Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just Like S’mores!

Last night, we enjoyed time around the fire pit, talking and visiting and making s’mores just like we did when we were younger.

Randy became chief marshmallow roaster, and we applauded her ability to blow them out quickly when they caught on fire!

Melty gooey marshmallow, rich chocolate bars, all squooshed together between two graham crackers.


You’ll have to forgive the blurry photos --- phones don’t like taking pics in the dark, but I think you can get a feel for how nice our last evening was!

oregon2012 316

We made plans for next year ---we talked about what things we’d be doing when we arrived home….and how life will change in the coming 12 months –Randy and Debbie both will have new grandchildren by the time we meet again. Life marches on!

oregon2012 317

No matter how far apart we are, we know we are only a phone call, a text, an email away!

oregon2012 318

We are stuck as close together as the marshmallow to this chocolate between the two graham crackers!

I’m at the Redmond airport—just getting ready to board. Next stop? San Francisco!

I packed the broken laptop in one suit case between my clothes.

I packed the broken featherweight between my projects in the other suitcase. I’m not dealing with lugging them around all the way home. Not like they can get any MORE broken?! My new string quilt is going on the plane with me --- I plan on snuggling with it ALL THE WAY HOME!!


  1. Oh YUM! S'mores! Nothing better...

    Safe travels!

  2. Fun, and glad you had a good time. Did you ever try S'mores with dark chocolate instead of milk??? Yummy! I use Hershey's Special, and the jumbo marshmallows. I love having a fireplace! I also hope you get the full value for a replacement machine, rather than repaired. It just won't be right if it's just repaired. What did they say when you reported the damage? I missed that part.

    1. Cindy, The Purple Quilter9:35 PM EDT

      Oh yeah, baby! Dark chocolate is the best!! :)

    2. Try using a miniature Reese Peanut Butter cup and you can sell your clothes cause you will think you died and went to heaven.

    3. I like to make them with dark chocolate and those thin ginger snaps from World Market.

  3. Anonymous9:19 PM EDT

    We call this filling up your girlfriend tank in my group! Such a necessary thing for women to do.

  4. Did you use the flat marshmallows. They are as big as the others just flat!

  5. Try resses cups instead of chocolate bars in ur next smores awesome

  6. The joy of friends. Y'all have it!

  7. It's always so sad to part after our Sunriver week. Safe travels.

  8. They are also terrific when made with chocolate covered cookies...chocolate is not so thick and melts ....yummy

  9. Ah! Remember those girl scout days! Happiness and laughter 8^}
    Will go and pack forNijmegen 4 days marches, return in the bleak morning of saturday with 120 km under my soles (see them peeping from beneath LOL)
    love from Amsterdam, Irene

  10. Looks like a very pleasant evening--food, fire and friends. The makings for favorite memories!

  11. There is a vintage sewing machine display on at the San Fran airport if you have some spare time to see it.

  12. Good close friends are treasures. What was the outcome of the bow ties? I'm running back through posts to see if I missed something. Any new challenges for the coming year? My smore days were too many years ago. I have tried everything from cereals to bar candy and even a pie recipe you put out for us, but nothing compares to the "real thing".

  13. Anonymous8:12 PM EDT

    We prefer our smores made with ginger snaps rather than graham crackers. YUMMY!!!


  14. I will eat smores with any combo listed above. :) I love when the marshmellows catch fire a little bit. My Mom used to get really upset when I made them over the gas burners on her stove. What could I do? We had no fire pit.
    (For those who are strict vegetarians you can get vegan marshmellows).


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