Sunday, May 07, 2017

A Pfeffernusse kind of Pfun!!!

Hello from Manassas, Virginia!

I spent the day yesterday with a wonderful group of 28 in our Pfeffernusse workshop from my book String Fling sponsored by the Stone House Quilt Guild and friends in this lovely area of Northern Virginia.

Manassas is saturated in remarkable history and populated by some  of the sweetest and kindest and most talented quilters I know!

This is my first time teaching in Virginia since I became a “Virginia Land Owner” myself and it suddenly hit me that I own more land in VA than I do at home – and I can call these folks my NEIGHBORS!

I’m shown here with Denise, who I came to enjoy so much yesterday,  She first came up to me, speaking in a low whisper.

“It’s my 50th wedding anniversary today.  And I’m spending it with YOU!”

I laughed and laughed.

“Well, then I guess we better get to know each other a bit better!”  I said, and we laughed some more.

She mentioned that her friends at home couldn’t underestand why she would spend her 50th anniversary in a quilting class.  Her reply to them?  “This is why my marriage has lasted SO LONG!”  Smart lady!  And evidently, Smart hubby too.

You know what they say?  “Happy wife – HAPPY LIFE!”

There were other meetings, greetings and shout outs given!  Darlene and Joy had flown down from Massachusetts.  We sent a hello up to their friend Irene from Meeting House Quilt Shop!

So much fun!

Oh, and those 5 machines I brought to rehome?  4 out of 5 have been adopted, and Darlene is taking home my 128 black side!


She could hardly contain herself with excitement!

They are visiting a sister while in town, and the sister will be driving the machines back home for them on her next visit up.  That works!


This sweet little Sewmor has a new mama!



The 1950s Sewmor is aluminum, super light and a 3/4 size like the Singer 99.  It’s going to be perfect for her.


The Bernina Activa 145 and one of the 301s are also going home with folks!

Here is Mary with her new 301!


Thank you so much ladies!


Half of our class stayed for photos!

Before we knew it class time was over and folks had already started bugging out with plans for Saturday evening before we realized we hadn’t gotten a group shot yet – but don’t these gals look fabulous?  It was a wonderful day!

Find the rest in our slide show below:

After dinner there was a bit of time for me to sit down with the one remaining 301 and do some stitching with the handful of ladies remaining who were up for some evening sewing.


While sewing was fun, the conversations and laughter make it all the more worth it.

I’ve already taken this machine OFF the auction block until I get to my last venue of this trip – or I won’t have anything to sew on myself!

Today we have Moth in the Window up on deck, and it’s going to be a fun day of sewing with the ladies again.  Some are repeats from yesterday, some will be completely new faces and I’m looking forward to spending the day with this wonderful group.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt found in Texas.

This is truth. And I offer no explanations, justifications or reasons why I do what I do with my life.

Those asking why really don't need to know. And it's kind of fun to leave them wondering!

But that said – I find that QUILTERS *DO* understand completely – with no explanation required.  And that feels so very good.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!

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  1. Pfeffernusse is one of favourites, or maybe I should say another of my favourites! And those rolling stone blocks look very promising!

  2. The Motto Happy Wife, Happy Life is a good one! Going on 41 years here. We have to make the choices that make us Happy! Life is too short not to. I spent yesterday at a Quilt show. Hubby asked when I would be home. I said when it's over!! Happy Sunday to you!

  3. Quiltville Quote of the Day! is perfect for my life! My kids are constantly questioning what I do. (I don't know about others, I think they may have the grace to not vocalize their questions!) I just tell the kids, "You know, I made it this far without a problem, I think I am doing fantastic, thank you very much!"

    I love the group of women you spent the day with! They seemed like a hoot, and I love their attitudes!

  4. Did you get your earring back?? ;-)

  5. As always I learned things from Bonnie, including a helpful hints about one of my Featherweights. Bonnie and I also share a love for my old workhorse sewing machine! Thanks again for your time, humor and knowledge, April!

  6. Thanks for a great workshop on Saturday. Loved it!

  7. Did I miss the Quiltmaker drawing?


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