Saturday, July 07, 2012

Mom’s Sewing Room!

It’s only been the last few years that mom has really gotten bitten by the quilting bug. Up here in Garden Valley, there is a quilt shop --- and local ladies gather for chatter and companionship as much as they do for fabric, notions, books, patterns and classes.

They also sell yarn and other craft and scrapbooking supplies, so it was inevitable that mom would begin to frequent the quilt shop.

I knew it was only a matter of time before they converted her!

She’s got her featherweight set up on one corner of the room, and the other sports her new Pfaff machine with all the bells and whistles – the girl is a quilting dynamo!

She joined a guild! She goes on quilt retreats! I don't think there is any chance at stopping her now ;c)

idaho2012 332

One wall of bins holds her scrap users system and her fat quarters…she’s also always loved baskets and uses them for all sorts of occasions. When not in use they live on top of the bins…..

Open up the drawers:

idaho2012 333

Oodles of 2” leader/ender squares! Let me at ‘em!

idaho2012 378

Open up another drawer and you will find mini log cabin blocks, and crumb blocks all stacked just waiting for a project!

idaho2012 379

And you thought *I* used small pieces? Look how fun these are! I love how she used hand quilting thread to stitch around the inside of some of the squares before putting them in a project.

idaho2012 380

Stitching around just SOME of the squares but leaving others un-stitched adds interest and keeps the whole thing from being predictable! My mom is ANYTHING but predictable!

idaho2012 381

She’s also been bit hard by the recycled shirt bug. There is a little thrift store in town that has $3.00 a bag Saturdays every once in a while…looks like mom has scored a haul!

idaho2012 382

Mom told me that she uses hand quilting thread to do the accent stitching because it was stronger than regular piecing thread and it had a thicker texture for stitches that would really sew I can’t wait to see what she works these up into! Cute Cute Cute!

She’s also been working on a special project for the three youngest grandsons:

idaho2012 415

All three received quilts just for them!

This is Porter with his, an up-take from the “Denim Rails” quilt in my book Scraps & Shirttails I. Of course, mom is an over-the-topper and you will notice fun things like

idaho2012 329

pockets along the edges where Porter can put his “favorite things” like matchbox cars…

idaho2012 328

and labels from the shirts on the blocks!

idaho2012 330

It doesn’t take much to make little rough and tumble guys happy --- they are all sleeping under their quilts made by Grandma here at Grandma’s house – and they will all go home with them!

Hmmmm….I wonder if mom will miss a few of her 2.5” plaid strips…I have an itch to sew up some simple 9 patches!


  1. How cool is this- I love your mom's patches and quilts- it really is an addictive hobby. She is one talented lady - just like her daughter.
    What nice quilts for her grandsons...
    Regards from Western Canada,

  2. Whoot! I wish I could find someone like your mom to quilt with! Sounds like she's in my kind of heaven! Like mother, like daughter... except my daughters have not been bitten and won't take the time to sew.... You are so lucky!

  3. Anonymous4:31 PM EDT

    What a prime example of Mother-Daughter alike thinking!!!
    I love it. And love your mama's quilts. And the good times roll along ....
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  4. I remember when she first was bitten by your quilting bug. Yes, she has it good and for sure!
    And I can see from where your talent has come.
    Her garden is beautiful too. I would love warm days and cool nights. But the thought of lots of bugs freaks me out being and "indoor" girl here!!!!
    I now have all my units for Pfefferneuse sewn. Just need to remove the dang papers and I will have final assembly!!!! Stay safe!!!
    XOXOXO Subee

  5. Anonymous5:35 PM EDT

    So it seems like there will be no good shirts left at the goodwill store for you; your mom already went shopping there...

    I am sure she would be happy to share some squares with you.

    Happy holiday,

    cy from Canada

  6. Totally wonderful of you to share!! Way to go to your mom!

  7. Wow fun quilts! Super cute!

  8. She has caught the bug! Great work!!!!

  9. What fun. Do you think Mom's can inherit things from their daughters? : )

  10. I was looking at these picks and thinking, like mother like daughter. Love it.

  11. OMG she has a great start on some little projects!

  12. What a lovely post ....family sewing together beautiful cute idea for boys quilts love the pockets

  13. Oh I wish I could find a cheap outlet for plaid shirts here in the UK!
    I am desperate to start a plaid stash LOL
    Love your Mum's quilts, especially the pockets for the wee ones.
    Have fun
    London, UK

  14. Like daughter, like mother. What a great thing to share.

  15. Anonymous9:25 AM EDT

    Wow look at how much fabric she has already? lol
    I have only had the quilting bug for a little over a year.
    So my stash is tiny! But almost finished with my 2nd queen sized quilt top. It is definitely addicting.
    Thanks for letting us spend time with you and your family through pictures and your wonderful stories.

  16. Anonymous10:00 AM EDT

    Her blocks are beautiful. Is it a quilter thing to make random blocks and hoard.... Err...save them? I have 6 pinwheel blocks, 6 magnolia flower blocks, many string blocks. I made them in the premise of trying something new, with no project in mi d. They'll eventually have a purpose, or so, I keep telling myself.

  17. Wow! I could have fun in that room!

  18. Mom may have been a late-comer to quilting but we can see where YOUR creativity came from! She was busy with lotsa kids!

  19. I am in love with that drawer of mini log cabin blocks and crumbs.
    Go Mom!


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