy, gritty, watery, sticky and burning.

Out come the antihistamine eye drops, the allegra tablets in the morning, the itch relief eye drops for intermittent use, and last night – as a last resort, a benedryl chaser before bed time.


30 day tracking ---

Those last 5 in a row dots at the far right?  That’s the past 5 days on the mountain.  We’ve had some rain over night, so this morning our levels have dropped.  THANK YOU!!

It’s a minor inconvenience for a beautiful spring.  I know that, but when my eyes are so affected, the last thing I really want to do is sit at a sewing machine.  I have not accomplished as much as I had hoped to this visit.  But then some down time to simply enjoy my surroundings, allergies and all - has also been worth it.


Bushes are blooming!

We aren’t sure if this is a lilac or a butterfly bush.  These blooms started in the past couple of days.  They have no fragrance.  This whole hedge lines our parking area, and it is beautiful.

The Rhododendrons are about to pop with blooms, but I’ll likely miss them.  Maybe not.  We will see. I’ve enjoyed seeingthe couple of dogwoods at the edge of our yard.  It’s likely that they will be done blooming by the time I get back up here as well. 

We’ll see you NEXT spring, dogwoods!


Wildflowers in the lawn.

These can also stay.  with the rain overnight, things are too wet to mow.  And I’m not the only one with the allergy eyes.  But aren’t these delicate little blooms just precious?


There’s been a whole lot of this happening.

Truss building for the roofline of the shed.


A lot of hard work in one pile of trusses.

With the rain due overnight, everything has been tarped over and is at a standstill until our next visit up here.

My hopes are that pollen season will be well on its way out the door by the time I come back up.


Evening binding time.

I have turned the 4th corner and am headed up the last side on the binding of Straits of Mackinac.  After that, it’s only the hanging sleeve and label left.  Nearly there now.

And if I can’t see to sew today, while the rain gently falls outside I just might find myself doing some daytime stitching to get this done before heading home later this afternoon.

For those asking about Quilt-Cam, I’m thinking Wednesday evening at 8pm Eastern will work really well.  We’ll see you first on Facebook Live, and then it will be embedded here on the blog for Thursday morning’s blog post.

I’m headed up to Manassas, VA on Friday!  

Click the arrow on the screen to play slide show!

For those who missed my PS from yesterday – this is a heads up to those in the Manassas, VA area or those close enough to drive on in.  I was notified yesterday that there are still a few openings in my Pfeffernusse and Moth in the Window workshops sponsored by the Stone House Quilt Guild this coming weekend.  Our workshops are being held at the Hampton Inn in Manassas.  Convenient because I am staying there, too!

Are you close enough to come join us?  It's going to be a ton of fun!

For more info contact Beth Flores  I hope to see you there!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Let your first thoughts about yourself today be kind and encouraging!

Vintage basket quilt top with signatures machine quilted by Allison Bayer, shared during my recent trip to Texas.

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!

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  1. Bless your heart, I used to suffer the same...then my doctor put me on Flonase. Now it is over the counter. Rain, Rain, Rain!

  2. There are other medicines that might not leave you so sleepy; maybe talk to your doctor or pharmacist, if you haven't tried other meds. I am lucky that only one year was I bothered a lot by tree pollen. But came late summer I am on meds for about 6 weeks. Benedryl makes me sleepy, too (it is the same thing that is used in some sleep meds).
    Living on a tree covered mountain is no help! No clue what your bush is. It doesn't look like the butterfly bush we have.

  3. It's not a lilac or a butterfly bush. A butterfly bush has blooms that look like a bottle brush. The individual blossoms in the cluster look to tubular to be a lilac and if it were a lilac I would assume it would have a wonderful aroma.

  4. I can totally sympathize. Spring is late to arrive here in North Central Washington and now it's all coming out at once. If I don't take two Benadryl every nite I'm totally clogged up, along with one ear blocked. Oh the itchy eyes. We went to Portland for the weekend and oh my goodness, even worse over there. I have a love/hate relationship with Spring. It seems the older I get, the worse the allergies are.

    The bushes are lilacs, they won't have any scent until they are fully open. Usually, the lighter the color, the more scent they have. I have some beautiful dark plum colored ones with almost no scent at all.

  5. From a fellow allergy sufferer... try Flonase - it changed my life and I'm not exaggerating! And you can use it with the regimen you already have.

  6. I, too, discovered the nasal spray antihistamines this year and it has been a game changer! I use Nasacort and eye drops and I am good to go. No sleepy head or dry mouth.

  7. Allergies!!!...I can empathize big time :) Here in NW AZ we have been high pollen since February (had more rain this winter than normal) so our season started earlier and will last through May. I've been sneezing my head off since February...haha :) We have several fruit trees in our back yard that have been budding and blooming since March along with 12 rose bushes fully bloomed. One day it's dry eyes and stuffed up nose, the next it's watery, itchy eyes and runny nose. Not a pretty sight lately...haha.

  8. Our pecan trees are the last to tassel out, but are just about finished. I have been wiping my eyes a lot from the watering. Hate to say it because I don't want a flood, but we could use some rain also. The cotton needs some moisture.

  9. From the leaf I would guess hydrangea

  10. Mount Pollen. Hmmm, glad I am not there. I just have to tell you that I finished En Provence today. I used your colors and just love it. Thanks

  11. The worst of the pollen is over here in Richmond (I hope!), so you should feel better as you drive farther north. I wish I could take one of the open workshop spots in Manassas -- but we're leaving for vacation Friday morning. One day I WILL make it to one of your classes!

    I'm pretty sure those are lilacs in your picture. I have a few bushes just like that, and the blooms don't have the lilac-y smell you would expect.

  12. How miserable to be dealing with those allergies during your rejuvenation time.
    I got a chuckle out of all the opinions--lilac or not. I will say that the leaves look like lilacs to me. I have 15 lilac bushes in my yard--13 varieties. Those not quite opened flowers appear to be the way my Japanese variety looks just before it opens. And there would be no scent at this stage of the game. When they do open, the scent is a little different from the traditional bushes. Just my opinion, but I thought I would throw it into the mix. :)

  13. I'm also a Flonase user. But when things are bad' like right now, I go to the local Herbal store and they have homeopathic drops for local allergies. Something else to try that isn't strong. Benedryl comas are not fun!!!

  14. Here is another idea on your bush we have crape murtel here that have no scent no clue if that is what you have.
    I also take Benadryl at night and love it for me I don't have any lingering effects the next day.
    We are all different and our pollens are terrible here in the San Francisco Bay Area of California USA after our drought breaking rains everything is lush and beautiful

  15. that t definitely a lilac bush. seen plenty growing up. also have butterfly bush in the yard. the leaves gave it away.

  16. Allergies as close to cured as I could ever hope with SUB-LINGUAL therapy!!!
    When I did this a few years back it was not FDA approved so I paid for every golden drop, (which I placed under my tongue daily for almost 3 years) but you can't put a price on health. I went from wishing I owned stock in Zyrtec (bought in bulk @ Costco!) as I took it daily year-round to now almost NEVER taking a Benadryl or Zyrtec EVER!

    I understand the FDA has now approved a limited number of allergies that can be treated sublingual-ly. My ENT doc told me when I was getting the treatment in Monroe, MI that this is pretty much all they do any more in Europe it is so effective.

    I highly recommend it to anyone who suffers seasonally or year-round. AKA SLIT

    Thanks Bonnie for sharing the fun of your great new place and all the good and bad that go along with life. I love the 'haunted fan' storied- those just sounded crazy. I hope all is now resolved with that!

  17. My girlfriend swears by a mixture of LOCAL ORGANIC honey and cinnamon. She says the 'local' means the bees that produce that honey come from your area and it's like a shot of immunity. Really works for her - and it beats the drugs.

  18. My husband has allergies as you describe. The doctor put him on Flonase when it was RX only and really expensive, but at least he could function. We were so excited to have the extra money. A man he works with put him onto the "local" honey thing, and he takes it very religiously every morning (1 T ) and he has done so well these last 2 springs. I use the CVS AYR saline nose mist. Was really cheap when I started, less than $2.00, but when it caught on, now it is $6.00, but small bottle fits in my purse easily for my on the go life. It helps when too when I get in areas that have over powering smells I wasn't expecting. Now that all your doctor friends have hung out our shingles for the your quick healing hope you have a blessed day with whatever you chose use. You are a treasure in each of our days. Thank you.

  19. Bonnie my husband suffered as you are for years. We tried over the counter, allergy shots that he had severe reactions to and finally am now using local bee pollon...WHAT A DIFFEENCE IT HAS MADE....YOU WOULD NEVER KNOW HE HAD ANY ALLERGIES AT ALL.....I put it in capsuels and he takes it that way. Some people that I know put it in their shakes and or oatmeal, Bill didn't care for the taste. He takes 6 in the morning and 6 in the evening. Good luck!


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