Sunday, July 08, 2012

Cousins and the Magic Coin Hunt!

How do you keep a bunch of age 10 and under kids busy? Send them on a treasure hunt!

First off, you have to FIND 500+ wooden coins at the dump and come up with the idea to repurpose them into gold coins via spray paint!

((This would be all Grandma's great idea!))

Second --- you have to convince all the other adults to HIDE the wooden-golden-coins in and around the garden ((but not too hard, think of the little ones!)) to keep the herd of youngsters busy for a good portion of time.

Third ---Label a bunch of zip-lock bags with kid’s names for collection ---

Fourth --- set them loose and watch the fun begin!

idaho2012 430

Coins hidden on cup shaped leaves! Who will find this one?

idaho2012 428

Someone found this one on the ceramic bird in the bird bath!

idaho2012 431

Who will be brave enough to get the coin off the noise of the alligator in the pathway?

idaho2012 429

Ashley has a handful!

idaho2012 434

Kenzie grabs another one!

idaho2012 013

Are frogs worth extra bonus points?

idaho2012 437

Somehow, I don’t think anyone stopped to do this!

idaho2012 438

There are some kids on the way other end of the garden still searching ----Getting closer!

idaho2012 439

Kelli helping her cousin Porter gather some “hard to find” ones!

idaho2012 440

Be sure to check under the giant wooden mushroom!

idaho2012 442

Are there any coins in the bird house?

idaho2012 445

A happy group of cousins with baggies full of coins!

Coins will be redeemed for goodies and saved for another round of Coin Hunt next year!

Today family members are starting their journeys back home to our distant locations. We are hoping to do it again next year ---

Many memories have been made with promises to stay in touch and get together as often as possible.

Monday morning is departure day for Jason and me --- he will head back to South Carolina, and I will be on my way to Oregon to meet up with Randy and the Wisconsin girls…and phase two of this adventure will begin! Next up? The Sister’s Quilt Show!

I’m going to need LOTS of naps!


  1. Beautiful!! Love the bare feet on the paths!

  2. Love being on your family reunion with you! Am excited to see the Sisters Quilt Show! Are you taking any classes? Giving any classes?

  3. Love the gardens especially the hostas and the paths. Beautiful. Great treasure hunt, too.

  4. Love your Mother's garden and the golden coin idea is fabulous. Sounds like you all had another fun reunion. I am excited to go on the next leg of your fun and relaxing trip.

  5. Debra Lamb8:41 AM EDT

    OMGish, what a magicial garden, and an amazing idea.

  6. Wonder if Bonnie will be working on our next mystery in Oregon or another tease for us all to wanna do??? Have fun Girly!

  7. Bonnie I've really enjoyed these posts of time spent with your family. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Thank you for sharing your exciting life with us. I got my copy of "String Fling" yesterday and dove right in! Got a couple I can't wait to make. First I still have to finish the mystery quilt from when you were here in January. Have a safe trip to Oregon!

  9. Don't you just love your life!? What a great idea for the little kids at the family reunion. I envy you your big family - ours is so small. I would love to be able to have a big get together like this. Great memories!

  10. What a great idea! So fun for all, adults and children alike, and so much easier that the Easter egg hunt when they're hopped up on candy already!

  11. I absolutely love your mother's gardens. Would she like to come makeover mine? I see where you get your creativeness from!! Enjoy the rest of your visit.

  12. your mom is awesome! what wonderful ideas she has had to keep the grandkids involved!

  13. Love, love, LOVE the garden and the wonderful coin hunt idea.... filing this one away for "someday" in the hope of using it with future grandkids! Hope you have a wonderful time at Sisters Quilt Show! :)

  14. I love your Mom's garden and the cousins look adorable in it. Your Mom has put in a lot of time and effort to get the garden where it is and to maintain it. It is beautiful! The coin hunt is a wonderful idea. I love the faded yellow bench in the photo with the mushroom.

  15. I don't have anything original to say! I'll just "ditto" Lisa, above. Garden is lovely, etc!!!

  16. I just have one question .... HOW does she keep the deer away from those hostas?? They are absolutely gorgeous (as is the rest of the garden). I have so enjoyed the posts from your family's reunion; how generous of you to share them with us. Travel safe!

  17. Anonymous4:17 PM EDT

    Bonnie, thank your Mom for me for the Golden Coin Hunt... we have a family reunion coming up in August and I am going to implement this in our reunion as well!!
    Faye in Maine

  18. The little guy with the droopy drawers and belly button is simply TOO CUTE!! :-)

  19. Your mother's garden and yard are absolutely charming! Worthy of a magazine centerpiece, for sure.

    What a wonderful idea to hide golden coins!

  20. Anonymous9:40 PM EDT

    Thank you Bonnie so very much for sharing your family reunion.

  21. What a fantastic garden for a coin hunt. The kids look like they are having a blast.
    Have fun in Oregon.

  22. What a beautiful garden your mom has and what adorable kids!

  23. What a wonderful game for the children, and such a beautiful garden to hunt them in. So glad your reunion was great. I may borrow this idea for my reunion next week.


  24. The little boy with the saggy pants! So Cute! That was me at that age-They always called me "Droopy Drawers". Glad I outgrew THAT name!What a great idea! Looks like a fun time for all!
    PS-Your mom's garden with all the little paths and garden art is so lovely!

  25. Sisters Quilt Show is on my list for next year...OH, WAIT!! So are you!!! Illinois Valley Quilt Guild, Ottawa, IL. Looking forward to 2013!


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