Tuesday, May 02, 2017

In the Aftermath --

There was no getting out onto the road yesterday.

I was packed, ready to go, I made the hairpin turn down the drive and stopped in my tracks.

What’s that I see laying across the road?

Oh no.  Just NO.


It has been a very wet week, and the edge of a rather large storm had blown through within the past couple of hours while I was packing up, and Sadie WAS extremely jittery.  But after it had blown over, all seemed to be fine, until –TREE DOWN!

"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

Evidently, Sadie heard it.  I didn’t!

I put the van in park, and hiked back up to the cabin to spread the news.  The Hubster was on a conference call and was going to meet me in town later for dinner with friends Rick and Mona.

“Tree down?  REALLY?!” I could hear the Tim the Tool Man “Argh argh argh” and see the light in his eyes as he instantly switched into lumberjack mode - we gathered up the chainsaw, headed back down in the RZR to check out what needed to be done.


Yeah.  That’s a big tree.

Sadie thinks so too:

At this point, though I’m glad I have someone here who can use a chain saw –I’m already realizing that *I* need to learn to use a chain saw myself.  I don’t know what I would have done if I had been here alone and this happened.

Likely I’d have hiked the rest of the way down and knocked on Barbara’s door so she could call her sons.  But I think I need to learn to use a chain saw.

 A few strategic cuts – about 4 sections – and I was free.  The UPSIDE?  We were on a hill, so the sections, once freed, rolled right on down the road and off to the side and out of the way of their own accord.

We still made it out on time, meeting up with Rick & Mona for dinner in Wilkesboro and having a story (and videos) to share – but this is the kind of thing I was hoping wouldn’t be cropping up again any time soon.

About that time we heard from Jeff that the storm had hit home in Wallburg.  Another tree had fallen at home, along the side of the drive and the power was out for the whole area.


An evening of oil lamps and night time conversation.

The power outages brought the blessing of family togetherness and conversation by oil lamp until bed time. The power is back on about 4am this morning, but I wouldn't have traded last night for anything.

Thank heavens it was cool enough with a gentle breeze to sleep with windows open.  Still, I woke up several times during the night checking if power had been restored, and dreaming really weird dreams in the interim. My worry?  That I wouldn’t be able to get the book orders out in a timely manner today –not only because *I* was without power, but so was my little post office a mile up the road.  This outage affected most of Davidson county.


Oh, this tree is NOTHING! LOL!

I’m still sad to see it down.


But there is a mess on the drive to be dealt with.

At any rate, we are home safe, sound and whole.  All is well.

We are going to be shooting for Quilt-Cam tomorrow night at 8pm Eastern via Facebook Live.  If you miss it there, it will be embedded in Thursday morning’s blog post and linked in the archives from there.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage Log Cabin quilt found in Texas.

Have a Terrific Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. Sorry about the trees in your path. Glad the DH was around to help. Always an adventure, it seems. Wednesday is great for QuiltCam. Can't believe that you are coming to the PNW in just 16 days! Hope to bring my 301 on her maiden Retreat. Quilting & Binding my En Provence Mystery is on my plan this week

  2. Oh, you SO need to learn to use a chain saw. Then you too can be a member of the Wench With A Wrench Club! This is, however, a tool that requires a great deal of intelligence to use, because the skill is not in knowing HOW to cut, but where (for every action... and that reaction could very well take an arm off, or worse). Good on Hubster for using his biggest muscle BEFORE applying technology!

  3. I think your hubby might have said a bad word or two when the chain saw blade got stuck!

    At least you didn't get the 8-10" of snow we got here in Antelope Co., NE. Digging in the closet for my snow boots on May Day. Geeze!!!

  4. A chainsaw is only a large rotary cutter........... right?!

  5. Talk about excitement huh....
    Looks like you need to make sure you have a chain saw at both places! Tell Paul Bunion looks like he did a great job!

  6. Since I live in the woods all the time I do understand your situation. At Christmas a couple years ago I wondered why everyone was late for dinner. Then I heard it, Son, who was first on the scene was doing his best imitation of a lumberjack, cutting up the trees that had fallen across the driveway. We have removed most of the iffy ones but there is always one or two to remind us. Glad you got home OK.

  7. Wow Bonnie, you had quite a mess! Glad you're safe & sound. We also had a bad storm in Southern NY and a big limb went through my friend's attic window and came out her dining room ceiling. Pretty darn scary!

  8. good thing you weren't on the way to the airport!!

  9. Had to laugh - I assume your husband was using the Binford 6500 version?

    Poor Sadie though. Looks a much better day for you.

  10. You cabin is in a so beautiful place, unfortunately you get the down side of it as well. Does the city hall do check the trees to cut before they will fall during storms ? (I hope so, here it is like this and saves a lot of money for them and for us).

    Love all your pictures, cant wait for your quiltcam (Even that I cant see it live but, I wait for it each time, thank you for it).

    Good luck, blessing to all of you.

  11. I can just see the gleam in your husbands eye when you told him there was a tree across the road!

  12. Home Depot sells a chainsaw that operates with a battery. No oil and gas or rope to pull. You still need bar oil. Really handy when you have s little thing to do.
    The lithium battery is rechargeable.
    EGO makes it and 14" is great. Doesn't replace the wood gathering chainsaw.

  13. Looked like some good firewood could be had from the fallen trees. Am sure that will help keep everyone cozy this next winter.

  14. Linda said "A chainsaw is only a large rotary cutter........... right?!"

    sigh... but she is correct!! heheh


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