Thursday, May 04, 2017

Quilt-Cam, 5/3/2017!

It was a GREAT night for some Quilt-Cam fun on Facebook Live last evening.

Not only because it had been a while since we had a chance to just sit and relax, but because it is now still LIGHT at 8pm and I feel like I have so much more energy when it is still light out.  Does that happen to you too?

In the winter when it is dark early, I’m ready for bed 2 hours past dark.  But SUMMER is on the way, and I love the light evenings. 

I’m simply solar powered, no doubt about it.

I also was super excited to get going on a long lost project that had somehow misplaced its direction – in other words – WHAT the heck was I doing with these nine patches?  What quilt were they going to go in?  Why did I make 184 of these and let them be forgotten??


While grimacing through a 90 minute deep tissue massage  (Well, only partly –but I needed it) I was thinking of some simple things I could do with these 9 patches and turn them into something even BETTER –and it hit me.  I just need something to set them with.  And no matter how hard I tried, I could not get my brain to shut off and just enjoy that massage – ideas were forming in my head and I couldn’t stop them.

I have always wanted to do a 9 patch and snow ball.  I’ve saved photos of antique 9 patch and snowball quilts that I’ve taken while out antiquing on the road.

What if…..


I’m going to play with some new gadgets!


Doug Leko’s new Simple Folded Corners ruler!

Doug had sent me one to try, and I’ve been aching for a project to give it a go.  The whole idea with this ruler is that you place your stitch-n-flip square on TOP of the base unit, and the lines on the ruler help you trim the excess so your triangle is perfectly positioned to stitch with your 1/4” seam instead of having to draw a line and sew next to it.


I demo’d this during Quilt-Cam!

Choose between two methods: Oversize folded corners that are trimmed down, or exact size folded corners with no trimming needed. No matter what shape you are adding a folded corner to (square, rectangle, triangle) The Simple Folded Corners ruler can add them with ease!

I don’t sew bonus triangles out of stitch & flip corners unless the square I’m using is 2 1/2” or larger.  These squares were smaller, so I had no desire to sew a second seam and keep them, especially with them being on top of a string block.  Too much bulk in the neutral side with all of those extra seams.  This was just the ticket for making this newly re-found project a breeze.

I’ve got a batch of these on order and they should be in house shortly.  I’ll let you know when they are available in the Quiltville Store.

Also of note – the new RULER STICKERS work awesome here, I used the pink ones to mark my lines for squaring up the string blocks, and then used the green arrows for trimming my stitch & flip corner. You will also find them under both the NEW and Rulers, Notions & Tools categories in the Quiltville Store.  I love these.  So great to use ONE RULER for both jobs, and the stickers made it easy to quickly find the lines I needed.

Ready to see this in action?  Click the arrow on the screen to start the video below:

Thanks for joining me for an evening’s fun.  All I can think of now is stitching more string blocks and getting those snowball corners on!

While checking out the Ruler Stickers in the new category, because I know you are going to want some - please check out another new addition I know you are going to love:

The Big Book of Strip Quilts! This book works perfectly hand-in-hand with your Quiltville Scrap User's System!

Start with strips to make 60 stunning quilts!

Cut strips from your stash or gather your favorite pre-cuts to make fabulous strip quilts that shine! Each pattern will inspire you with its remarkably versatile look and scrappy style, easily achieved with simple strips.

60 stunning strip quilts at a great value--just pennies per pattern.

Choose from sizes ranging from wall hangings and baby quilts to bed-sized quilts, all by top designers. Includes projects for beginners and experienced quilters in a variety of attractive patchwork styles. 224 pages of awesome.

This morning I’m headed out for a special breakfast meet up.  My friend Nichole Wilde of The Art Bus fame is in Greensboro, NC WITH the ART BUS! 

I’m excited to meet up with her and give her some real in person hugs.  She is touring around NC and VA teaching – and I leave for further up northern VA to teach in Manassas tomorrow morning early so it’s a good thing I’m not missing her while she is here.





And my day is TOMORROW!!!

Can you guess which block is mine?

I’ll have some fun stuff here for you posted before I head out for Virginia.  You don’t want to miss this – there is a ton of fun going on!  Check it out at Quiltmaker’s Blog, Quilty Pleasures.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Go ahead, spread it around! Even if some days you just have to create it yourself.

Talkin Turkey quilt from my book String Fling made by Allison Bayer and shared during our Grapevine Texas workshops.

Happy Thursday - May the 4th be with you!!

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  1. Loved your Demo during QuiltCam. How fun to see the Art Bus. Waiting for pictures inside. I had to buy my copy and found your new block. lol, more Trapezoids!

  2. I've always wanted to make a 9 patch and snowball quilt too! Love the cheddar with the blue.

  3. Oh I JUST finished a 9-patch Snowball--a real fun quilt to make...you can see it on my blog: "julierosequilts.blogspot.com"...love your colors for this one...hugs, Julierose

  4. I wish the Big Book of Strip Quilts was in your store last week when I placed an order. It looks great!

  5. May I ask what size your 9-patch blocks are--2" squares or 2.5"??? I love your stringey snowballs...hugs, julierose


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