Sunday, July 22, 2012

iPhone -o-Gram! Ahhhhhh Spa!!

I just finished the most wonderful massage at the spa at Bedford Springs where Mary and I are spending the day!

When booking a massage you get full access to all amenities at the hotel/resort--mineral bath whirlpool, indoor and outdoor pools, hot showers---and the most beautiful "quiet" room where guests can lounge and read and nap and dream!

The quiet to opens to a beautiful secluded iigarden with flowers and burbling fountains.

This is a dream location for a day away in a very historic place---

More pics to come, right now I feel a nap coming on!


  1. GREAT that you were able to spend some time for YOU and YOU alone!! Sounds like it was divine!

  2. Color me green with envy.

  3. How lovely that they have a place to nap after your massage. What a great escape!

  4. Sounds like the perfect time in the middle (end?) of a long trip. Just what you needed! Thanks for all the photos from the workshop, and Sisters, and the family reunion...and everywhere else you've been! Relax and enjoy.


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