Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jared Takes A Wife Day in Bedford, PA!

34! We had 34 of us gathered to sew all day at yesterday’s class!

Ladies had come from all over Pennsylvania and even Maryland to come sew for the day.

The American Legion hall was the perfect gathering place for a crowd this large ---we had access to their fridge and the ice machine ---I got the music going playing Jimmy Buffett while everyone came in and chose their sewing stations, got unpacked, plugged in, set up, and ready to roll!

I really love to have the ladies introduce themselves – so often classes just get going and no one knows each other --- as the teacher any way, I don’t know WHO knows anyone else, and it helps me to get to know everyone a little bit better.

We had a couple mother/daughter teams, some cousin-in-laws, lots of different guild posses and friends who said they’d BEEN friends for well over 40 years.

And this is what it’s all about. RELATIONSOHIPS! New ones, old ones, finding things to do together to strengthen the bond and build memories. Let’s face it – we really can stay home and sew in our own protective bubbles, but what we get from quilting together is often far more valuable than how much we get done un a one day class, or the quilt itself.

The next time I come across an antique quilt with a bunch of embroidered signatures on it ---or the next time YOU come across one, think about those relationships these ladies must have had with each other. It goes far deeper than the quilt!

Quilters by nature are determined and resilient!

And I need to tell you all about Vickie and her little mis-hap on lecture night ---

It had been raining a pretty good clip while we were inside during the lecture/trunk show…..and when I was signing books at the end, I heard someone come running in the back door yelling “Someone call 911 ---Vickie’s fallen!” Oh, those words make my heart skip a beat! We waited for the ambulance to come, and to get the word that everything was all right.

Turns out that while climbing the back outside stairs, Vickie tripped and fell on her face. She has the biggest bruised lip I’ve ever seen, and she chipped her beautiful front tooth clear off at one corner!



We all gave her a round of applause and commented on how lucky she was that she didn’t break her arm or her right leg --- that she could still come sew. It’s much better to break your face!

PA_July2012 109

I also learned something from Vickie!

First off, I love how she bundles up her pre-cut pieces all in neat stacks with strips of selvage tied up with a bow. TOO CUTE!

But look at this pictures closely, and pay attention to her “mock up” page ---That isn’t fabric!

Instead of wasting her beautiful fabrics, she took the fabric and had color copies made so she could cut up the PAPER COPIES for her mock up and glue them down where they needed to be as a sample. How cool is that?

If you look at the upper right corner of the mock- up you will see a bundle of little fussy cut blocks with pictures in the center…these are the center squares for her stars --- this quilt is being made for her 9 year old granddaughter who loves pink, and is going to love this quilt!

PA_July2012 099

What 9 year old girl wouldn’t love this quilt?

I’m so happy you were okay enough to come join us, Vickie!

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted a slide show from a workshop --- and it’s time to do it now! I hope you enjoy the blocks that were produced for this class! We had a great time making them, and there are many beautiful quilts to come from these blocks:

We also had a bunch of silly group photos taken! How could you NOT have a good time with these ladies?

PA_July2012 094

This is me and the Maryland Contingency! I’ll be back visiting their guild in 2015, I can’t wait, girls!

PA_July2012 095sm

And the Shippensburg, PA contingency is always a barrel of laughs too! What is that saying? “Growing old is Mandatory – Growing UP is OPTIONAL!!”

Have a great Sunday, Everyone!


  1. Bedford! You were in Bedford? That's only a couple hours from me. If I had known, I would have figured out a way to come and take your class! When are you coming to the Pittsburgh area? Or anywhere within a hour or so?

  2. So much fun !!!!! Can't wait to do it again Miss Bonnie... hope your back is feeling a little better. Hugs!

  3. Anonymous10:14 AM EDT

    Your pictures look like so much fun. "Jared" is such a great quilt/block, Bonnie. I like to color outside the lines and I have enjoyed seeing all the color possibilities for that block. I hope Vicki feels okay. I love her block and the idea about xeroxing her fabrics and paper "projection" of how a block would turn out. I live in TX now, but I grew up in a NJ farmhouse so old that Washington also "slept there." That was fun to hear about. Stephani in N. TX (Tomazec@aol.com)

  4. Looks like everyone had a blast! So glad Vickie was able to return to class. This middle-age lady would love her quilt too. Love the use of the fussy cut squares and oh my, I have that yellow calico and the green check in my stash, hmmmm.........

  5. I agree with Banjo, I would have definitely cancelled other plans to come over. When will you be in the W.PA area again. I'm just outside of PGH and a 1.5 - 2 hr drive is not that far from Bedford or anywhere for that matter.

  6. I like your comment about the signatures quilts and what they probably symbolised in the way of friend/relationships- I'll sure look differently at them from now on! Your ladies look fun, quite mad fun! and obviously Vickie, being a quilter, rocks!!

    One of the things I've always loved about quilting is the tradition it carries on, not just the quilting tradition, but the individuals methods involved too, and the people, and the support circles, and the way that through blogland I can still be a part of that even though I don't know so many quilters locally.

  7. LOVE love Love the pink and greens! Vickie is a great one to come back after that. I did the Jared takes a wife in Columbus Oh, still working on a 1000 pieces, may start to assemble them in Augugst. It's a lovly pattern.

  8. I had a wonderful time just looking at the photos -- wish I had REALLY been there!

    How interesting to see all the fabric combos - some are sedate, some wonky, some fun, and some are pushing the limits! I LOVE them all - adding plaids are particularly appealing.

  9. I'm with Elaine...I love seeing the fabric choices! Glad to know she is ok...great idea to make color copies of the fabrics to play with them!

  10. Anonymous2:13 PM EDT

    Love Vicki's idea about copying her fabrics, will have to try that. What a trooper, puffed lip and all, to come back for class. I don't think any thing would be able to keep me away either. Looking forward to the next time we can visit together in a class.
    Enjoy PA.
    Faye in Maine

  11. Your just so fun!I can't wait for you to do a class in Texas again so I can come see you! (I've already checked your schedule and I'm making sure I don't miss you!)

  12. Love the idea of color copying the fabrics. I use colored pencils, but I like this idea so much more! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I enjoyed your comments about the relationships of the women who created a signature quilt. I believe I will view them with more reverence now.
    But I literally laughed out loud at your comment, "It is better to break your face." Spoken like a true quilter. Vickie does look a bit battered. And her quilt is charming!
    So many luscious color combinations, but the batik is my favorite!

  14. New respect to you Bonnie - had to take the photos recently for my sewing group - it is not easy getting people to wave! I had to hold the camera in one hand and demonstrate waving with the other... Paula thought I meant a Mexican wave and did one all by herself - I didn't manage to catch it with the camera though... www.lutterworthpiecemakers.blogspot.com

  15. Gotta love, love, love the cheddar stars with the poison green. Thats going to be a wonderful quilt. So glad you are having as much fun as you are, even though you are hurting.


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