Monday, July 09, 2012

iPhone-o-Gram! Bye, Bye Boise!

My flight is delayed 1.5 hours which means I get to hang around the airport with Jason til I head to San Francisco and he to South Carolina.

While grabbing a slice of pizza in the food court, I spied the Boise State University plane at one of the gates!!

This is for all the BSU fans in my family.

Go Broncos!!


  1. Sorry you got delayed, but sure glad you have some hexie time!

  2. What a nice reunion :0)
    you've got all those nice memories to keep you company too.

    Safe travels and Happy Sewing

  3. Idaho says goodbye to you. It was cool to know that you were not to far from me.

  4. Go Big Blue!!
    I met my sweetheart at BSU. We sang in the choir together. :-D [swoon!]

  5. While flying over San Fran, wave to my daughter!!

  6. AH!!!Que saudade...Somos oito aqui também,só que cinco mulheres(coitados)sofrem com a mulherada debochando e brincando.Como não temos mais pais e mães,nos reunimos cada ano em uma casa,2011 foi aqui e este ano será no meu irmão número 7.É,assim que o chamamos desde que ele perdeu o ¨título¨de caçula,veio um na tempestade(temporão)e tirou o lugar de honra,háhá..Família linda e divertida,DEUS abençoe a todos.Boa viagem.Beijos do BRASIL.

  7. So you had to go to California to get to Oregon from Idaho...gotta love the airline industry


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