Thursday, March 01, 2018

Yes, I know the Way to San Jose!

I lived in San Jose, down in Almaden Valley from 2nd grade through high school.

Growing up here in the 70s into the 80s really “WAS” the wonder years.  A great place to grow up at the time.

This was the era of “come home when the street lights come on.”  Of kick the can games and tag in the park across the street on long summer nights.

Where neighbors knew neighbors and everyone watched out for everyone else.

Of course over the past 50 years things have changed greatly, but this city knows so much about my growing up years, it feels wonderful to come back.

My friend Randy met me at the airport, and as we wound our way down to her home in Scott’s Valley, I smiled at each street sign and intersection I remember so well, their names rolling right off my tongue.

There was a whole lot of good living here in my early years.


Lunch in Capitola!


The pier backlit by the just past noon day sun.


Across the water – the colorful homes so identifying this spot as Capitola.

That’s a whole lot of bright color on this gray day with intermittent rain!


The gull over my shoulder was watching us with interest.


A must stop!  Gayle’s Bakery & Rosticceria!

I loved the long huge loaves standing on end at the back wall.

This reminds me of Paris!


Oh. My Word!


This was fun – broken plates embedded in a table top.
I dare you to not reach out and run a finger around each rim.

I failed the dare myself! I had to touch!


Trees blooming pink in Randy’s yard!

Flying to the west coast is always a bit hard on the body clock.  I’d been up and running since 1am California time – 4 am North Carolina time to get myself to the airport for my early departure.


Hard to say goodbye to this girl so soon!


Movie watching and hexie stitching.

I LOVED “Goodbye, Christopher Robin”  and if you have a chance to see it – do!  The story behind how our beloved Winnie the Pooh books came to be was heart touching and full of human foibles, failings, and adjusting of priorities.  So well done.  Loved it.  See it!

Hexie border #3 is growing at a slow pace, but it isn’t a race, and I love my easy stitching busy bag time.

The plan to do is completely indulgent – It’s a rain day near Santa Cruz, and there are massages set for later this morning.  It’s a girl friend spa day, interspersed with fabric fondling, more stitching, and time to enjoy.

Tomorrow my journey to Asliomar continues! Adding a day is a great way to get my body on local time.

For those flying in today, I’ll see you tomorrow!

Oh, and did you enter to win yesterday's Quilty-Box Give away?  Go to that post.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Quilt from Randy’s collection.

Attitude not only will change your immediate surroundings, but ripple over and have an effect on those around you who will also carry it on.

Let your ripples be happy ones!


  1. Loved your pictures of San Jose. It's been to long since I was in the area. Im about an hour east of Bakersfield (live out in the sticks) and looking forward to the time you will spend with Cotton Patch Quilters! I'm signed up for your "Wonky Wishes" and can't wait for class to start!!!!

  2. I can't believe you are so close to me right now. Only 90 minutes away! I sure wish I could see you in person. I have so enjoyed your blog over many years and am so close to putting the last border on my Ringo Lake quilt. I just wanted a little skinny border on the outside to stabilize those bias setting triangles. Have a wonderful week in Asilomar. We need the rain but I hope you get some sun time too. Have fun today. K- lkw2x6-apq@yahoo.com

  3. You are so smart to schedule theat extra fun day to get your body timeclock in sync with the locals. The painted houses are SEW Cute. Glad you could drive down memory lane. HI Randy!

  4. Love those houses on the beach the colours yum!

  5. How I miss living in Santa Cruz! Wave at the waves for me, Bonnie.

  6. I met my husband in San Jose! We lived off Santa Teresa Blvd and Cottle Rd for ten years and sadly the recession later kicked us out of California ten years ago. I miss our home so much! FYI, at the bottom of the recession our home was worth $450,000 and now it is valued at about a million! San Jose has exploded!!! And that was for a house just under 1600 square feet! I don't know how people can do it. But I miss the area. Never made Asilomar but I wouldn't be surprised if there are people there that I once knew. Is Eddie's Quilt Shop still in Mountain View?
    Thanks for sharing the photos and your experiences there. It is like going home for a bit for me and taking a fond trip down memory lane.

  7. You were very smart to give yourself a 'fun' day and time to acclimate to the clock change. Enjoy your spa treatment and visit with Randy.

  8. The Boardwalk pictures brought back many memories for me, my grandmother lived there for ever and I spent many days there with her and even went to Gayle's bakery with her, she loved to get dinner there and bring it home. Thanks for the memories. Have a wonderful day...

  9. Awesome memories, thanks for sharing.
    Love the broken plate mosaic tabletop.

  10. Now I have to go check out Gayle’s Bakery & Rosticceria in Capitola, a day trip away! Hope you go back to Empty Spools next year so I can take a class from you!

  11. I love your remarks about San Jose. I, too, grew up there from 2nd grade on, although a few years before you. I, too, have moved away, but not as far as you. I’m in Washington. If you lay out on that lovely white beach, watch out for sand fleas. It’s beautiful but really buggy.


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