Monday, July 16, 2012

Best Laid Flight Plans ---

Are often interrupted!

My 8:15am connecting flight from Dulles to Greensboro is still on the ground, and now not scheduled to depart until noon. AUUGH.

4 hours in Dulles when I haven’t slept much all night? I’m a complete zombie. I am likely to start babbling and talking to strangers and start walking home at this point.

So I’ll come up with something better – I’ll do the photos in stages instead of one full swoop ----smaller, shorter posts are easier to load on iffy airport wifi and easier for those with slower connections and dial up to view.

oregon2012 126

Here is Randy, talking to the booth owner about this fabulous quilt! It’s got a couple mouse holes, very fixable, and just the beat up country style that we love, so Randy scored this one!

oregon2012 127

How about a lovely 1930s Pickle Dish?

oregon2012 128

The tent walls were hung with all kinds of delectable quilts --- Lone Star, Grandmother’s Flower Garden, Appliqued Rose and Log cabin all so pretty!

oregon2012 129

Ladders also displayed various tops and quilts just ready for adoption!

oregon2012 130

The colors and the patterns will catch your eye and hold you hostage! I really REALLY like that basket quilt!

oregon2012 131

Folded and stacked quilts seem to say “pick me up, unfold me, discover me!”

oregon2012 132

Loved this pretty pink and blue Kings Crown Variation! Love those indigoes ---always!

oregon2012 133

Closeup of the sweetness! I loved the peachy polka dot setting squares!

oregon2012 134

This cheddar “Rolling Stone” was also a fave last year ---

oregon2012 135

It was hanging on the rack along with a Carolina Lily, a Mariner’s Compas, a Rose of Sharon -----but that cheddar is what called me!

oregon2012 136

Can you imagine this Princess Feather in it’s usual red and green when it was new?

There are more to show ----It’s almost time to finally board the flight that should have left at 8am…..so I’ll send this and catch more later!


Pati said...

Wow! So many beautiful quilts! My favorites are the GMF and the one next to the basket quilt. I think it is called something like a nosegay quilt? I don't think there is an ugly one in the bunch! I so can't wait until next year! I told all the kids that there are to be "no weddings, no surgeries, no babies (so no nookie in October) because I'm going to Sister's next year!

Donna K. from N. Texas said...

Looking at old quilts just makes me excited. I love them soooooo much. Thanks for sharing.

Dee W said...

Love the quilts. Must be the flying odyssey weekend. my sister and niece went to NYC this weekend, started flying home to Tulsa at 11ish Sunday, were in Detroit at 9 am Monday. The airline thinks they are in Baltimore. My niece says she's exhausted, I don't miss flying much. Hope you get home soon.

Kim Andrews said...

Awesome quilts! Thanks for sharing them Bonnie!

diegoagogo said...

LOL you made me spit tea with the "no nookie" comment!!
Thanks for the laugh.
London, UK

diegoagogo said...

I love these quilts! Can you give us an indication of the prices please?
Hope you get home soon Bonnie & I agree, no cooking!!

Carolyn Sullivan said...

OMG those are awesome!

Kim said...

Traveling is a curse!
Oh the pictures are just so wonderful
thanks so much :0)

Happy Sewing and safe travels........
I do hope you get home soon!

Anonymous said...

On the very first photo with Randy holding up the Churn Dash quilt with the green sashing...can you pick out the block that has one piece turned wrong? Interesting quilt, gives it charm.
Nancy in Kansas

Beth said...

Amazing quilts, every one of them. Thanks for sharing.