Sunday, July 01, 2012

Caught in the Act!

Of Dumpster Diving!

Yesterday’s class produced a multitude of bonus triangles.

In order to keep up with the steps of the mystery, there wasn’t really time to mark and double sew them into half square triangles before cutting them off – and if they were to be sewn later, they would be hard to get to 2” without REALLY narrow seams.

Sooooooo----many of these cut-offs found themselves buried in the waste bins.

After class I was waiting for the security guy to come by and lock my room back up and ---welllll?!??! What’s a girl supposed to do to occupy her time but straighten up the room and get it ready for the next day, right?

And. let’s just say by the time my room assistant came back to tell me that Mr. Security was on his way ----I was bent over with my head in a very tall waste basket trying to find every useable bit that had been pitched!

And I’m not talking about a few small snips here and there ---

vermont2012 133

These are the cut off corners from 2.5” squares --- and OH what variety there is! My Wild & Goosey blocks will be SO HAPPY! And I am so happy to have these bits and snips of my student’s fabrics in my future quilts!

vermont2012 134

Here they are all rolled up in a big zip lock bag --- and you know what? If you suck the air all out --- they don’t take up much room in the suitcase at all!

Today is Scrappy Trips Around the World --- a half day class!

After that, the packing up of the stuff begins. Extra boxes of books taped up, labeled and ready to be fed-exed home, quilts packed up and in their duffle, suitcases filled and ready for a trip to the airport on Monday Morning --

I plan on visiting the show and getting some show pics today after my class is over too – the show closes at 3pm. It was so busy on opening night that I didn’t get any photos, so it will be a mad dash to get that done.

Pineapple Crazy needs to be picked up after the show ends at 4pm ---it’s been so wonderful to hear the comments on how much people loved this quilt –I love it too!

My two roomies and myself are planning a leisurely dinner in downtown Burlington tonight – there is a really quaint area with lots of outdoor cafes and shops to browse through and enjoy our last evening together before we go our separate ways.

There may be some late night sewing after we are back from dinner, or it might just be an early to bed and sleep in a bit later time ---- I don’t have to be to the airport til 10:45am and I’ve been up before 6am every morning that I’ve been here so I could have my room open by 7:45am.

I do think a sleep in is in order, don’t you?

Have a great Sunday, Everyone! Oh yeah, and HAPPY JULY!! How did THAT happen so quickly?!


  1. Great fabric scraps you rescued... I'm sure they appreciate your saving them!

    Yes... I think a sleep in is called for definitely!

    Safe travels...

  2. A gal can never have too much variety of scraps for scrap quilt making!

  3. What great dumpster diving! If you want to save the recovery, you could place a small bag at each table and ask for donations. People would feel good about donating their cast offs, especially if it is for a special quilt.

  4. Pineapple Crazy is wonderful! We had a great time yesterday playing I-Spy with the novelties in the blocks. And it made my penchant for small pieces and scraps look like I'm playing with BIG pieces of fabric. :-)

  5. I must admit I would have done the very same thing! And they're already pre-cut! LOL! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Can't wait for wild and goosey

  7. A girl after my own heart! I'm a confessing Dumpster Diver myself! Been known to hold my friend upside down by her feet to reach the good stuff at the bottom of the trash bin!!

  8. Anonymous9:39 AM EDT

    Next time just put a box next to the trash can and save yourself the headstands! Your students love you so much that they would be thrilled to know that THEIR scraps would soon be appearing in a Bonnie Hunter quilt! Chris, Augusta,GA

  9. I would have been right there with you Bonnie! Head first :*)

  10. Saving room in the landfill, a few triangles at time!! I would have done same. Or as many suggested ask that all the small fabric scraps deemed trash be placed in the "recycling" bin or bag next to them or in front of class, by door etc Here's to seeing recycled geese!!!!

  11. Oh boy, can I relate to this one. After teaching a class, I have also been guilty of pulling scraps from the trash cans. It is just too hard to let all those good scraps go to the land fill.

  12. Quilters are the original recyclers! I once pulled a whole bag from the dumpster by my apartment. The lady next to me was moving and she had just thrown out a clear bag with some great pieces of calico in it. There was also a little girls jumper that looked new. I took it apart and several years later, I'm still using pieces of it in my scrap quilts.

  13. I felt somthing wrong and shocked when u said (buried in the waste bins). I would say could Bonnie "convert" her scraps beleaving? lol

  14. I also love to dig for scraps, however, so do many others...
    You can get so many different colored scraps that you would never have in your own stash. They just seem to make your blocks sparkle when you add them to your quilt.
    I'm enjoying the blog posts Bonnie! Thanks! hehjude53@hotmail.com

  15. Sounds like a great class! I can't BELIEVE all of the fabric that was tossed, though!! I'd be dumpster diving, too!

    I vote for the sleep...which I did this morning...it's amazing what more sleep will do for you!

  16. I am the official dumpster diver at my guild and quilt retreat. I love getting bits of "new" fabric.

  17. Since I learned about bonus triangle from your tutorial pages, I cringe every time I see someone cut off the excess from a half square and toss it! I'd have been there with you if I was there, rescuing scraps from the dumpster.

  18. Never a dull moment for you Bonnie :0)
    You are the QUEEN of scrappy and please tell me why
    it is so much fun to use other quilters scraps?

    Happy Sewing and safe travels

  19. Anonymous4:12 PM EDT

    In a previous life, I also collected the trimmed off corners-they are still present in my current life and I am wondering about my sanity back then!! Right now I have a bag of them using for enders and leaders-will probably be a HST border on some project down the line. Bev (kwiltpharm@aol.com)

  20. Maree mynanamaree@yahoo.com4:44 PM EDT

    you go, bonnie! it would be so sad to waste those yummy scraps! i've also found some fabulous pieces in the trashcan after workshops and classes. variety is the spice of life and i surely like my quilts very spicy! ;-) lol

    safe travels back home. :-)

  21. I like your style. Lol

  22. Oh--I would have saved those batiks scraps, for sure! What a fun variety of scraps you must have from your "dive". I would have done the same thing!: )


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