Monday, July 23, 2012

Night Time Edition! Free Kindle Book!

I’m back in my lovely room at the B&B!

After a very energized guild meeting, it takes a while for me to unwind and be ready for bed --- so I’ve been tackling emails, editing photos, checking out facebook and catching up on reading and browsing.

I’m just NOT TIRED!

And I found this goodie that some of you might like….if we are similar in our reading tastes!

I love anything historical. And this one sounds SO interesting:

Just Deceits: A Historical Courtroom Mystery by Michael Schein is free tonight in the Amazon Kindle Store.

Genre: Historical Drama.

Book Description:

In 1793, Virginia’s most powerful family found itself embroiled in scandal: Richard Randolph and his sister-in-law, the beautiful Nancy Randolph, were charged with adultery and infanticide.

Richard Randolph demanded a public trial. Richard’s stepfather, Judge Henry St. George Tucker, hired John Marshall, a young lawyer who was connected to their family through marriage. John Marshall would go on to become the greatest Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, a man whose theories of law are now taught to every first year law student, though at the time of the Randolph trial he was relatively unknown.

Author Michael Schein, a former professor of American legal history, drew on John Marshall’s actual trial notes in writing this novel that centers on the trial of the 18th century. Just Deceitsshows how the remarkable defense team of wily Patrick Henry and ambitious John Marshall battled each other, their clients, the prosecution, and the truth itself, in an effort to save their clients from the gallows.


Just Deceits is an exceptionally well-written novel that combines a gripping legal who-done-it with a rich and clever historical tale. Because the line between truth and belief is not neatly drawn, the book is also a significant contribution to the genre of the novel of ideas. The reader looking for thoughtful fun will not be disappointed. --Julian Riepe, former Book Acquisition Manager, Amazon.com

I just downloaded it and it was free for me ---but not sure how long it will be, so please double check before clicking that it still is for you.

PA_July2012 208

This is a pic I took of the back of the room as chairs were filling and we were in danger of running out of chairs and having to bring more out!

Goodnight from Wellsboro, PA – I’m off to go read for a while!


  1. Just got the book & it was free! Sounds very, very good. Thanks Bonnie

  2. Your lecture was awesome, Bonnie! Can't wait for the workshop tomorrow! Ava

  3. Bonnie, i have an out of print book called The Bizarre Sisters about the trial and the family. Its an historical novel...excellent. It goes beyond the trial into the fate of the family. If you ever see it, grab it! Can't wait to read this new one.


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