Saturday, May 27, 2017

Time Out for Stash Enhancement–and Antiquing!

Can you see what this is?

It’s a vintage jar full of all of those random yet interesting sewing machine attachments including mis-matched feet, rufflers, binders, bobbins and cases ---We thought this was a cool idea for all of those items that are left over with no machine to go with them. 

Attachment art!

We were set loose for some exploring time in between the departure of retreat group 1 and the arrival of retreat group 2 and we took a couple of hours to poke around before joining with the group 2 ladies for dinner.

An antique mall and craft/fabric store in ONE??  YES!

I’m talking about Urban Basics in Battle Ground.  If you've got time to poke around, this is the place!


This  Triple Irish Chain quilt was snatched up by Jody!


This top was great for a Quiltville Quote background!

(Always looking for these!)

In fact, when I say “Quilt found in Washington”  what I likely mean is quilt PHOTOGRAPHED in Washington.  They can’t all come home with me, but the photos can. I love taking photos of quilts wherever I ind them!


And that goes for machines too!

Singer 66.

Just just can’t own them all, but you can photograph them all!


Lovely little White Rotary.


Partners in Quilt Crime!

We all got into the act of “Free the Machine!” wanting to know what is inside of this cabinet.


Oh wow, it’s a fiddle base!

Has anyone seen a tensioner like this?  I hadn’t!


Isn’t this Domestic gorgeous??

I wonder what the story of this one is.


Ooohh!!  Check THIS out!


It’s a vintage CORDLESS Iron!

This was snatched up by Jody as well.  She was on a roll!  I’d never seen a vintage cordless, and it will be great for her iron collection.  I bet this puppy gets HOT.

As the gals continued to wander, I found my way down the craft aisles and over to the FABRIC!


Well, hello there!


Even this corner has a very vintage feel!


Fat quarters, $1.99!


And vintage machines on display and for sale!

1950s Japanese Import badged EMERSON.


This Singer Red Eye is ready for a new home!


My Washington Stash!

I think that catches us up on all of the Washington retreat activities.  Just going through these photos makes me smile, and I miss these ladies!  When you spend a full week with folks you really get to know them as people, not just as quilters.  They have enriched my life beyond measure and I can’t wait to do this with them again!


Alfresco on the deck!


It’s simple, but it was simply delicious!

There is something about eating beneath a sun umbrella that just makes food taste better.  Burgers on the grill, kale salad, and seasoned fries cooked in the air fryer.  The plates are the melmac ones I picked up in Virginia a couple of weeks ago.  It’s so fun to use “new to me” plates.  Also on the table:  A jar of Wickles Wicked Pickeled Okra!  This was a gift from the Birmingham Alabama quilters that I visited in April.  Now that it is EAT OUTSIDE season, I am enjoying these immensely!  Probably the best way to eat okra in my book.


Sadie says NO to okra, but YES to sunshine!

Catching some vitamin D on the deck!


Objects in rear view mirror may be closer than they appear!

We took a little drive around our Mouth of Wilson community yesterday, thinking we would stop at the Grayson Highlands General Store for an ice cream, but they were closed.  The drive was wonderful though.  EVERYTHING has reached full green status.  You can’t SEE any distant mountains from here now due to the trees, but at the top of our road, looking back over my shoulder I captured this:


Yep!  Still there.  But barely!

It’s a lush, green, green world!


Yesterday’s progress.

My job this weekend is to get on top of my 2018 Addicted to Scraps column blocks.  My deadline is July, but my June is packed.  So my hope is to have them done by Monday evening when I head home.  The fun part?  I only have to make a few of each design in different color ways –it’s PLAYTIME.  I don’t have to make a whole quilt’s worth.  But it starts the ideas churning for quilts that will use these blocks in the future.  Total brain storming and note jotting while working on these.  THESE are going to be FUN!

And while stitching, I was binging on “Anne with an E” on Netflix.  If you are an Anne of Green Gables fan, or Anne of Avonlea fan – give this one a go.  It’s a bit different.  I liked it BETTER.  It’s more REAL for the time period.  There is more honest character development.  And I can hardly wait for season 2!


Evening hand quilting!

I lost another chunk off of that broken tooth last night.  What a bummer.  No corn on the cob for me.  No root beer float for me either as hot/cold is too much to bear.  Room temperature water and soft foods chewed on the other side until 7am on Wednesday when I see the dentist.

So I settled in wtih the FOREVER hand quilting project and got another hoop full in.  Eventually this quilt will be placed into the done column, but for right now it is always at hand, and I love visiting with it when I am up here at the cabin.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt shared by Kevin H.

When you get to that place where your heart and your mind agree, you know you are going in the right direction!

Right now my heart and mind are telling me to get down to the sewing area and get some more stitches in!

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone!

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  1. Bonnie...when I broke a back molar on the dentist's advice , I went to the drug store and bought some dental wax...I made a small "crown" with it, molded it on my tooth. It allowed me some comfort until the dentist could see me and also kept my tongue from being hurt...maybe worth a try 😊

  2. Bonnie...when I broke a back molar on the dentist's advice , I went to the drug store and bought some dental wax...I made a small "crown" with it, molded it on my tooth. It allowed me some comfort until the dentist could see me and also kept my tongue from being hurt...maybe worth a try 😊

  3. Oh, I can hear the distant sounds and smell the wonderfulness of the lush green surroundings. And Sadie looks just so content there warming in the sun with her people nearby, so content!

  4. Your tooth situation sounds awful. :( so sorry!!! At least you have all kinds of wonderful distractions at the cabin!

  5. My heart and my Sister are taking me back for 'Decoration Day' at our parents graveside. Our Annual pilgrimage back to the home of my birth. Remembering the days of gathering my Father's beautiful flowers and tin cans wrapped in foil. Thanks for Washington memories, I wish the Country Manor had been on our agenda. You would've loved the place. I was almost home by the time you had your 'Free the Machine'time and $1.99 fat quarter find. I loved Anne of Avonlea on PBS.

  6. I was going to tell you the same thing Janet did about the dental wax/putty. I had to fiddle with it a bit but once you get it stuck down, it's such a relief. Makes me cringe to think what you are experiencing!
    Shoutout to Jody: it you tryout that vintage cordless iron, please let us know how it works! Seems like it would be a wonderful instrument! I will keep an eye out for one, especially if she enjoys using hers!

  7. Absolutely LOVE Urban Basics. Plus there are several fun antique stores in downtown Battle Ground. My daughter lives there so I get to go often.

  8. Oh Bonnie, I am so sorry about your tooth. Good to hear you have a dental appointment so soon. Invious of your Urban Basics trek. I so loved our week together you are the best instructor and a joy to be around. So looking forward to 2019.

  9. Bonnie.....Thank you for sharing....very entertaining on our end!!

    Question?? I have read your hand quilting tips from I believe 2010 and you stated you like YLI thread and in between needles with a plastic 12 or 17 inch hoop. Is that still your preferred?? Wondering especially about the thread. I am attempting the Baptist Fan - Bonnie style and finding thread can be temperamental!! Thank you in advance. Kind Regards, Susan

  10. I know your frustration with dental. I finally gave up trying to keep old teeth going and got denture implants. My dentist suggested I got get evaluated for it. Best decision I ever made. I smile all the time with beautiful teeth. If your dentist suggests this option in the future go for it. And no they do not come out. Can't come out unless dentist does it.

  11. A reminder make yourself a block of each of your Quiltmaker blocks to keep for youtself!

  12. Anonymous3:35 PM EDT

    "Free the Machine" - love it!!

  13. Welcome home Bonnie🤗❣️What a great store...hope to get there some time. Looks awesome. Loved your stash additions too! Good to see Sadie so happy! She certainly loves you unconditionally ❣️😍Sorry to hear about the tooth. I was in the dental field for 30 yrs, sounds like a crown coming up. The joys of getting older. Have a great weekend with the hubster!

  14. Hi Bonnie,
    I'd love to know where that antique fabric shop is in Washinton State. I live in B.C. And have two trips planned in the near future to Wa. And Oregon and if it was en route that would be great.

    I empathize about broken molars, it ks the pits especially if you are travelling. Hope it gets fixed soon if not already.

  15. What a small world, i am also watching Anne with an E in New Zealand while I sew. But i need practice at doing both at same time!!!

  16. Great post! The attachment art jar made me chuckle. Guess who went out to the recycle bin to retrieve the two rinsed out Mason spaghetti jars? That Domestic D was gorgeous and no, I've never seen a tensioner like that. And that cordless iron, I've got one resting on the coffee table with all the other vintage irons. Jody sure made out with that beautiful quilt and fun iron. So glad you are enjoying your holiday weekend at Quiltvilla Virginia and did some exploring. Received my July/August Quiltmaker mag today and liked seeing your Addicted to Scraps column (always turn to it first!), your Essential Triangle tool was featured on page 8 under "Find Your Inspiration" and ad for Wanderlust Quilt with Bonnie Hunter with CraftU on page 60. Well, that is the end of this official report! Signing off to enjoy time with my Sweet Man. Hugs, Allison in Plano

  17. I have really enjoyed all the photos with the WA group. I've retreated with them often and was sorry I missed going. They are really special friends. I know next time I won't be having a 50th college reunion. That only happens once in a lifetime!

  18. What a wonderful post. That is an awesome antique/ fabric shop.

  19. Oh, we love Wickles Pickles. Their sweet relish is really yummy. I wiill have to try the okra. So sorry to hear the tooth is continuing to deteriorate, the wax suggestion sounds like a good idea, at least then maybe the root beer float might be an option!!
    Enjoy your time at the cabin!

  20. OH Bonnie- I want to go to that antique and fabric place you were just at! Was it Yacholts or where? I want to go down there and join the retreat next time, can you put me in touch with those wonderful ladies?

    I do hope they can help you with your tooth. It is beginning to sound like root canal time, and maybe a crown. Take care, and I hope you are in not too much pain, so you can enjoy the long weekend.

    Kasilof, AK
    Where it has been cool and somewhat rainy, Sun once in a while time.

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