Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Cathedral Stars Saturday!

Fabulous Fabulous day!

Yes, it was still raining – just a bit here and there.  A spit and a spot, with dark and heavy grey clouds slowly moving overhead – leaving us wondering if they were going to just let loose and dump it all on us, or were they simply flirting – making us only AWARE that the sky could really open up any time it chose to do so.

Fickle fickle weather this week!

Luckily, by lunch time things had mostly moved on.  Besides, we were inside sewing!  The critical part was just getting all of the machines inside, keeping them dry in the process.

Once inside – go ahead and rain.  we don’t care!


Cathedral Stars is out to play!

I love this quilt.  The first pattern I put under the free patterns tab that used the Tri Recs rulers.  I fell in love with this unit from the get-go and we have used it not only here, but also in two mysteries – Celtic Solstice AND En Provence.  Such a versatile little unit, and my students got great practice with it yesterday.

This quilt might look intricate, but it is really just two simple blocks – a ladder, and a star.


This is key!

Feed all of your 4 patches through the machine the same way so all of the seams spin in the SAME direction!  In this case, they should all spin clock-wise.  Not sure how to spin a 4 patch?  Check out my tutorial “Spin those 4 patch seams” under the Tips & Techniques tab at the top of the blog.  Time for a refresher.

And this always comes with a disclaimer.  It depends on the units that your 4 patches are going next to when deciding to spin or not to spin.  Check your pattern.


Ladder blocks coming together!


Throwing stars into the mix!


Great job, everyone!


Terrific class, awesome ladies, wonderful day!

You’ll find the rest of our fun in the slide show below!

I left Linthicum at 4pm and drove about half way home before stopping for the night as there was no way to physically drive 8 hours after 9 busy days on the road. 

A bite of dinner, and it wasn’t long before I was zonked completely out.  My goal was to sleep in a bit, awake refreshed with no alarm. 

The no alarm part happened, but bright and way to early at 6am sunlight was streaming through the cracks around the edges of the curtains and once light hits me – I’m up.  That’s it.  No more sleep.

Breakfast has been consumed.  I’m just finishing up this post and I’ll be on my way.

I-95 was such a cluster last night that I’m thinking of taking backroads all the way and enjoying the sunshine and the beautiful day all the way home after so many days of grey and dreary.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Happy Mother's Day to those who not only raised their own children, but to those who have mothered others - related or not, full grown or tiny.

For those who have mothered me and have had such an influence in my life.

All who mother their fur coated and 4 legged babies, as I believe our sweet animals are where we first learn what love is.

Male or female, for all who have mothered this day is for you.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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  1. Happy Mother's Day, Bonnie.

  2. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY BONNIE! You are my quilting mother and teacher. You have taught me how to be a better quilter as well as a better person.
    Thank you, Mary

  3. Happy Mother's Day, Bonnie! I'm glad you're almost home :-)

  4. I love the slide shows from your classes because it's so inspiring to see all the different color choices your students make.

  5. Have a safe trip home! Glad you'll be home a couple days with your family before you fly WEST! See you very Soon!!! Praying for NO RAIN in Western Washington might be hopeless, but we can try. Look for the Rainbows. Happy Mother's Day!!!

  6. Love your quote and thoughts on Mother's Day. May you have a lovely relaxing one!

  7. Happy Mother's Day. Safe travels.

  8. Happy Mother's Day Bonnie! Enjoy the ride home today, with safe travel! Sadie and Hubster are waiting for you! They want to mother you Today! Thank you for being you! You give so many people sunshine in their lives❣️❣️❣️😻👏

  9. Happy Mothers Day, safe travels.

  10. Happy Mother's Day
    Something has happened on my computer. I no longer get the slide show. There is a solid black square. When I click on it, nothing comes up. Any suggestions?

  11. I AM SO INSPIRED BY THIS BLOG POST! Thank you for sharing all you do! HMD to you too!

  12. Happy Mother's Day! Have you ever used a sleep mask? Sunlight wakes me up, too, so I can sleep later if I use one.

  13. Happy Mother's Day! I just love this quilt! I am working on Cathedral Stars! Hope to have it done by the time you arrive in California in June! look forward to your visit!

  14. Happy Mothers Day Bonnie, hope you get some rest and enjoy your 4 legged buddy :)

  15. The food was always great, I think they just updated their menu and it's off the hook. Who would expect delicious pizza at such big events. Not me, but you can get some of the best pizza at Chicago event space here. The best place in this area.

  16. Beautiful quilt! I've been thinking Jacob's ladder and the stars just make it shine. Work shop looks fun, as always! A little or (lot) of rain just helps you focus, not run outside. Thank you, I love your posts!

  17. Thank you so much Bonnie for the wonderful weekend classes in Linthicum, MD. It was such a thrill for this "newbie" to meet you in person and to learn from you. I won't ever forget it! Safe travels and thanks for spreading so much sunshine on a rainy day! Louise


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