Monday, July 23, 2012

Oh, The Cookies!

I’ve arrived in Wellsboro – what a beautiful part of Pennsylvania!

I’ve got some time before going to set up for my lecture tonight --- so I plugged in my phone to charge it while checking mail and I came across some photos that didn’t get downloaded from Friday night’s lecture in Bedford….

Oh those crazy “Mary’s Quilt Shop” girls!

While in Oregon I got an email from Mary asking if I could send her the photos of my vintage machines and the names of each. How curious this made me! I was in the middle of the fiasco with a broken computer and a broken sewing machine, so I simply sent her the link to my Vintage Machines found in the tab bar above and hoped it would suffice --- but I have to be honest with you, I was SO CURIOUS what she wanted all that for!

I found out as soon as I arrived at the shop!

Mary found a cookie cutter in the shape of a sewing machine and she was off and running ----Theresa and the girls made the sewing machine cookies and iced each one and named them to match the names of my machine collection!

Do you see these blue THELMAS? They are after the Blue toy machine that Lucy gave me when she came from the Netherlands that very first time!

And Bea? That of course is Bea, the white featherweight that is with me on this trip.

PA_July2012 033

Ugly Betty!

She is my beat up “needs a new paint job” Singer 301 that was gifted to me by the Altoona girls a few years back!! LOL!

*HINT* You really don’t want to EAT the black icing before speaking – it will turn your tongue and teeth gray!

PA_July2012 032

Willie is the oldest machine in my collection --- he’s just a poor treadle-less Wilcox & Gibbs machine head ---found all forlorn and non working, but I adopted him anyway.

PA_July2012 036

Hello Kitty is the little Janome I bought for a “someday” granddaughter ---

And you all know who Barbie is! She’s pink just like the cookies!

My thanks again to Mary Koval and the girls at Mary’s Quilt Shop for making my stay with them such a treat!

The last of the cookies WERE a treat! I had them in my car with me on the way to Wellsboro.

Tonight’s lecture will soon be underway. Tomorrow we have a My Blue Heaven workshop ----and the fun continues!


  1. Those cookies were delicious, too. Mary said that the recipe would be published on her facebook page.

  2. Anonymous6:23 PM EDT

    I love the Hello Kitty sewing machine! Maybe I should buy one for a future daughter, granddaughter, or maybe I'll just steal my niece! ;)

  3. You are loved by everyone Bonnie! I'm not surprised at this cute little touch from the ladies :)

  4. Where can I get the cookie cutter

  5. Where do I get the cookie cutter

  6. Barb in southeastern PA6:41 PM EDT

    If you are driving down route 15 from Wellsboro to Hershey, you would enjoy a stop in Lewisburg. There are 2 antique quilt exhibits currently -- a small one in a beautiful old Victorian house -- Slifer House, and a larger one at Packwood House Museum. Google them for times, and tell them "Barb sent you". I was one of the curators for the Packwood exhibit. Wonderful PA quilts in both exhibits.

  7. Hi Bonnie, have you ever heard of a Vickers Vaicent Type 7000 machine it is British made and it was for sale on Kijij and I wonder if you new anything about it.

  8. Anonymous7:50 PM EDT

    Love the cookies. And I have purchased 4 of the Sewing with Hello Kitty....one for me, one for my granddaughter, two for girls at church who had them given to them by their parents/grandparents for Christmas last year. How cool is that!! You just had the best time at Mary's didn't you!!! lol
    I actually love my little green Janome, it is so small, great to take to quilt class.
    Faye in Maine

    1. Anonymous10:01 AM EDT

      Faye, where are you in Maine? Please e mail me suzyw.kendrick5@yahoo.com

  9. This post brings out the cookie monster in me! ME WANNA COOKIE! COOKIE COOKIE COOKIE, THATS GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME!

  10. Ladies, I have that sewing machine cookie cutter. Just Google "Sewing machine cookie cutter" and you'll find several sources to buy one. They're so cute iced up with names on them, Bonnie!

  11. Anonymous10:00 AM EDT

    Cookies like this are eye and tummy candy for me. I love making cookies like this. I don't have a machine cutter, but I think I can find a cutter in my collection to satisfy my urge.Cookies are on my list to do today along with machine quilting my last ufo so I can get to my 3 florida bonnie classe ufos...lol, besides our weather is too iffy today to play golf. Thank you for reading all my run on sentences. Suzanne in Maine.


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