Saturday, July 07, 2012

Evening Edition! Free Kindle Book!

There has been lots of kindle-talk around here!

Mom is curious about them, and my Aunt Joy and I have been talking about the differences between the one she has with the keyboard and my newer kindle fire.

And I found out something I didn’t know!

She has been following along and downloading the freebies I’ve found and posted! Oh that makes it fun, because we can talk about the ones we’ve read and liked.

Something freaked out on her kindle before this trip though --- and they are sending her a replacement kindle, but it didn’t arrive in time for her to take it on this trip, and there is a book she wanted my cousin to read ((Not like he has had a lot of time while here--- several were out the door this morning at 6am to go fly fishing on the river!)) and I offered up my kindle fire for him to get started on the book, knowing he can pick up where he left off when they get back to Minnesota and she has her new one functioning.

I love to read before drifting off to sleep. Some days that’s the only time I have to unwind after a long busy day ----and I miss it when I don’t get to tuck in and read at night.

Several have asked where I find the free books. There are lots of websites out there or facebook pages that list books --- but I simply go to amazon and type in “free kindle book”in the search bar.

I want to know what is out there – and I don’t want anyone else doing the searching for me because I might miss something I liked better, so a simple search on Amazon is all I need.

And I only post here the ones I download for myself, figuring that if I liked the description and the reviews enough to download it, that someone else might benefit from it too. That’s all there is to it folks! There is no big secret on how to find them. You just have to go looking.

Those who don't want to look can just sit back and watch my posts, because I'll weed out all of the junk and just post what I have downloaded ---I love mysteries, historical fiction, heart-felt drama with deep life lessons, ((But NO PREACHY!)) humor and drama. And cook books! You won't find vampire thrillers, slasher murders or demonic terror, or sleazy bodice rippers --- I don't like those and won't download them, but you are free to search for those if you like them.

So --- how about a comedy mystery for today?

Suburban Task Force by Addison Towne is free tonight in the Amazon Kindle Store.

Genre: Mystery/Humor

Book Description:

Suburban Task Force is a light, humor filled, high octane, action-comedy. It follows Jade Lydell, who at thirty one finds herself living the surreal life of a married suburbanite.

It takes a home invasion scare and a co-workers brutal mugging to wake Jade from her suburban slumber. The adventure begins when she and her two best friends forgo an uplifting spa retreat for an intense tactical, gun and self defense weekend, all without their husbands’ knowledge.

Upon their return, feeling rejuvenated and proud, the women try to re-adapt to their suburban lifestyles. Not so easy when you have to attend a VIP party on Catalina Island with the who’s who of Hollywood and Politics.

Without warning, the island is taken hostage by a rogue terrorist group. With the men and women separated, and all outside communication cut off, Jade and her friends feel their only hope is to use their combined talents and outlandish movie knowledge to outsmart their captors.

Comedy and daring action ensue as the three women, with one weekend of self defense training, try to lead an all out attack against those holding their loved ones hostage.

If you are a fan of the Stephanie Plum series or enjoy a light, laugh out loud read this is the book for you!

I love the Stephanie Plum novels, so this was a quick download for me and it was free just a bit ago when I downloaded it – please double check before hitting purchase that it still is for you!

idaho2012 001

I finally got some stitching time in today –the little beezers went down for naps, and I escaped to the cabin while things were quiet to sew up just a FEW Wild & Goosey blocks ---soul centering time! Sometimes you just gotta escape when there are 31 family members occupying every corner at Mom’s!

The fire in the fire pit is just now getting going --- it will be hotdogs over the fire for an early dinner tonight, and then off to see Fiddler on the Roof in the outdoor musical theater --- can’t wait!

Have a great evening everyone!


  1. That book sounds too funny! What a hoot! Thanks for the linky!

  2. Thanks for the freebie! I love the Stephanie Plum series. I like to listen to them on cd's while I'm quilting. I'm on the eleventh book in the series now. I find myself laughing out loud with each and every book.

  3. Anonymous10:03 PM EDT

    i am glad you have time to check for freebies for yourself, cuz I don't and we sure seem to have mostly the same taste! I haven't downloaded all of them, but of the ones I have I think I only haven't cared much for one or two. This one sounds right up my alley. By the way, will someone in your family adopt me so I can come to your reunions?
    Andrea in Calgary

  4. Thanks for posting good books. I don't have time to search for books and I haven't read the first one that I downloaded, but I will one day. Also, thank you for not posting demonic, slasher, etc books. I don't care for any of those either, but if you were, I wouldn't say a word to you, since it's your blog. ;)

  5. I've also downloaded most of the books you've posted. I have an iPad, and so I can use both my Kindle and Nook apps. It's great to have since we're taking our trailer to Colorado next week for 3 months of camping, fishing (him) and quilting (me).

  6. Anonymous12:59 AM EDT

    Hi Bonnie
    I have also started on the wild and goosey blocks - but since I can't chain piece, I seem to spend half my time cutting threads after each block. Apart from buying a new machine that cuts the thread, do you have any tips on how to speed up the process??
    Love your blog.

  7. Anonymous6:11 AM EDT

    Wait, hot dogs over an open fire!!?? You are having just too much fun! Enjoy your down/family time!
    Faye in Maine

  8. What brand is your little iron & ironing mat please? They look fantastic.
    I gave up on my clover iron as I kept burning my fingers!
    I have another one but it is much bigger & not as good for fiddly bits.
    London, UK

  9. Thanks for the tip on how to search for free books. I was searching individual lists, but your way is much easier - along with reading your blog which I totally enjoy! I'm reading Don't Let Me Go by Catherine Ryan Hyde (a freebie). It's by the author of Pay It Forward and I would highly recommend it to your readers. It's free for Prime Members in the Kindle store.

  10. Bonnie, your life is soooo cool!

  11. Another Kindle book that is free right now is Invisible Ivy by Lorena McCourtney. I have read it and loved the main character and the humor in this book.

  12. I've been traveling and your free books have been great.

  13. Anonymous6:06 PM EDT

    Sleazy bodice rippers?!! You are too funny Bonnie. I also like your choice of books and enjoy reading them before bed to relax. Thanks


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