Sunday, July 01, 2012

iPhone-o-gram! Scrappy Trippy Day!

We are seeing strip sets into panels, making panels into tubes, slicing and rearranging!

It's our last day and it's a party!

We've got James Taylor on the iPod through the Panda Speaker, rockin and rollin!!

This is also a special shout out to Janet in Mass---and Becky in Kodiak! Wish you were here!!!


  1. Happy July to you, Bonnie. I love the way your shirt coordinates so well with both of the scrappy trip quilts behind you!

  2. Everyone looks so happy~~~

  3. Everyone looks like they are having fun! And they look COOL - as in nice and cool feeling.
    You might want to stay in Vermont. Down South, we are in a terrible heat wave. It is 11:30 AM here and 97 degress and climbng fast.

    Sewing on machine as far on a project as I can. Not using the iron --- pulls far too much electricity. East TN has the TVA dams that supply huge amounts of electric power to the east coast and further. Don't want to contribute to outages.

    EAT ICE CREAM IN VERMONT -- they have some yummy types.

  4. Bonnie, you are such a trouper taking pictures and teaching in this heat wave! Stay cool!

  5. "In my mind I'm goin' to Carolina..." Sorry, got carried away there. You mentioned James and I lost my concentration. : )

  6. I see my friends Nancy and Sue were thinking of me. Wish I could have been there. Someday I'll make it to a class. Bonnie you are my quilting hero.

    1. Hi there from the "other" Janet O. (in the class)- nice to meet you! I'm up in the Adirondacks til tonight, then home. I sat with your friends and had a great time. Make sure they work on their pretty quilts. Maybe we'll meet in 2014 at another of Bonnie's great classes. Heading to see James Taylor at Tanglewood on the 4th- one more thing off my "bucket list".


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