Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Antiquing From Kentucky Home!

If you find yourself in the company of these two ladies – Irene and Sherry – I guarantee you will have more fun than you bargained for.

And yes, this includes activities like group mani/pedi, out for ice cream at Dairy Queen instead of a “real” dinner, and copious amounts of wandering around antique malls in search of the elusive “THING”, and being plain old silly as in trying on all of the hats!

I’m big on hats.  I love hats.  I never WEAR hats, but the dream is there, you know?

On Friday afternoon in between the end of our Garden Party Workshop and the evening’s scheduled event we had some time to go out and about and on the town.

We never know what we will find!

And I enjoy watching what other people find interesting – they see things that I might overlook, and exclamations of “Oh, I remember THIS!!” come from around the corner into the next booth, and I hurry over to see what the THIS is.

I’m sure the malls do better business when 3 women show up together, encouraging each other with “you should get that!” Than they do when we wander solo!

How about this Kentucky Derby hat??

Is it me??


Barn blocks were spotted on our way from place to place!


Polyester double-knit stars.

Hand pieced and HEAVY!

I wonder who made this one??

The quilts I tend to find are worn and shredded after generations of hard use, just as the life of a quilt should be.  Often times I can only find ONE good section for a photo for a Quiltville Quote, and that’s fine with me.  I don’t need to buy the quilts, saving the photo is good enough for me.

How many antique and vintage quilts have I snapped photos of over the past 2 years?  HUNDREDS! 


Sherry and I both l oved this Dresden plate with the circles!


But this one.  WOW!!

It was used for yesterday’s Quote of the Day.

Someone asked if I knew the size of the hexagons.  I honestly didn’t stop to measure, but I bet they finished at about 1” per side.  I don’t often stop to measure and write down notes for each one.  I especially love the ones where the colors change, leaving stripes across the big blocks.  Fabulous.


CHEDDAR, oh my heart!

There was plenty of antiquing on my way home as well.  It took me 12 hours to get home instead of 8.  My big stop was in Huntington, West Virginia!


There is a whole antique district, complete with barn quilts on the buildings!

My camera was in overdrive.  Though only half the shops were open as it was a Monday, I also got photos of the outside of the buildings.  It seems I am just a week or so early for a yearly festival that happens in this area.  I wish I could have stayed to see it.


What’s not to like about a town that decorates with quilt blocks?

It’s a long one, but you’ll see all of the buildings and quilts and machines and goodies in the slide show below.

I did come home with some goodies for the cabin – my goal for the trip!


I love pottery, crocks and yellow ware in particular.

There is wide open space on the top of the kitchen cabinets at the cabin, and these items will add a touch of color and warmth and texture to a very BLANK area.  They’ll look great against the rough hewn log walls.  They will also fill the pot bellied Hoosier cabinet nicely, AND they are usable.

The glass refrigerator dish is another item I love.  I use them for everything from cotton swabs to sewing notions, as a butter dish, to sugar pack storage.  This one has a knob on the lid, making it great as a butter dish.


Two matching bowls – from two different shops!


Yesterday was pretty much a blur between unloading the van, visiting the dentist, chiropractor, groceries and errand running.

Today I hit the ground running.  I’m a bit sore from the chiropractor, but I am so out of whack it is to be expected.  I’ll be seeing him again on Friday morning before flying to California on Sunday.

Today I finish up the book orders that didn’t make it by post office closing time yesterday, start to organize for Sunday’s trip, and hopefully get some SEWING TIME!

Don’t forget about Quilt-Cam via Facebook Live  at 8pm eastern, tomorrow evening!  I hope to see you there.  I’ve got MORE string snowball blocks to get done.

I’ll be using the Simple Folded Corners Ruler!

I demo’d this ruler in our last Quilt-Cam and I’m loving it for trimming the corners BEFORE sewing – no drawing lines!  Here I am also using it with GE Design’s Ruler Stickers using different colors to first mark the size I am trimming my block to, and then the line for where to place the ruler for corner trimming.

These are both available in the Quiltville Store but in limited quantities for now – more will be on their way soon!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

We will only have this day once. Attitude makes all the difference! I made this 4 patch on point quilt in the early 1990s. It's seen many a year of good use.

I’m also thinking of what I can do with the excessive amounts of my own older quilts in this house…..

Have a great day, everyone!

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  1. You ARE a hat person!
    It must the area you live in - I NEVER find quilts in the secondhand stores, perhaps they are in the antique stores, but I never frequent those (too expensive).

  2. Looking forward to quilt am 😊 Love your antique adventures. Didn't your eldest son want quilts? A little mummy love to wrap in ❤️

  3. Looks like a lively time shopping together!

  4. I have been using my easy angle ruler to do the cut then sew method...thanks for the idea Bonnie! That led me to the idea of cutting paired squares into triangles first, then sewing the HST's...no drawing lines! quilting is sew much fun :)

  5. Hi Bonnie, My granddaughter attends Marshall University in Huntington, WV. I didn't know there were barn quilts painted on buildings in the historic district. The next time I visit her I'll be checking them out. Loved the slide show today. CATHY

  6. I only wish I had known you would be stopping in Huntington! I live near there, and would have directed you to my favorite LQS just to see the girls SWOON if you walked in the door!

  7. I love seeing your antique adventures!!! btw I also love the refrigerator jars - and like you, I use them for EVERYTHING! What fun we do have, right!?

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  8. lovely crockery but have to be on guard for lead in them....i have some too but don't use them for food...and yes that cheddar is awesome!

  9. I would totally wear that red hat!

  10. Once upon a time I had a blue crockery bowl like the one in your picture. I was a Cub Scout leader at the time and when we met at my house one of the little hooligans knocked it off a table and broke it. So now I keep my collection of blue crockery bowls up on top of my kitchen cabinets where it would take an earthquake to knock them down. Ha!

  11. Love the antique pottery, etc. you purchased! Do you worry about lead in the paint if you use them for wet ingredients? Good quote for a month caring for my ill 85 year old parent.

  12. Did you buy any of those lovely green sewing machines?????


  13. I love when you take us antiquing with you. It is so fun, and I can look at all the marvelous things from the comfort of my chair. :)

  14. Thanks for heads up about Huntington antique district. We will be staying close to there in the fall!

  15. I enjoyed your post Bonnie, I love antiquing, but here where I live, there are not antique quilts


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