Monday, July 02, 2012

Scrappy, Trippy, and Wonderful!

Our last class day went by so fast that I felt like I only blinked twice, checked my watch, and it was already 10:30am with only an hour left to go of class --- how could that possibly be?

We were just getting started and having such a great time with the fabrics!

I enjoyed seeing Shelley again – last time I saw her was over a year ago on a trip through Connecticut ----She got to be my room assistant today, how fun is that? Thank you Shelley!

I met 3 crazy sisters who said they are 3 of 5 sisters total---I enjoyed their antics so much.

Family dynamics are so fun to watch ---and what a great way for sisters to bond and stay involved in each others lives ---with QUILTING!

This is a very fast class, and blocks were being turned out in no time at all…and pretty soon, Scrappy blocks were covering walls and tables, and ladies were pooling their blocks together to play with design layouts….

I got a huge hoot when I walked up to one block and started to examine the fabric up close and personal…Thank you, Alexander Henry!

vermont2012 193

Wowza! This adds new definition to the term “Novelty Fabric!”

I also love the eye glasses fabric in this block too --- don’t they just make you smile?

Oh, and funny of funnies – I found myself face to face with not ONE --- but THREE diet dr peppers from students coming to my rescue. There are still two left in the fridge --- I will probably have one with breakfast ((Can’t leave it behind?!)) and gift the other to my roomie before we head off to the airport, because it can’t go through security ---

If you haven’t tried this pattern – do! It’s SO fun, and you just can’t go wrong with it.

Take a peek! Catch the excitement!

And YES --- there was evidence of Leader/Ender bow-ties in production!

vermont2012 144

These are Shelley’s! And they are going to look so fabulous with the layout she has chosen!

Mine are still plugging along.

I’m looking forward to hitting the Sister’s Oregon show and seeing if we can find some inspiration on what to work on next --- even though mine is not even close to being done yet. I am planning on taking what I have and working with a layout plan while in Oregon this year – just to see how far we’ve come in a year’s time just doing these as leaders and enders in between the lines of chain piecing other things ----

I’m on my way home. Right now there is no other place on earth I want to be!


  1. HA! Appropriate fabric this week, with Magic Mike-n-all :) Truly, thanks for sharing that giggly moment!

    Have a safe trip home (or are you already there??)

  2. Can't wait to see what you find in Sisters. I hope to go next year.

  3. I've made two scrappy trips...one in 1920's fabric and another as a QOV made in red, what and blues! Fun quilt....

  4. How interesting - I have recently been considering this pattern to use up some of my fabric, and contemplating a strip cutting marathon. The quilt blocks your class did look great. Guess it's meant to be - my scrappy trips project, that is.

  5. I want to make this quilt, too--I say that about every class slide show you post, don't I?

  6. It's funny that today I worked on finishing my Scrappy Trips Around The World too. Mine's from the January workshop you gave in San Diego at Memory Lane for Sunshine Quilt Guild. This week I'll figure out what two borders to put on it...which all has to do with what is in my stash. That's some knee in the block photo in your post; it had to be fussy cut! Sandi

  7. Such a great time!! Loved the class and having quilt fun with my sister!


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