Thursday, May 18, 2017

Midnight Flight Retreat Day!

Beautiful beautiful Washington State!

Where may temps may be in the 40s upon arrival, and reach 83+ by the time I leave!

I love the tall tall trees in this setting, the abundance of rain providing the perfect environment for moss to thrive!

This is our little dining hall.  and the food prepared here is home style, very very good, and every dietary need taken care of!

We are being so so spoiled!

Meals fall conveniently at 8am, 12 noon and 5pm giving us the fuel we need to sew our brains out and have a great time in the process.

This pathway leads up to our workshop space!

Ferns are growing right out of the moss on the trees!

I’ve nicknamed this place Fern Gully because everything is so green, and ferns do grow everywhere.  It’s just beautiful!  The weather is clearing, I’m hoping today that things will be dry enough for an afternoon hike.

We sewed up a storm!

A great time is being had by all!

And I get a whole week of this!

What I love about teaching on retreat – I get to really KNOW these ladies.  There is time for me to sew after class and into the evening with everyone else.  There is no packing up and moving on to the next location, we all stay together.  It strengthens us as women.  We are better people for having spent this time together with our guards down.  This is just awesome!

And did I mention how GOOD the food is??

One quilter is retreating with us virtually!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, there is one sweet gal that is retreating with us from home as she was not able to make it.  She’s been sending photos of her blocks in progress and I am so sorry not to get to meet her in person this time.

But I’ll be back in two years and we’ll do this again!  I ALREADY can not wait.

You’ll find the rest of our Midnight Flight workshop day from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders in the slide show below.

Of course, with the arena right outside our workroom door, I had to take some time for this:

Hello Rosie!

I think they are as curious of us as we are of them!

And THIS is appliqued, trimmed and pressed!

The background is oversized as it will need to be squared, and until I know what I’m doing for borders I don’t know what to square it to – yet!  But this is the project we will be doing on our trip to CHINA in just a few months!  I can’t wait!

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

One of the hardest things to do in life is to forgive yourself. But do it. And move forward!  If you can’t forgive yourself and leave it in the past, you’ll always stay stuck.

Up on deck today?  Garden Party from Addicted to Scraps!

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone!


  1. I was hoping you would mention where in Washington the retreat was held. I am a Washington native and grew up there.
    Your completed piece is amazing!

  2. It's in Yacolt, NE of Battleground. It looks beautiful and all the quilting too.

  3. Looking forward to doing Garden Party in PA in July. I have my strips all cut. You'll be surprised -- it isn't my usual bright citrus palette. I'm using up some "wonder fabric" from my stash, as in "I wonder why on earth I bought this..."

  4. Sounds like you're having a great time in "Fern Gully"! Could this be the name of your next mystery??

  5. Everyone's color choices are so different and all do pretty! It looks like a good time is being had by all! See you on Saturday!

  6. I love this quilt! I started mine at Mackinac Island last year, and my fingers are itching to get back to it. I have 3 quilts in different stages (plus a block of the month) which need to be done before I can get back to it. But I have a 4 day retreat next month and hope to make progress on Midnight Flight!

  7. What a fabulous retreat site...and impressed to see your "hand piecing" piece almost finished...it looks great 😊

  8. What a fabulous retreat site...and impressed to see your "hand piecing" piece almost finished...it looks great 😊

  9. It is so fun to see some of my friends in the pics. Next time work will have to do without me and I will make the trek over from Idaho!

  10. OMG, I watched the video, and now I want to make Midnight Flight too! It's so inspiring to see all the different colourways. :D

  11. tying to picture where in WA state you are here, is it somewhere on the Olympic Peninsula?


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