Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Quiltville Fans of Washington Retreat!

It was a long travel day, but worth every hour and every mile that it took to get from coast to coast as I made my way from North Carolina to Washington State yesterday.

I had plenty of handwork at hand, and a beautiful sunrise to start me on my journey.

We’ve been waiting for this week for years.

I first started communicating with Sonya and Robin at least 3 years ago with the plans of pulling together Quiltville Fans from near and far and having our own no frills retreat.  It’s not sponsored by a guild or a shop, just the brain child of a couple of very hard working ladies, and we filled it full to the brim – TWO sessions!

I’ll have one free day in the middle to relax and unwind, and as one group leaves, the other will arrive.  And the best part?  I get to stay in one place for a week without having to lug a suitcase or put another 200 miles on the van to get me from one location to the other!

there was APPLIQUE happening!

I made it all the way around the hexie star medallion while watching a couple of great movies.  LION had been highly recommended by folks on my last teaching trip up through VA and MD.  I settled right in.  The first part is all subtitles, made it a bit hard to stitch and listen, but It was WORTH it.  See it if you can.

My second go-round for my double matinee (This was a 5 hour flight from Atlanta to Portland, OR) I decided to watch something I was familiar with but hadn’t watched for eons.  Bridges of Madison County.  Tears, tears and more tears!  Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep, what a pair. 

Met by the receiving committee!!

We grabbed my luggage and headed out – we had a retreat to get to!

Our drive up to Royal Ridges Retreat – this is a rain forest, ya’ll!  And rain it did.  And sleet.  And hail.  And sunshine.  It’s Washington State in May, what else would I expect!

After setting up and settling in, it was time for me to take a wee nap before heading out to dinner.  Fabulous Mexican food in town, and all of the visiting fun to go with it!

Retreating in the Horse Barn!

Yeeeehawww!  We are really here!

Room for 24 plus one – ME!

Sewing away on Judy’s loaner Featherweight!

One block.  That’s all I was able to sew last night.  Jet-lag is REAL.  Sleep was required, and I toddled off to my cabin about 9pm – I just couldn’t go any further this day.

Which Quilter came in the Smart Car??!

We all laughed that it must be the lady doing MINIATURES.

Likely it belongs to one of THESE folks!

Royal Ridges is a horse camp, and there are teenagers taking care of the horses and exercising them on a daily basis.  I’ve got my own trail ride scheduled in a few days.  I can’t wait!

Sweet cabins perfect for retreat dreaming!

Get a load of the moss on this tree!

My cabin, sweet cabin for a WEEK!!

Living room, so cozy!

Little kitchen, just for me!

They’ve thought of EVERYTHING!

I get to sleep under someone else’s Roll Roll Cotton Boll!

We are starting off retreat today with Midnight Flight.  Breakfast starts in the cafeteria in about 30 minutes.  I’m raring to go!

And how am I able to get all of this posted?  My photos uploaded to google photos overnight, and I’m just linking to them by image URL.  That should make the uploading of this post much easier. 

I’ve got about 1/2 bar of cell service, when the phone is propped in the living room window, and I’m good to go!

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

While you are “patiently waiting”  Fill your waiting time with something wonderful –like quilting!

Scrap Crystals Quilt shared by Allison while in Texas last month.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful retreat well worth the wait. Having just flown on a 5 hour flight, I like your perspective of attending a double matinee. Sure helps pass the time on a flight. Have fun at your retreat with a wonderful group of fans.


  2. You will have a wonderful time. It's a beautiful place to visit and the people are the best. Hope you can visit the falls, Moulton and Lucia.

  3. Looks like an amazing retreat center. My friend Mary Crowther will be sewing with you this week, I hope to be able to join you the next time you are in the northwest! Have a great time!


  4. I'm so sorry I couldn't get to this retreat! I had my name on the list but just couldn't make it work. Someday, I hope!

  5. Looks like a wonderful place (and my kind of place) for a quilt retreat. Enjoy your stay and hopefully the jet-lag will be short-lived!

  6. Oh this sounds like so much fun, and beautiful scenery to boot. I love th Pacific Northwest.

  7. Welcome to the Pacific Northwest. I hope you enjoy your stay. I really like your quote of the day. It's so true that our behavior reveals our character.

  8. I spent a couple of weeks in Washington last year and if I had known, I might have tried to sign up for this. My husband could wander in the beautiful scenery with his camera and could even have visited his brother. Maybe in a few years they will do it again and good Lord willing and the creek don't rise - I'll sign up.

  9. wish I had known about this - always wanted to attend one of your sessions - I live in Vancouver, WA - welcome to the PNW and yeah for you, the weather is going to be steller in a few days.

  10. Welcome to the Pacific Northwest! I'm over on the dry side--eastern Washington state--but I do love the green and wet of western Oregon and Washington. Have a wonderful time!

  11. Looks like a great space. A really wonderful cabin and forest. I thought it rains a lot in Washington State. Lol

  12. Is there a contact for this retreat group? In case they do this again in a few years my family lives up in WA and I'd love to be able to participate. rjc2cam@gmail.com Thanks

  13. Welcome to Washington state. Wish I knew you were n the neighborhood, I would have loved to see you. I live in Sequim which is on the gorgeous Olympic peninsula. Enjoy your visit with all those lucky ladies.

  14. I wish I had known about the retreat, I live on the dryer side of the state, but I would have driven the 250+ miles to be able to come to your retreat. try to visit the falls in Oregon, they are fantastic and not that far away from where you are.


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