Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Some Orange Grove Show & Share!

A beautiful flag show & share on FLAG DAY, USA!

This was just the most beautiful moment when this quilt was unfurled at the beginning of our show & share during my visit with the Orange Grove Quilters of Garden Grove, California.

We had just stood for the Pledge of Allegiance as the meeting came to order, led by a former Marine.

Folks were wearing red, white & blue.

We weren’t on two sides of a political spectrum, at this moment we were AMERICANS. ONE NATION. 

It felt wonderful to be part of this moment.

And when show and share started with this beautiful flag quilt (I don’t know the pattern name or the designer) my heart caught in my throat.  There were cheers.

There was also a lot of laughing as the guild implemented a new procedure  for the ease of the guild photographer. There were two X’s marked on the floor in blue painters tape.  It was so funny watching each member attempt to remember where they were supposed to stand for which part of show & share.

“ON THE TAPE!!!”  And the person would move over and smile, a bit flustered and giggling.  What a great day!

The quilts were many, but I wanted to share this vintage top with you:


Made by a great grandmother, I believe!


Beautiful postage stamp!

The fabris date to the 30s, and in some instances those 1” squares are PIECED to make a big enough piece to get a 1” square.  It’s a wonderful catalog of fabrics that were available in that era.  My box of 1 1/2” squares overfloweth.  My brain is whirling.

Thank you for bringing this quilt top to guild just because you knew I would love it!  I DO!

There were some other fabulous vintage quilts shared by Debi during our second Jamestown Landing workshop day, all from her mother-in-law’s side of the family.


Debi on the right!

A beautiful Grandmother’s flower garden!


A very unusual block that I can’t recall!


Does anyone recognize this pattern?

I love the solid backgrounds!


Another hexagon, this time diamonds!


Not sure the name of this, but the triangles are pieced with 3 kite shaped units in a mosaic!


I love the vintage quilts that come to play with their interesting stories.  Thank you for bringing them to inspire us all!

Enjoy the rest:

Don’t forget we have QUILT-CAM tonight, 8pm Eastern via Facebook Live!  The feed will be embedded in tomorrow morning’s blog post if you miss it.

Remember, if you get a black square for any slide show or YouTube video – it’s your browser, likely Explorer.  Switch to another browser.  I use Chrome.  Or you can click and go direct to Youtube for viewing.  It has to do with your flash, or some such thing.

There has been some working on the baby quilt for my nephew-to-be:

The little shoofly blocks are so cute and quick to make, that while I thought I’d be sewing them during Quilt-Cam, I binged on Netflix last evening and finished them all!  Now to set the quilt together.

I’ll find something else to work on tonight!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage applique quilt shared by Sherry.

At one time or another we have all been unlovable people.

We usually need love most in those moments when we deserve love the least.

And so do others.


  1. Beautiful quilts!! Thanks for sharing! Have a great day Bonnie!

  2. What a fun slide show. I scrolled back to take a second look at the unusual 3D quilt--I didn't recognize how that effect was done--only to realize it was a house block quilt that was posted sideways! I also found myself reaching out and "petting" the Singer 301 every time it appeared on my monitor. Love those vintage machines!!

  3. LOVE the effect created by the white/bright navy chains in that Postage Stamp quilt! Enjoyed the Show & Share as always.

  4. The paper pieced quilt you don't know the pattern name for is a Rose Compass, sometimes called a Rose Star also.

  5. Bonnie, It was SUCH a treat to meet you in California. My friend Julie and I are THRILLED you used her postage stamp quilt on the blog! We were lucky to meet Jenni, our new Australian friend for lunch and trip to M & L! We had an adventure and stories to tell. I am happily cutting scraps (that seem to multiply with out taming!) to fill up my strips and block bins. Happy scrapping!
    Beth in Arizona

  6. Yea, a Tuesday QuiltCam! And I don't have a meeting! Granddaughter #1 is visiting, I'll be loading ger Spring Break Quilt while I watch.

  7. Your thoughts on the flag quilt on flag day sure harten to me. I love being an American and am disgusted with the way "politics" since the first of the year has belittled us.

    I continue to marvel at the dozens of Bonnie quilts that are shown each and every place you go.I would love to be here in 30 years to see what the "historians" make of them all. Mystery quilts, leader ender quilts, book quilts and last the free tab quilts!!!!

    I keep trying to thing of way to record all Bonnie Quilts.... so there is a record in one place..... a book of course would thousands and thousands of pages. So there must be a different medium.....

  8. So lovely! Beautiful!

  9. Your quote today is totally right!! I taught 8th grade for years, and I found this to be true with my students. You don't know what has happened to them before they enter your classroom, but you can quickly tell when they've not been loved enough and need that extra from someone - anyone. So love the unloveable! They often come around - though it may take a while...

  10. Bonnie-so funny that your comment on the antique quilt with the pieced triangles made no sense to me! I looked at it and only saw the hexies! Only after carefully studying it did I figure out what you were talking about. At any rate, it's a lovely quilt. Thank you so much for sharing!


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