Sunday, May 28, 2017

Saturday–Rain & Shine!

Adventures in shed building!

And lest you think I am doing A LOT of work out here, basically I’m not allowed to touch power tools, but I have been employed to hold things, stand on things, move things and bring things.

I have a lot of appreciation for what goes into building buildings.  It’s hard work.  Back breaking, heavy lifting, exacting work.

And the weather doesn’t always cooperate.

Rain on.  Rain off.  Rain on.  Rain off.

It’s a wonder we’ve gotten THIS far.


The forever shed.

It’s been a crazy realization over the past couple of months since this move that no, we are NOT as young as we used to be, and stuff is just HARDER than ever before.

The mind is willing, but the bodies are rebelling!

This can’t just be a one man job.  It’s not even going to move fast enough if it is a one man, one woman job.  We need our boys up here to help.  Maybe over 4th of July we can get the walls up.


This got THIS far yesterday!

My Hourglass Leader & Ender Challenge is getting nearer to completion.  The only thing that has NOT been sewn as Leaders & Enders are the long seams to join each round to the center medallion.


Blue round done!

Next up :  one more narrow neutral round, and finally – PURPLE!

I know this will likely not be done by the time we start our NEW Leader & Ender Challenge in July (coming quickly!)  But to get this much done in the course of a year thrills me.  It’s been little effort if any, and all I’ve had to do was keep cut triangles next to my machine, using them to end my lines of chain piecing instead of that folded over thread covered scrap.

It’s kept new chains from being sucked down the needle hole.  It’s added more distance to my bobbins.  It’s a free quilt on the side while I’ve been working on everything else I’ve been piecing on through the year.


The Sadie stamp of approval!


Mountain Laurel in my yard!

What a doozer last night.

Storms a plenty up at the cabin in VA. I have NEVER seen lightning like that, and the big cabin windows make you feel like you are out in it. Some lightning strikes hit very close. Sadie of course was wigging out in her usual Sadie style. Grateful to be here, and grateful that though the power blipped off it came back on again. Oil lamps were ready just in case. Mountain living at its best!

Please remember that Sadie and Thunder Shirts do not work together.  We’ve tried.  We’ve tried everything.  The best thing for her is love and hugs and waiting it out.

This morning I stepped outside onto wet soggy ground (in flip flops!) to try to get an “artistic” photo in my surroundings of the Hourglass quilt ---


It looks like a lumpy mess on the wood pile!


The sun shines through on the deck.

The photos on the floor looked best, but the outside air was gentle and sweet, so it was worth it to walk the yard looking for a photo op place.


Deer and Turkey!

Nice to see the wild life getting along and sharing from our trail cam!  I just love the big ears on the deer!


Someone chased the turkey away!

I am happy to report that I have reached my goal of having ALL of my Addicted to Scraps column blocks for the 2018 issues of Quiltmaker Magazine DONE.  I reached that goal while still enjoying my mountain time.

I’ll just need to fill out the paperwork to go with them and can send them off long before my July deadline.  That means I can continue on the projects for the next book, rework our next Leader & Ender Challenge in my head, and design our next Quiltville Mystery all at the same time.

There is never NOT a deadline somewhere!  But at least it is paced out a bit.

We did end up taking a little jaunt up the road to our local Grayson Highlands General Store.  ICE CREAM RUN!!  2 scoops of butter pecan make me a happy girl.


Can you read the sign?

Gluten Free section!

In the middle of nowhere!

See why I love this place?!

I’ll be heading home late tomorrow so I have all of Tuesday to prepare for my Kentucky trip.  I’ll be hitting the road as soon as I’m done at the dentist Wednesday morning.


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Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Seven Sisters quilt shared by Kevin H.

Sometimes the only choice is starting over. And sometimes we simply pick up the pieces, and turn them into something else even better.

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!

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  1. love seeing the wild life....what kind of bird was that?

  2. I can relate to the getting older comment. We aren't as young as we use to be, but it sure beats the alternative. Your a wonder woman no matter what. What you accomplish is just amazing. I'm in awe!

  3. Getting older isn't for the Turkeys. Yea, you got that round done! My Roadtrip to pay respect yesterday has my back screaming. Good to have two strong coming to help get the shed up. Congrats on getting the Addicted to Scraps blocks made. That's my first thing that I look at when my Quiltmaker issue comes.

  4. You never cease to amaze me with your stamina and perseverance. The hourglass quilt is the best. Still building 9 patches in my own personal leader and ender project for Zig Zag Nines. I am getting close.

  5. I can never believe how much you do in a day, Bonnie! I have a big birthday ending in 0 today so definitely slowing up. Happy travels.

  6. Yours is the only blog I read. You write so well, memories of wet grass & flip flops, cool beezes, lighting storms all flood in as I read. Aging in good health is a thing to cherish. The lovely colors in this leaders & enders top are refreshing & light. A favorite for years to come!

  7. I Will miss your class in KY this week. I hope you come back again in the near future.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I can sure identify with the whole young mind (it swears I'm not more than 30) and the aging body! But, in talking with friends my age I'm still perfectly normal (or as normal as I ever was, hehe).

    I'm liking your Hour Glass leader/ender quilt more with every round you add. I may just have to add it to my list, even though that list is already longer than I can ever finish in my lifetime. :)

  10. With all those deer around, just keep an eye out for ticks, my dear, because I've heard Lyme Disease is pretty awful. We need you to stay healthy and keep making quilts!

  11. your hourglass LandE is stunning. Sharyn in Kalama

  12. I love the hourglass quilt. I'm thinking it will be a beautiful way to use up some scraps. Oh, the ideas are mixing around in my mind right now.

  13. I love your leader and ender project. It's just beautiful. And that gluten-free sign--LOL!

  14. I so look forward to your daily tales. And love how you talked about not being allowed to touch power tools. I, too, "helped" my brothers re-roof our folks garage when I was a teenager. I was feeling pretty darn good about myself because their nickname for me was "lightning"! Oh boy! That was until I found out why. It's because I never struck the same place twice. :-)

    I was then relegated to fetching, holding, and all around "support".

    Have a happy and safe Memorial Weekend.
    The Barefoot Crafter

  15. Love the hourglass quilt on the deck with the sun shining through it. Looks like stained glass!

  16. So glad you are home with your hubby. Family time. Have a good Memorial Day. You are very productive! BTW dh and I share computer. I am really Claudia lol


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